Off Topic - Could Donald Trump Reinstate the Draft?

A friend brought this up in conversation the other day, and I hadn’t really thought of it much until today.

Could he do this? He has quite a few quotes showing his hot-headedness and willingness to pull the trigger on things,

but this is completely hypothetical.

what I really wanted to bring up was alternative government systems with the SAFE Network.

I look forward to a day when all the people can vote directly on all the bills if possible. Direct democracy. P2P

Today’s system just seems to get worse and worse and Donald Trump running for president just makes that blatantly obvious… Which begs the question: what next? What would an acceptable form of government for the modern day actually look like?

What are some realistic future government systems that could exist with technologies such as SAFE?

Hillary is very pro-war also…

Republicans and Democrats - Two sides of the same coin.


Couldn’t agree more.

Idc how bad our government gets, because I’m certain a new type is on the horizon, but I just don’t want any war / conscription

I just wish there was a way to opt out of funding wars. Unfortunately we don’t get to pick where our tax dollars go.

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I just Wish everyone had a real say, and a system that reflected all our values

‘Government for the people by the people’ What a joke.

But I believe a new day is coming when government systems will be decentralized and people will get to pick and choose what services they want their resources allocated to and Networks like Maidsafe is leading the way.


A million Percent behind that,

I just wonder what this would or could look like

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If we could have all individuals, businesses and voting systems operating on anonymous networks like Maidsafe while public officials and nonprofit organizations operating on the blockchain then everything else would fall into place. There are also some great ideas about how the court system could work in this thread:

Another good thread for voting systems is:


facepalm I look forward to is abolishing government and instituting voluntary interaction between consenting individuals. You don’t need force in order to collaborate, interact, associate or exchange goods peacefully.

As for Trump reinstating the draft. You’ve already got the draft, you don’t need Trump to reinstate it.

No I’d be more worried about Trump doing crazy shit like actually trying to ban Canadians and Mexicans from entering the states and creating and even bigger economic crisis for your country. Or maybe accellerating world war 3. Then again you have Sanders wanting to abolish your second amendment rights and Hillary who’s in bed with every major corporation and more corrupt than a hard drive with an electromagnet for a lover. You’re kind of screwed no matter how you vote in the states.

Have you read Catch 22 lately?

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Which is why I don’t want to vote this year. These days I’ve been voting with my dollars and where I choose to do business and I think I could live with myself if I skip the ballot this year.

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Just spoil your ballot. You want the RIGHT cough privilege cough to vote you just don’t want to vote for any of the idiots.

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Great way of thinking of life!

This might take over, and evolve as the general solution.

Looking forward to it!

You know what I mean, and I know that.

I’m talking about actually drafting guys like you and me into stupid evil corporate-driven war

Well I don’t have to worry about a draft in the states as I’m not American but I get what you mean. Though that Great Wall of America could be a real pain. Then again…

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Not unless the children of the rich can be used as human shields on the front line of the drone war. I think the draft is over.