NVO Decentralized Exchange - Crowdsale


Awesome. Thanks for your support.


We updated our whitepaper and added crowdsale details


Coinpayments has agreed to escrow for all maidsafe tokens contributed during the crowsale.


Already a hell of a lot more polished and professional than the last exchange project for SAFE network. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Looking good guys.


Those guys are decent fellas and they tell me they know you. That is all great to hear.


Is Daniel Dabek involved with this project in any way?


Sorry, we don’t know that person. Edit:
Just did a quick search. He is the developer of Safex. We don’t know who he is and have never worked with him.


Good because he is a scam artist.


I guess that’s why having an escrow is really good for any ico/crowdsale.


dianel dabek is far from be a scammer . GO SAFEX !


I watched a video of him explaining safex and saw that he was building a marketplace. I don’t think that’s similar to us at all?

Seems like he will be competing with openbazaar and many other marketplaces out there which could end up being very competitive with a less attractive business model than us.


The original project was a currency exchange - as well as a marketplace I think.

I absolutely agree with your last line. A blockchain based clearnet marketplace does indeed have HUGE competition and is a far less attractive investment which is far less likely to succeed than a currency exchange built on SAFE. I guess that’s why SAFEEX coin went from 400 sats to 25 sats when he announced his change of plan. :wink:


Yes Alex Alexandrov speaks well of you guys which is reassuring. He has been a great supporter of MaidSafe and has been successful in the space. Like the video as well, Hypercube Studios?


We will do our best to execute this properly from our side. For the video, we used studio bolland. They are one of the best in delivering a clear message.


Is it still trading or dead? What was the ICO price? I recall the endorsement here for this but my issues were the name and x-pollination issues with safecoin. (for which I was taken to the woodshed)


Still being traded and like all cryptos it’s way above the ICO price.

There’s only 30btc of orders though, so I don’t think it’s the multi million dollar operation that coinmarketcap would suggest ;).

Anyway, let’s not derail. Blockchains are yesterday’s news. It’s all about Data chains now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Safex is rocketing today… I’ll be interested to see if Daniel can pull off his plans, as he should certainly have the funds to give it a shot now!


I see the crowdsale starts in a little over 24 hours.

Can you explain how it will be done. How people deposit into it.

This thread is too long to find details quickly if its there so maybe a summary of whats needed here would help many like myself.


Register and login to the dashboard. Submit a private bitcoin address that you control private keys. Contribute using MAID,BTC,ETH,LTC or XRP.

After crowdsale tokens will be sent to that bitcoin address you submitted.