[Offline] A pre-christmas playground present

We’ve been poking at various bits of the network recently, and have something that feels reasonably stable, but also maaayyyyy still have some issues. And we’d love your help in checking this out!

We’re not calling this a testnet as yet… the CLI install process is not as tight as we’d like. So until we have that in place, and can offer support for that, this playground is for intrepid community testnet type folk. Also, with it being a Friday afternoon/evening and so close to Christmas, team availability is low so we can only offer limited support.

So please don’t expect a wildly stable testnet, that will come in due course. We still need to get into fixing of membership and deep dive in DKG, although these seem stable enough for small networks, we are just not convinced they are fully correct yet.

But to help us we would like to try this out and surface bugs still lurking about. It hopefully also gives those itching for a testnet something to play with.

As things stand, DKG is looking much healthier, but we’re working on integrated BRB membership just now. As such, while you can join with a node (yay decentralisation!), we’re not aiming to look at this just now. And so won’t be providing any guide for that here.

What we want to focus on here is testing the new and updated CLI release, i.e the safe files put and safe files cat commands. (With the env var RUST_LOG=safe_network=trace, if you want to get some logs printed out).

Can we put data, can we retrieve it?

We’ve seen a few bugs that we’re not sure if they occur solely on the continuous integration machines as a result of power limitations there. (Those machines have 2 vCPUs and 7gb ram… and on which we boot up many many nodes). So we want to know if we can surface these in the wild.

We’re looking to see if we still see NoAdult errors being returned to clients, or indeed if we see any Database(NotEnoughSpace) errors at nodes (we’re hoping not to see either of those).

To help in this goal, the nodes forming the playground are of limited capacity (1gb), and we expect to blow through that resonably quickly (if @southside is involved at least :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ). If everything goes well, we may look to put up a larger capacity playground to keep poking at the new CLI…

In the meantime we ask that anyone participating keeps the sizes of files they upload relatively small, perhaps a max of a 100mb, to allow the network to stay active and usable for long enough for us to gather adequate information to inform us on the next steps.

On the CLI side, we’re hoping some new fixes including a reimplemented chunk cache, and adjusted self-verifying PUT should increase the stability of uploads for us now. (One idea we’re testing is that the CLI didn’t always wait for chunks to go through the full AE flow.)

This should impact larger file uploads more. But will also increase the time taken for that upload via CLI, as we now verify every chunk is PUT to the network before we terminate the upload.

We’ve experienced some longer times for uploading and/or downloading Blobs from our testnets for some of us, therefore, if you face this same issue with your connection, you can increase the CLI’s timeout (default is 2 mins), e.g. to set it to 4 mins use:


So with all of the above caveats, anyone who does want to play with a live network can now:

  • remove ~/.safe
  • run curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/maidsafe/safe_network/master/resources/scripts/install.sh | bash to install the CLI
  • run safe --version to make sure you’re on 0.39.1
  • run safe networks add playground https://safe-testnet-tool.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/public-node_connection_info.config
  • safe networks switch playground

And you should be good to go :tada: :christmas_tree: :beers:


Instructions for the files put , cat and get commands can be found below:


It’s not testnet-traditional, but here’s a rice field near ma hoose:

safe cat safe://hygoygyybi4js13zoc8t43taicwizp3bhcidmte86xktgxjujouzce4c7y6po > pic.jpg

another 5.4mb:

time safe cat safe://hygoygyybktpni6pdidsmhp7w4qiwtix9qfrcwexcwn6r6ahwd8iaiaxp5qoy > pic.jpg
1.38s user 0.84s system 45% cpu 4.907 total

Very yellow :smiley: :smiley:


Have some ducklings form Scotland

safe cat safe://hygoygyybgppt3tc3ek4p73o58zduqicjgst49uuxs1bjoopha8q3mbcs1b7o > ducklings.jpg


Must be from warmer times!


I have…
:white_check_mark: ducklings

:x: rice field


$ safe cat safe://hygoygyybi4js13zoc8t43taicwizp3bhcidmte86xktgxjujouzce4c7y6po > pic.jpg
   0: NetDataError: Failed to GET Blob: NotEnoughChunks(7, 3)


Backtrace omitted.
Run with RUST_BACKTRACE=1 environment variable to display it.
Run with RUST_BACKTRACE=full to include source snippets.

