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Seems your assessment of NVO was spot on.


When is the NVO Escrow ‘Alex’ due to return from his honeymoon?

I invested in NVO because it was to be built on the SafeNetwork. The communication from the NVO team is not something I can accept. If there is any chance of a refund via the escrow agents I would definitely opt out of NVO.

Thank you for keeping this forum open.


NVO stank from miles away. It’s just a shame they raised $7.8M in crypto (value at close). These kinds of ICO scammers are doing a great disservice to the SAFE Network and the industry as a whole.

Good riddance to NVO!


Apparently, (from bitcointalk thread, the latest news is that they are going to send someone to Troon to audit everything - to see where they can help…but we’ve still got to complete project within 3 mths…lol - the cheek!
Maidsafe would need their heads feeling if they let these guys near anything.
As far as I’m concerned they can build on SafeNet, when it’s ready or just sod off. We do not need these people, nor should we be bending over backwards to accommodate them. No other app devs would be given the things they demand - and they’ve totally slagged off the project anyway…madness… :smile:


I agreee, I wouldn’t let them near for an “audit”. It would take so much time out of the project to hand hold the auditor and going by their obvious inexperience in large projects (NVO is tiny by comparison) the “auditor” they pick is likely to be inexperienced too and be a useless exercise.

But why don’t they just “audit” the code from github and save sending anyone to Troon. Or do they realise that the project is too big to just have a “single document” describing it and the auditor would need a lot of hand holding to just grasp whats going on.

Their inexperience with large projects is shown crystal clear by the continued request for and expectation that there would be a single architectural document. As Jabba points out you don’t build a new township with one architectural document, you have a plan then architectural documents for each building and service. Tons of documents. The same for the current internet, or operating systems, or any other very large project.


the “auditor” they pick is likely to be inexperienced

Never mind inexperienced, will he be objective?


I suspect it will just be used as an excuse not to use safenet. “If they had let us audit then…”, etc. Best just to let this one run its natural course IMO, now all is in the open.


There’s a fair amount of cart-before-the-horse with Safe. It would be great to have apps from the get-go but it’s clearly causing issues on both sides. Raising big money and making commitments is probably not sensible even at this stage.

Props to those who are quietly going about their business. If they deliver, great. No one will criticise them for delivering a few months after Safe is launched either.


What a load of mudslinging - he who throws dirt loses ground.

SAFE is a solid project chugging along quite nicely, it is delivering, SAFE has completely blown me away, impressed my friends and colleagues. It’s a project that is inspiring and just compels people to contribute - look at the recent App contests organisation!! So much community backing, so much good is going on. People I have introduces SAFE to are studying the APIs, watching the project closely - even buying more MAIDS on price falls. They know the value of this project.

SAFE has never over promised and has been very clear about why there are no strict time lines. There is Zero blame to be put on SAFE - no audit necessary, why invite in industrial spies? That’s what it feels like. How arrogant to call in auditors.

SAFE community activity is enough of an audit. Well done guys, keep at it! There are a lot of us out here that really
appreciate what you are delivering.

  • Test networks - tick
  • Roll out of test network to larger audience - tick
  • Apps showcasing networks ability - tick
  • working API - tick
  • instructions of creating personal test dev networks - tick
  • App competitions - tick
  • Awesome user community - tick
  • Awesome dev community - tick
  • Token actively traded on exchanges - tick

Compare that with NVO

  • tumbleweed - tick

The only audit that should be happening is a financial one? $7million? LOL.

If NVO claims their project depends so much on SAFE net being launched its quite clear that investors money is in the wrong basket.

There are people out there building things for the SAFE network using the current APIs and dev environments.
I think more that enough material for anyone to start putting together a skeleton of a decentralised exchange? Matching their targets one-to-one with technology progress of SAFE - I don’t think you have to wait for launch at all to show any progress,

Have I understood the current issue well enough here?

$7million. Damn, imagine the man power that would buy the SAFE project?


I know that if manpower were holding back Safe (not saying it certainly is), I’d be very happy as an investor if another fraction of the Maid / Safecoin ever planned to exist were released in another coin offering in a similar way to how Storj recently did a second round.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that adding a few million would actually help speed things up and it could be a huge distraction if it’s not necessary, but if it becomes necessary or beneficial, I’d be all for it.


Ya never know, ya just never know. Dude Alex, controls some pretty important levers in the NVO franchise and just may turn out to be the god of ICO salvation. Ya just never know.


who is “Alex”? Why is the escrow reliant on a guy? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?


@dirvine wouldn’t it be a good idea to refute or dissociate from anything like this now that NVO seems like a fraud?


Hi this is what we were trying to explain on the chart image that was argued against on our ICO website. NVO has no working software, while we have completed and tested version 1.0 of everything, even a safe Network addition that will be released tomorrow. We will update when this Testnet 17 version is available for everyone to use. Tomorrow


I think this is ‘Alex’ the Escrow: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ervichov/

Alex Alexandrov, CEO at CoinPayments Inc., British Columbia Institute of Technology


Alex Alexandrov, CEO at CoinPayments, is the escrow?

Pretty interesting, because in nvo.io site there is written:

Ton Bi - CEO and Founder
5 years of experience in growth hacking for startups. Previously worked for Coinpayments INC., a Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies company in Vancouver, Canada.

so Ton Bi worked for his escrow’s company, in the past. What a coincidence!


I think Alex is escrow only for MAID and I know they tried to find somebody trusted by this community first and only used Alex when they couldn’t do that.


yes, the other escrows are “Lauda” from bitcointalk, “MinerJones” and “Blazed”, as they say in that forum.
The escrow’s address is https://blockchain.info/it/address/3AiGej11G8jUXvEBPvQKPLiHXC7ruUCp1Z, the same balance shown in the head of nvo site.
It seems that 1908 BTC went out from this address, but I’m not a blockchain analyst and I don’t understand very well these transactions (3,405 after the end of crowdfunding, 1,497 now)


How can i get a refund on nvo?


Apparently you need to talk to them on slack… I’ll try myself soon.