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I would reply with literally anything but I’ve already said everything that needed to be said. Your group is just a bunch of little devils. “Stick to promises,” such as changing plans right when the ICO finishes. Right.


I think you’re an illiterate, you haven’t read the white paper, you took part into a dispute without understanding the project, you just catched a discussion without reading, so i wonder how i could constantly reply, you are not even a troll as they are usually intelligent and ask interesting questions, but you are worst then them as you take part into a dispute without understanding the context. go back to play Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and stop talking nonsence here please.


Alright I’m not a troll, will take that as a compliment. I know your ilk doesn’t know anything about being a real person. I’m honored. You’re the one bringing up random fictional characters I don’t have any interest in. Yeah I’ll go read your whitepaper and that’ll suddenly make me change my mind. Brb.


Sorry chap, if you are banned it kinda means you are not welcome. It is a simple concept really. You must be hard at work on your version of SAFE as you have about a week to publish that as per your own timescales. Then if you have time we can chat about how you achieved it. I would be very interested.

In terms of beaker etc. it’s cool to fork as you say, however it’s not the SAFE network at all. I suspect there is very little forked in SAFE apart from some utilities, I really wish there were though as it would save time and enable more collaboration.

If you think the maidsafe github presence is not very active then I cannot help you there. but mainly we publish real progress weekly. That’s probably more important. You may find older libs we no longer maintain though, if you are not sure how github works you may even think that’s our total activity, I suspect.

Anyway that’s the last post from me until you show us your version of an autonomous secured data network until then it’s probably best not to waste valuable time.


Lolol I know it’s just that pesky language barrier but it gave me a good chuckle. Nemgun just cut this poor mislead, uneducated fraud community go. You guys are sooo much better than the SAFE Network, Trump would say you are great guys, fantastic, the best. You need to complete your mission not wait for us!


Darn! That there language barrier sure is a pesky one!


You NVO lot are hilarious! I’m thoroughly entertained!! Lol


A few hours ago we asked @Marto_Bragui not to let @nemgun post here under his account as he’s permabanned for a reason. I also asked Marto not to let anyone else use his account as he did today as well.

What we got at @moderators was a reply from Nemgun using the @Marto_Bragui account so we blocked that account for now. PM from that account to @moderators is open so he can contact us.

Update: turned out that @Marto_Bragui was a sock puppet for @nemgun after we looked at the registration IPs. Now permabanned as well.


:frowning: aaahhh this was getting better and better !


What I loved was that he thought the browser was SAFE. Hehe thats like saying the LCD screen you use on your computer is the internet.


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Modtalk from NVO-topic
Modtalk from NVO-topic

Reminder that this team doesn’t understand anything about SAFE, and they think it’s pure fluff.

I remember over 2 years ago on this forum that there were tons of important documentation and white papers and flow charts. I don’t remember where they were. I’m sure they’ve been moved many times.

What I am getting at is that there is tons of documentation out there, and am surprised “NVO” weren’t given these? Forgive me for drawing a blank but I feel like they have moved around too often. Anyway, I’d do some Google etc. searches to find them now that NVO team’s obnoxious behavior has died down and I’m more willing to act rationally, but I’m typing on my phone and I’m slow and there’s no wifi where I’ve evacuated from Irma and wanna sleep soon. Not sure it’d make a difference, or if apparently providing insufficient data to somebody is enough for them to call the forum a bunch of childish names etc.

That’s how this feels to me. I know SAFE is undeniably legit considering my past 2.5 years of witnessing pieces of data all coming together massively to know there’s a big chance of everything working. But it’s too much to ask to recall it all at once in the midst of temper tantrums, and it gets frustrating to know it works but unable to know where to see all that hell of a lot of diagramming.


hey has anyone found AAA Alex yet?

I think a 2 month honeymoon would be a new record, so I think its about time perhaps?

Need clarity on all this NVO madness from him please soon thx, as he is a major escrow holder and supposed to be SAFE supporter.

Please thx!

Modtalk from NVO-topic

onlhy hearing about NVO now…can anyone give me a tldr ? last few posts are pointing to a classic cryproscam. I hope for any holders here that I’m wrong…


I am a holder. If you join their slack community you will see that the devs are popping in from time to time with news and to answer questions. The wallet is supposed to be out by Nov. 1st and we have been given several reassurances of this in the past week.
As for the safenetwork, NVO has moved on with their own solution but have stated that when the safenetwork comes online they will consider using it as originally planned. It is unfortunate all the bad blood that happened between NVO and the Maid team. I read through this forum and saw some poor attitudes displayed by both sides.
Of course I can not guarantee at this time NVO will come to fruition as planned, but through the escrow and the conversations taken place on their slack forum they seem entirely legit and passionate about making a difference.


great thanks for the info ! i’ll look out for the new wallet in November

Modtalk from NVO-topic

I am also a holder solely for the purposes of praying for a decent ROI so I can sell.

I’m only responding as it’s not all hunky dorey as the previous post mentioned.

The actions displayed at best amounted to deceit and were embarrassing on NVO’s behalf. It’s there clear as day to read.

No response from their escrow ever came to light which when you dig around you understand why.

The community including myself has moved on from these individuals but I frankly wouldn’t trust them with taking out my garbage out let alone with my money.

You asked for an opinion and got two different answers, I didn’t want to leave the last one up here on it’s own, you’ve read the history, it speaks for itself, so yeah enough from me. All the best with your decision mate.


It is very hunky dorey on my end. I have a good amount invested (for me) and feel good about my investment. I have no reason to say anything untrue. And I am in for the long haul and not a quick dump so have no reason to pump the company to new investors other than to say I believe it is a good investment. As far as escrow is concerned, the team still hasn’t even taken out as much as they could have…


I have no doubt it is, and I wasn’t saying you were entirely wrong. When new investors or people interested in projects come along they often rightly or wrongly become easily lead when it comes to others opinions.

Purpose of my post was to just nudge the guy/girl posting to look very very hard at things and make their own mind up. You may be right and well I may be wrong, but seeing two wildly different approaches hopefully makes someone stop and go beyond a superficial level of due diligence.


I don’t think there are “two sides” to this, and it’s not even really a question of “attitudes”. Every individual posting here represents his own side. Some individuals have been abusive, even threatening, and lied repeatedly - others haven’t.