Official now, Tesla now dominates US Luxury market share

Tesla did in two years what would normally take decades. It knocked the Germans on their ass and KOd the Mercedes S class ans now its hitting the lux SUV market. Well they want another round and every last German make including VW has committed to an electric future now across their lines. And it looking like the way to deal with VWs climate gate is force the acceleration of their electric roadmap.

And now Tesla seems set to do the same thing to Toyota and Honda at the Camry and Accord level. Given the volume it might take 3 years. The Tesla 3 will simply be more reliable, safer and much more efficient with much higher performance and better autonomous features. Imagine the stock price then. Toyota and Honda will surely respond!


Official now: no doubt Tesla subsidies go exclusively to the rich.

The rich will snatch up all those $35000 prior to subsidy model 3s to get at the $7500 plus subsidies to keep trickle down real?

It’s trickle up, from the taxpayer to the rich.

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Taxes the old fashioned way!

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