Officially, Safe Exchange - Crowdsale

I have traveled far, and I have lived long, I’ve grown wise enough to know that the most valuable aspect of life is one’s freedom. To be unencumbered, to move, to live, and to grow are traits and abilities that are so precious, therefore, I am hosting this crowd-sale to liberate all people from centralization and to be able to engage in trade that does not condemn one’s security or freedom. In order to accomplish this it will take more than just a pass time and a few hours here and there. This endeavor will require undivided attention. It is going to take humbleness and perseverance to deliver a software that will empower the masses.

I am now introducing the Safe Exchange to the community and plan to present to the world that there are better ways and more efficient ways that will quell uncertainty in trade. The community of humans will establish their own voice and be able to vote and comment on the integrity of each other’s trade and even each other’s reputations.

Importantly, this endeavor is significant and substantial though with a clear focus and one’s life’s time and unencumbered mind one will bring about an amorphous contract system that will allow us all to trade freely, and easily to the point that it will be fun to transact knowing what the deal is strictly even before engaging it. I know this will come to be, because I know myself what is at stake and what has to be done, and knowingly the talent and skill resides here, and now.

The Safe Exchange - Crowdsale will take place from today at around 5:00 pm PST until January 5th, 2016 5:00 pm PST

There will be 2,147,483,647 Safe Exchange Coins which will form an autonomous regulating body called the Decentralized Board of Trade.

We will have a turing complete trading language to create Safe Contracts that allow for clear terms of trade switched across the Safe Network.

I invite any who are interested to discuss this software, it’s future, and general trading conversations:



How deep can the rabbit hole go?


@hamiltino With the creativity and ingenuity of people and systems such as Safe Exchange + we will be able to see LumberCoin, CoalCoin, CarrotCoin, and they will take all kinds of forms and maybe not just called coins, but they will be able to securely interact with each other on an amorphous terms platform. The outcomes can be seen clearly and so can the future because the path is seen. It is like the ant, you can see where it will have an obstacle. With technology like Safe Network and Safe Exchange and Bitcoin and Maidsfecoin and any other coin that stands for these principles of freedom and secure Freedom.

This is allows us to elevate to see ourselves as clearly as we see the ants on the earth.


It all seems kinda like a fractal…like looking into a kaleidoscope of possibility…man :smiley:


This is way to speculative for me, but good luck. I know that there already exists p2p contract systems like bithalo that no one uses, and i question the need to make new coins for this.

But i am enjoying the show.


@hamiltino bit is the complexity that we get to avoid, To Unchain the data, and remain decentralized: Safe Network is a tool that has been not been used before and has not existed… where you can utilize and define the content of data to anything, including a structured query language for contracts. I hope to have the chance to be able to show you, and I will fight for that day to come as I have been and will continue to do so, whatever it takes.


Hey guys

Safe Exchange, which will run on the Safe Network, is about to do a crowdsale for Safe Exchange Coin. But I don’t see the Bitcoin or Maid addresses to buy the coin. Any of you guys going to do the crowdsale?

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Looks good, excited for this!


They are upfront about
the risks of not treading carefully
Fair play.
At the very least they appear to have competent lawyers.


thanks for posting that :smile:

The list looks good too!

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Will the project continue if a minimum you wish to raise hasn’t been reached?

also will the value of the currency used for investment be tied directly to the transactions exact time or will they all have their value compared to at the end of the crowdsale .

