[Offline] 50GB Static Testnet

Could be the problem others were having before on Windows.

I’m using MPlayer

Mac-Pro:safe user1$ mplayer 
MPlayer 1.5-13.0.0 (C) 2000-2022 MPlayer Team
Usage:   mplayer [options] [url|path/]filename

try install it on windows

safe cat safe://hygoygyxwokaxieespxzg5rgfia3btg85748gzw5uhxg4n7n5xknxgt7rac > welcome-back.jpg

I wasn’t on the first try, even though I saw this post. I left the <> in place.

But now I have a few GB of jpg’s uploading. :+1:

image[quote=“maidsafe, post:1, topic:37800”]
You cannot join this network with a node just now.

isnt cant be problem this? “You cannot join this network with a node just now.” → idk if I am node.


Could be this problem [Offline] Another day another testnet - #67 by stout77

yep I switch to cmd insted of powershell and here is result


Excellent :tada:- yes it seems Powershell is the problem here


1.2 GB audio broken into 9MB parts.
1:16:46 elapsed

safe files get safe://hyryyryijbj6fyetwjuuperso3m6cj6rpefubyyzzmsyonbo96aif3s7fuanra?v=hgu8gu6iz3wmun61aqtp317day3bho53qioxmop3qghi6whsu5agy


Looks like powershell wrong detects jpg file as a Unicode type one and adds some related sux… :@ Windows must die!
I think it needs to be pointed out in the safe documentation. Of course, this should be tested once again to be sure @cryptoidiot machine is not infected with malicious viruses or trojans

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safe files get safe://hyryyry1jtqnpapwtbn67fq5sez6m1iky36z3qokpripmu99gakeyqqqg3enra?v=heo8zwwiwwrnnoddg1otd4jsnjaw8rco68xf3bqnhy86tp1b5mwey

Some music.

Can I upload more without downloading anything is that what the scripts were on the last testnet?

safe cat safe://hygoygyxwokaxieespxzg5rgfia3btg85748gzw5uhxg4n7n5xknxgt7rac > welcome-back.jpg



FilesContainer created at: "safe://hyryyryibjr7ycwf354kq6x86texd81bymhiuwmr96y75iaxqmb6xuezssynra?v=hmfuq3nrgt869nfu7c1fhtroce77x9e1fu1icg8pens68djjk1poy"
| + | cock01.jpg | safe://hygoygyqzr1t99g38e5orf6o6ts4cja8ck7wo1hnn1rqcte4b19shnpbqeh |

This one. It should error on storage attempts, but otherwise remain.


How’s the storage levels looking on the nodes?
Are they filling up fast?

node-1: 32K  total                                                                         ─╯
node-16: 24K    total
node-23: 24K    total
node-15: 24K    total
node-24: 24K    total
node-21: 24K    total
node-3: 24K     total
node-4: 2.7G    total
node-19: 1.9G   total
node-12: 2.4G   total
node-14: 2.8G   total
node-20: 2.8G   total
node-9: 1.8G    total
node-22: 2.0G   total
node-25: 2.7G   total
node-7: 2.1G    total
node-10: 2.7G   total
node-5: 2.7G    total
node-6: 2.7G    total
node-17: 2.0G   total
node-2: 2.7G    total
node-18: 2.5G   total
node-8: 2.7G    total
node-13: 2.7G   total
node-11: 2.1G   total

couple nodes not showing there, just poking at that, though they’re all supposedly still active, nothing wild on metricbeat

edit: updated with missing nodes, I think the ssh session was having trouble connecting for some reason


What’s the replication count, four?

3,9GB folder of jpg images:

real	151m53,906s
user	18m34,927s
sys	6m42,848s

So, if the replication count is 4, that would mean about 16 GB on the network. If the average is about 2,7GB data per node, then I am responsible of filling about 6 nodes to current capacity. That’s 1/3 of all the adults.

OK the figures @joshuef posted are now 30 minutes old, so maybe they have risen already. Still I think my calculations show that everyone who bothers to upload, make a difference. Come on, all hands on deck now!

Or what do you think, is speed more dependent on the networks ability to store, or our ability to upload?


can you try

time safe files get safe://hyryyryijbj6fyetwjuuperso3m6cj6rpefubyyzzmsyonbo96aif3s7fuanra?v=hgu8gu6iz3wmun61aqtp317day3bho53qioxmop3qghi6whsu5agy > big-audio


I have got 40 gb going up but will take a while so if that’s 160Gb if replication is 4 I’ll take up 3 nodes.


That’s the way! :mega:

I’m just preparing some more photos. I hope to get around 20GB os stuff, but let’s see…