Odroid C1's for sale

I’ve decided to go a different direction with farming. So, I have decided to sell my Odroid C1’s. I have 8 of them. Each has a case, power cord, and 8gb SD Card. I am selling them for $30 dollars a piece. I will take bitcoin or maidsafecoin as payment. I will give a $5 discount for maidsafecoin

pm me if you are interested.

I’m interested I just don’t have either of those currencies.

Just thought I would let the community know that the SAFE Network economy is alive and well. 2 of the 8 Odroids have been bought with MaidSafecoins.

That’s means there are only six left, get yours while supplies last.

May I ask why you do not like them?

edit: I would LOVE to offer some help and this would allow me to do so as I am NOT a dev of any kind… AFAIK though, I cannot help with the network yet…still. :frowning:

I like the Odroids. They work perfect. I just don’t need them any more.

Gett’em while they’re hot!!! Only 4 left.

What are you using in their place?

I am going to run multiple vaults on one computer instead.

Only two left!!! Get’em while you still can!!!

We are officially sold out.


I just want to get lil fact-check here from someone a little more attached to the project:

Wouldn’t I be 100% correct to advise this man and everyone else to hold their horses on designing their farming implementation, as at this stage no one knows what a “winning strategy” will look like?

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A couple of Odroids at a bargain are useful for a lot of reasons. They may or may not be ideal farm rigs, but they’re useful otherwise, too, at least to me.

Oh that wasn’t what I meant at all! Everyone needs odroids!

I just thought it was odd how far along his design was, and how sure of it he was-- odroid is a great choice for a million things :).

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I’m not looking for the perfect winning strategy. I’m looking for the simplest to maintain. I’m just one guy that wants to help support the network. It became cumbersome to maintain 8 different machines. So, I have decided to simplify down to one machine.

where are you shipping from?

i’d be interested but i dont want to pay a lot for shipping

I’m all sold out…