NVO Decentralized Exchange - Crowdsale


One of the escrow holders, Lauda, was accused of an extortion attempt at Bitcointalk in January.


I’m not going to read all of it. 'Nuf said.


Thanks for the link. Whatever it means.


He just took trolling to a whole another level.


Why haven’t they updated their website yet?
I am getting disappointed and feeling suspicious.


How would I go about doing this? I’ve never used slack


I imagine they have a link to their Slack on their website, but haven’t looked yet.

Let me know if you have any luck!


Go here and enter your e-mail address.
But that chat is best just for lurking. They censor and ban people for the slightest critical post. I’ve been banned twice. The first time just for posting a link to this forum. The second time for asking if I could see their “architecture” document.


I would just sell via Counterparty Exhange. Takes a bit of working out (and importing the coins / wallet) but you’ll prob get a better price than ICO too. And don’t have to deal with them.


After I created a counterparty wallet and tried to “sweep” the coins from my paper wallet, it failed so I did a bit of googling and ended up using a tool from GitHub to sweep them. It worked and I then sold straight from the exchange buy book but I could have placed sell orders and waited, and got a better price.


Well under half at the moment for me… so this won’t be an option until the market for NVO recovers. You must have got in early :slight_smile:

Given what’s happened to Safex’s price ($50m market cap with no product to show) I won’t discount the possibility, which is making me think twice about seeking a refund, even if I think the team are nuts.


What tool did you use from GitHub? Thanks



I got out at roughly ICO but kept 1000 NVST as you never know can happen! For some reason I didnt follow my own advice when it came to SEC, where I sold 3m at prices between 200 and 385, leaving none behind. Ah well.

It is frankly absurd that SEC - with the promise of a wallet only - can 25x (in btc) from the 30 I paid a year ago, when Maid is still around the 10 I paid 1.5 years ago, with all of the progress and promise. Pure madness.


The market always does the right thing eventually, but only after exhausting all the other possibilities :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It is madness… time reveals all though, either we’re crazy or the other guys are… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face::sweat_smile:


They not only ban people and censor everything they don’t like… read here, the answer of this guy:

this explains why some people on slack defends the indefensible


He just says that he helped people on slack. So what are you saying?

People come on the slack mostly because they fucked up during the ico, invested from an exchange or not owning the private key etc.


I was on the SLACK also and it was riddled with scammers and people trying to devalue NVO. Tonbi is working 24 7 to get NVO up and running. Keep up the hard work bro. Give the NVO guys a break yall they will deliver.


If you read the rest of this thread, you may see some good reason why people might think not too highly of the NVO team.


Didn’t they promise a SAFE Network exchange, and now they are providing nothing of the sort?

We are here creating SAFE apps and don’t even get an Apps topic like NVO had, even though we already provided much more to this community than they have or ever will. This feels unfair to us honestly.

Looking for a solution.

Discussions on ICO topics in our forum, prompted by the events of the NVO ICO

I’ll say only this. This thread is over 1100 posts long now and has no code snippets, no proof of concept, no weekly updates, no nothing to prove NVO does anything it claims whatsoever. This thread consists mostly of drama. I for one agree with @dirvine and think this thread should be closed. Keep it around as a testament to why one needs to prove ones merit. But it serves no practical purpose beyond acting as a warning buoy.