NVO Decentralized Exchange - Crowdsale


Seriously, all of you. No one can be so desperate that they put even the slightest opening in the window for anyone behaving like this:

They all have shown all necessary proofs of being completely out of the question for any trust.

Again - seriously - people here must have more integrity than to maintain any hope or desire at all to have anything to do with these miserable individuals.

Coke binge, common, not even close to be an excuse…

Never forget these people, but please just forget about them, no one who cares about maidsafe wants them to come anywhere close.

Edit: I’m not saying that none of them deserves any trust ever again (I think that most often you cannot say such a thing). I just think it is completely obvious that, right now, for this thing, these people are not quite what they need to be. Usually time helps. Come back in … maybe five years? Young people learn a lot. But, simply, it cannot work with that attitude towards facts, truth, reality and very importantly: fellow people.

And talking about integrity here, I’m not pointing at dirvine, (I admire the kind patience with which you meet that troll, even though - as you said - you maybe didn’t need to engage. But it’s actually part of what made him shrivel up and implode on himself :smile: It’s a good tactic to make them show colors), but instead pointing to the people who insist to maintain belief in that something will be produced by people like these, and that even if it was produced, it would be desirable to partner with them in any way.


It’s interesting to hear about what’s going on with the project now and in the future. Safe Exchange seems to be doing pretty good these days, though I’m not sure if they have a working product yet. So I’m curious how NVO will work out in the future.


hi guys,
I have a question: how I can move my NVST assets from my personal paper wallet to a counterwallet.io? and or exchange it to XCP?


I would like to repost this question. I haven’t seen Alex mentioned at all lately. Honeymoon or not, somebody should have heard something from him. Does anybody here actually know him? Regardless of the answer, I’m personally going to keep an eye out for his name in case it appears in the context of some future project. Any info would be welcome. Reputation is important on the Internet.


nevermind I’ve done it…


I have this to say the new www.NVO.io website is gorgeous!


Also has some nice misspelling and the hamburger menu doesn’t work, at least on my device. Still says validator will run on safe though. Is Yanni nemgun??


It looks like Imed is Nemgun.


Hope someone legit does the validator code review/security audit


It looks great. I hope they can deliver… and even better if they use the Safe network… and Imed comes and apologises for his arrogance & insults (but I’d be shocked if that all happened!).


They say that their communications and validator will run on “Safenetwork” …? Is this their own version of what they claim they developed? Or are they referring to MAIDSafe’s SAFE network?


They are referring to MAIDSafe’s SAFE network, but if the SAFE network isn’t ready by December or so, they’re planning to use an alternative system that they’ll create themselves.

There’s little chance the SAFE network will be beyond Alpha stage by December (would need to fully implement and test both parts of Data Chains and a number of other features that they will enable, plus test safecoin), so I think the chances of them using the SAFE network is pretty slim at this stage.


WOW;;.; that is really beautiful…

I understand criticism propells people forward… but being this game so new in town… I don´t see a reason not to be a bit indulgent towards people who are venturing in the new realm of the cryptoworld…I know it is hard to trust people with our money, but lets give the guys some positive words so they can make the best with our money . .then we will laugh together.! NVO team seems to be working hard…well I am giving them some space here .!


Imed Boudali’s (nemgun) latest venture:
Looks like just one project isn’t enough…


It never ceases to amaze me how a generic, templated website that could be churned out by a 16 year old schoolkid plus some techno-marketing babble in a white paper could persuade so many people to part with so much money, but I guess I’m just a cynic.


When you can create safenetwork 10.0 in a week, projects get real boring real quick.


Do they have ANY code or anything anywhere?

Amen brother. Same concept works in anime, day time television and porn.


exciting it looks like daddy is on board too !


Xenio is the proof that nemgun can deliver things fast as promised. The blockchain is nearly finished and about to be released on github. There is a built-in P2P chat with a new type of mining. A decentralized internet will be put in place in the future, and it won’t be hard for everyone to access compared to maidsafe because it will not need a new browser to access it or special authentication. All of this was done in one month

Regarding the delivery we gave an ultimatum if maidsafe isn’t delivered we have 10 other solutions. As you said nemgun was lying, a scammer and an idiot for saying he can deliver a decentralized internet then banned him for something he said on Bitcointalk not even on this forum. Now nemgun wants to ask you a question if your project is bigger than bitcoin. Today Bitcoin is the revolution. Is your project better than ethereum. i don’t think so. Is the maidsafe project better than Tor no. Is the project better than nexus or Nem. all of these projects had an architecture and they have requirements and they have skills requirements. Nemgun is a developer and when he has to code and develop something he needs the requirements . When you send him to podcasts he said it’s not logical or how development works. When you build cities and buildings you need an architecture and plan and you need it to build properly.

Today, check the strongest coins in terms of marketcap. If they have any problem there is a consensus and they all have to agree on it. Look at segwit, segwit 2x and lightning. When you go to a big blockchain like bitcoin you have open issues so if the issue is good and accepted in the future architecture the people will accept the modification like segwit and segwit2x the problem of segwit2x is it will raise the size of the blockchain so less nodes will be connected to the network . so this is just an example of a global node consensus based on voting. but in your case there isn’t an architecture just podcasts, so how will anything be built in the future. Ethereum has a decentralized internet today and regarding the encryption the strongest will be nexus. Now blockstream has their satellites you can check it. Nexus is going to send its own their satellites. Where are your architecture where are you after 10 years and this is after 300M marketcap. Do you think you are more intelligence at the higher level compared to others until now you have nothing so stop insulting other projects. If you are old go ahead and prove yourselves. You have nothing except podcasts while i am one of the first investors of maidsafe i learn a lot since that time. If you haven’t learned it’s your problem.

The blockchain of Xenio is going to be released soon on github. However you still have nothing. Compared to other projects you are incredibly slow and it’s problematic. This is not the time to criticize other projects that will have their project launched soon. Take a look at your own project and put your effort there on criticisms where it matters the most.


You are embarrassing yourself, it’s clear you don’t understand anything being done here.

You know what you can do with that…