What do people think of Odysee?

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I use Odysee and Bitchute … Odysee is more decentralized though I believe, but I don’t think either is unstoppable if a gov. were to get super serious about them (same with torrent files) … as difficult to hide server locations of shared files.

Safe Network will bring a new level to this as no servers.

Warren Redlich is a youtuber and patreon provider that is looking for a forum he will call the daily lie that will focus on free speech and politics. Warren is interesting as he is a Tesla and SpaceX supporter that ran for Gov of NY,
He is also an attorney and numerate- his views run Libertarian. He’s written a book on DUIs and has tended to work although not exclusively as defense attorney. I like his take on Tesla and SpaceX. For this new forum he wants something less censorship prone than patreon and youtube.
He has a forum on locals for this temporarily and I think he is looking at subtext.

I am not affiliated in any way- the “Warren” is a coincidence.

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I subscribe to his youtube channel. I don’t watch too many of his video’s but he’s a decent fellow I reckon.

He would probably like SAFE

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