NVO Decentralized Exchange - Crowdsale


I made my point, please read your own contradictions.

Lets agree that you’ll do your best to bring your project to safenet and we can all benefit when/if that happens.

How about that?


As always we are available for skype call if anyone doubts our background experience. More can be clarified there.


Very well, but i think that a rust implementation would be more interesting for safe network, i aleready found some guys working on this when i was helping spudo to find these implementations, i know that it is his dream and he will work on it.
That’s really good for safe network as once it is ready for production a lot of technologies will be directly added, as there are every day more packages for rust, dark net didn’t had this chance.

@BIGbtc i am sorry if i ofended you yesterday, i answered proportionally to the quality of your question because it wasn’t dign of the level of a developer. i don’t advise you to invest on any project because you do not yet have the assets of an investor, you can not sit on a board of directors without having the skills to understand the sence of a project, if not you will look after profitability that you did not understand, you will be disrupted and you will influence the ecosystem of The development team.
I understand by your nervous way to answer that you are suceptible, that you are not a developer because I felt a complex in you, at least I advice to take the time to build you on good bases , Because its not useful to do the interesting without having a minimum of knowledge in the matter.
maybe you know wordpress or webflow, maybe you understand functioning of altcoins because you are part of this world. But this is not a reason to be self-sufficient with a development team or competent people who have the ability to understand the projects.
It is never too late to learn www.openclassrooms.com they even provide diplomas and they are one of the best platforms you can find.

i am not a member of their team, i just trust them because i know personally yani.


Cool Yani, apology accepted. And thanks for all the helpful and constructive critiques. No harm intended Im sure so no harm taken.


Yani is the developer of NVO, i am imed no problem anyway :slight_smile:


We love the NVO project with impatience
At the moment there is only one similar project BitSquare and it is terribly uncomfortable
We look forward to NVO . :slight_smile:


If your not asking for money, what % can i get for my sack of magic beans?


50% of fees will be distributed between 15,000,000 tokens using counterparty. More info will be released later.


Who cares what the background of these developers is. If you produce good work I don’t care who you worked for/with and what you’ve done prior. As long as the end result makes sense and it works right I’m satisfied.
Of course being transparent would help your case to vett your credentials, especially when asking for money/trying to pump an ICO.

HOWEVER, if you actually read the whitepaper (which I suspect very few people did past page 1) there’s a fundamental misunderstanding of the SafeNetwork’s capabilities, it’s intended usage, it’s inner workings and it’s ability to run this “Validator” on the network. From what I understand and have had confirmed, Maidsafe has no plans to build an Ethereum-like VM (crucial for running a validator the way the whitepaper explains - the validator is basically a smart contract) for the first instance of the live Safenet. It MAY be developed on the side by a third-party and it MAY be added later but it’s not on any roadmap for now. That’s a lot of maybes to be investing in…

I’d like more details on how the validator actually works. How it matches orders, how it pair multiples to one or vice versa, how it expects to see the order book in the clear when all transactions are self-encrypted locally prior to being chunked and pushed to vaults (keep a log of username/pin/passphrase??), and many more technical issues and explanations that are just too few for now.
Could we not even get a basic UML showing how the components (API cluster, processor, validator) interact? The one shown seems pulled right off of a template. No programming chops needed for that, just show us what the pieces do, where and how they will actually do it (somewhere other than the non-existent distributed SafeVM please).

From your whitepaper:

SafeNetwork aims to provide distributed computing in a secure environment by splitting the informations
and contents into encrypted chunks and storing them in the network. The SafeNet applications will use the resources provided by the Farmers, either CPU, memory, disk space, bandwidth. As a reward, the farmers will receive Safecoins. To limit the resources spoil, the Safenetwork apps will have to use Safecoins to pay for network’s resources


SafeNetwork, it is a distributed file storage system and a distributed computing system that
provides resources to the applications and websites built for it

Both these statements are inaccurate and are crucial to your solution’s functioning.

The concept of a decentralized exchange is laudable. I love the idea but this implementation is not cutting it from the brief technical audit I performed.

Is it impossible? Probably not. I really hope it happens and I’d love to help.
Will it be done the way you sparsely explained in you’re whitepaper? DEFINITELY NOT!

I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors @Marto_Bragui @tonbi but maybe it’s best to get your tech right before you ask people for money next time. What began as a request for feedback quickly turned into a an ask for funding and a defensive argument regarding your credentials.


You are mistaken. If you read the whitepaper, you would understand that we do not need Maidsafe to build an Ethereum-like VM for the validator. It has nothing to do with Ethereum computational resources and the validator is not a smart contract as explained previously multiple times. At least not at this stage of development.

As for background experience, we have updated the website to show everything about ourselves. Originally those info were not there.

If you need us to explain it thoroughly because you don’t seem to understand the concept from the whitepaper, just contact us through a skype call while the official announcement hasn’t been posted. We can answer all of your questions and clear your doubts. Easier than repeating ourselves through blocks of texts that will then get people confused even more.

Remember what we wrote on the whitepaper are our plans that are meant to move with the Safenetwork’s development. We have to reveal everything so people can see what our future plans are and people reading it may get confused that it’s possible to do everything at this time. Although it is possible to run a validator for exchange on the testnets as it won’t be a smart contract. It just won’t be stable or reasonable as the testnets are reset frequently. Again, this has nothing to do with Ethereum.

As for the Safenetwork aims to provide distributed computing, it’s definitely on their to-do list. Just a google search and you will see. Once it’s available it will be an amazing advantage for development. It’s not a requirement :slight_smile:

"The SAFE Network is a peer-to-peer network which, using the spare disk space and bandwidth of users in the network, provides distributed and decentralized computing resources and file storage to other users for rent. "

You could ask Mr. David Irvine to clarify if he isn’t too busy?


If your App isn’t for SAFE then I wouldn’t advertise it here. Try the ethereum forums instead


He’s not saying it won’t utilise the Safe network for anything - he’s saying it won’t require the Safe network to provide an “Ethereum-like VM for the validator”, which the Safe network isn’t expected to offer at launch.


Oh, for computation ok


Is there a version we can try with mock-routing maybe? That could help people see


I guess that NVO is running the validator from their account in this stage? In the future it can be run by computing feature of Safenetwork.



just search for distributed computing in this forum - e.g.

and just to name another hint - zk-snark was mentioned afaik a couple of times in those discussions

but of course since it itsn’t even on the official roadmap it will be a little bit down the road - first everything else has to work properly


Hi we just posted on bitcointalk. Everything is looking great so far.


Why would you not just use the safenetwork ?


This is for token distribution. This part has nothing to do with the safenetwork.


Sweet. Looking forward to it. Hope this replaces the ex safe exchange.