And I give you an error:

$ safe files put wheelnut.JPG
FilesContainer created at: "safe://hyryyryynbuxoii4k518ubpc7qupfc7rq63h5qz3taz37pkswoqk547omurjoeuy?v=hgip1akd6y1eg5cnzxjfqayrb7yyyobuttozu3uwcoggpcnoq1aho"
E  wheelnut.JPG  <ClientError(NotEnoughChunks(3, 2))>

Not surprisingly…

$ safe cat safe://hyryyryynbuxoii4k518ubpc7qupfc7rq63h5qz3taz37pkswoqk547omurjoeuy
Files of FilesContainer (version hgip1akd6y1eg5cnzxjfqayrb7yyyobuttozu3uwcoggpcnoq1aho) at "safe://hyryyryynbuxoii4k518ubpc7qupfc7rq63h5qz3taz37pkswoqk547omurjoeuy":
| Name | Type | Size | Created | Modified | Link |

A small file worked though:

$ safe cat safe://hy8oycyyb31hx1e49jkj13efmzcsnepu1maze5t45u8u9ptnomcijg5is8c9o
Hello world

My problems might be due to slightly slow connection (mobile b/b).


all working good here

here is a quote from ron paul

safe cat safe://hygoygyybgrzdotshub8og85b7qjd7wb47f5ja39nz3w588irq5myg6mg5hmy > ron-paul-quote.jpeg


us preparing to invade

safe cat safe://hy8ayqyybpwugpoystbzq8kg45959k4kfmgwuo6g1jax7ruisdt8jbejweh8y > they_have_oil.mp4

5mb~ funny video with a self propeling dude on a bucket with wheels!

safe cat safe://hy8ayqyybqw73z6urufdrspitrnqupip1993d1wgyfn13bzzru1u7xznhwmio > broom.mp4


If you have chance can you run with larger QUERY_TIMEOUT to see if that impacts any?


All three of those work fine for me @dreamerchris :+1:


Trying the PUT again with $ export SN_CLI_QUERY_TIMEOUT=600 works. So you can now enjoy wheelnut.jpg:

safe cat safe://hygoygyybsmnig1qj6u4ujxr7q94nom69qhdzuc3tdinmora7pztwtq7i4gwy > wheelnut.jpg

Meanwhile, safe cat blah pic.jpg (rice field) still in progress with 600s timeout, will update here…

:white_check_mark: rice fields

Took a while but succeeded so maybe connection speed and timeout were the issue, though I have not confirmed this. Great work team. cc @Joshuef


I CATted all the files suggested above. Everything worked well and quickly.


I’ll try and play later.
I’m at an early Xmas family dinner cos son#1 has to go offshore on Monday for 3 weeks.

But it’s turning out to be a very liquid affair so no promises.
Anyway have lots of fun - as it used to say on every new SuSE release and keep the logs.
Now I have a mince pie and more Budvar to attend to…


Everything working at lightning speed for me!

safe cat safe://hygoynyybnp5fcbfugedfaebsco48tk1cygbqb9uor5iosi631pzmrpnqa7zo > xmas.gif


Put spawns a non numeric version?.. which I don’t think we’ve seen before.

FilesContainer created at: "safe://hyryyryynspzhmdcodympmp4p7zbtjpwnfrpf9pzhk3fq5snfi376nw5o5o1yeuy?v=ho78jugoibr96jwmnyx1qeshh7qrrw5wwojda7ke4g6grqbw7hwty"

User experience: It’s unfortunate safe cat doesn’t do the opposite of safe put and then recursive download to folder?..

I guess NRS might not be available on this and if we are limited to put/cat/get it’s hard not to hammer it with recursive but perhaps the big test for now is stability over time… so, hope perhaps to have time on Sunday to see that above still there.



I think this is because the system now allows forks, so the string at the end is a hash


Great news! I’ll try it a bit later, but now I am curious to know what is under the hood in the beginning? How many sections, elders, nodes?


IIRC it’s a 45 node network so far, 2 sections I think.


just found this guy chilling in my yard, seeing as we are sharing local images :slight_smile:

safe cat safe://hygoygyybjxqmgxq83kq8me8fei6ohfg8q4ph8tg15h999rsais1as88871eo > racer.jpg


catsafe:// has a nice ring to it.