Single coin crowd-sales don’t suffer this problem, but the crowd-sale is 45 days long, multiple cryptos , most people would likely be long on maidsafe in that time especially since how close we are to seeing the network in some form of action even if just testnet . the low price and the speculative likelihood of a possible increase in price before the finish could result in 75% less coins from the crowd-sale when purchased today than if you decide to pay the same amount in 1 and a half months time

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There’s 100% commitment the planet is going this way, the server and central chain model is not going to outlast this era its against the ecology; there is not enough rigs to mine all the chains.; It is going to be Safe Network Structured Data systems that will succeed the decentralized movement because of ease of use and flexibility and it’s network is generic in the data they choose to support. If you see the video - I’ve been working toward this since I’ve heard It’s possible here, and have learned enough to commit every waking moment to get it done (the full amorphous contract platform) I’m not distracted by frivolities like usual people in my age: therefore I’ve already been able to spend 10,000+ hours writing serious software for serious people, that was only possible because I as kept at the editor spitting out code. Versus dividng time for chasing down scratch for the table or getting moved out of a coffee shop due to closing; it’s not time as well spent at the editor writing code, and for greater good; The VCs, business models, aren’t going to bring this type of technology out, they have different agendas and all to easily conflict; that’s why I’m making the crowd-sale and sharing this how everyone has a shot at it to be a part of the exchange. There aren’t many people who have trading software as a second nature, I’ve been using trading software since I am 8 it’s my fate to do this.

The price of the currency at the end of the sale will determine what it’s price is. It will be the average price of each day for the last 7 days of the crowd-sale.

I’m all set where I am until January 9th, and I’ve made it work and will continue to do so regardless of however much support comes through. I published to github a software that will be swapped around with the Launcher API; and with a Safe Testnet, we will see action, and that’s all good; Additionally: buying at the end means no bonus.


So if I put 250k MAID in now, I would get the equivalent of an extra 62,500 MAID at some point? I love early opportunities like this. Though, I might wait until the FAQ is developed, since right now it isn’t finished yet.


sort of.

If you put in 250k now you would get a 25% bonus on any funds deposited in direct comparison to if you deposited them instead in the last few weeks.

say you deposited in 15 days time , you would only get 10% more for paying now than in 15 days . because there is a 15% bonus after that. most likely a 10 or 5% bonus after that time period as well

but yes, if you deposit in the next 13 days you will get 25% more of a bonus in coins than if you paid the exact same amount on the last day or last week.

If people only pay towards the crowd-sale in the first 13 days up until the 15% bonus stage, and then no one else was to pay into the crowd fund (unlikely to happen) , then there wouldn’t be a 25% bonus really, because everyone would be getting the same bonus , the same share and would cancel each other out.

but this also works towards the early investors advantage if the majority of funds are raised in the latter stage of the crowdsale…i could be wrong in this last assumption, it depends if the 25% is distributed by applying that 25% to total raised in the whole of the crowd sale crowd sale, which i’m pretty sure would be

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I have had a year to see @dallyshalla is one serous slayer. Coins are on their way. I’m honored to be one of the first investors in someone who is building a brighter tomorrow.

Life just gets better by the day.


You’re right you get an equivalent of 62,500 maid if put 250k while the bonus is 25%

Also, what if no one put any coins when the bonus is 15% so yes sort of then the 25% is that much more helpful to your share; so conditional on what everyone else decides to do.

percentages are 25% after 2 weeks (14 days) 15% (14 days) then 5% (7 days) last 7 days with no percentage bonus

Ok looks good I can see that

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Yepp I answered that


gotcha thx

i got lost in the text i guess


25% of all coins sounds pretty great. I guess it goes to DallyShalla’s ambitions with the Xchange, so it’s less about giving it to a single person/address, but rather a burning desire seemingly for the project to succeed. That kind of desire is always good. It seems with that, there is virtually no risk that DallyShalla will take off without sticking to the goal. I’m just afraid that something could happen to the address, as is the case with any digital currency (except once the SAFE Network goes live and everyone’s coins are handled by no ‘one’ person!).

(Just one last clear up for my head: I can basically get my 25% returns back in the form of MAID / SAFE, right? But, I thought contributions were explicitly for receiving the exchange’s own “Safe Exchange Coin”? Though I think I can just trade that back for SAFE, right? [This is assuming that the ticker for Safecoin, once it is released and available, is “SAFE”.] Or do I just get my MAID / SAFE straight up handed back to me at the end, with the 25% addition?)