NVO Decentralized Exchange - Crowdsale


Exactly, and they have gone back on what they said and not given them any time, but decided to go and build safenet10.0 with a couple of kids in a few months (an impossible task and not what anyone invested in).

Or not if they fail to achieve them. Perhaps refunds are inevitable, one way or the other…


I thought you were just being picky at the time. Sorry about that, @BIGbtc.


Noo! No foxes in the hen house, please! :man_farmer:


Can these NVO scammers be banned already? From the forum? What a waste of time this all is!!


I never had money returned to me through an escrow before. Could this be an interesting learning opportunity? I don’t know how that works.


I just got banned from the NVO Slack forum for posting a link to this forum. Or mabye it was shut down. I’d love to see some screenshots from there or something.


Has anyone who invested in NVO seen this:


It appears to say the if you sent BTC from a bitcoin address (as specified in the NVO ICO instructions) you won’t be able to move your NVST. It says you should have sent BTC from a Counterwallet address!

EDIT: the above appears to be false - I’ve established that you can import NVST into Counterwallet and then send them from there (similar to Omni with MAID).


I will repost my answer without hurting anyone feelings.

Sacha got exposed for not owning any NSVT and not getting hired by NVO. So now he was linking to this thread. Everyone on the slack already know about it.


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Some posts just got deleted. I don’t think there was a need for that. They were lies. Not that it matters. But I think it is good to document lies.


Ah! That are legitimate reasons to kick someone out, thanks for clearing up


It is so silly to lie about things that are easily proven.


I. warned. you. about. these. guys. character. and. dedication. of. the. team. matters. infinitely. more. than. anything. else. in. these. types. of. things. very. sorry. this. is. horrible. alex. needs. to. fix. this. or. refund. tonbi. is. no. better. than. nemgun. :cry:


next time use caps lock instead of this :joy:


Realized being a god to them must mean trolling everyone with fancy words and websites and plans and running away with millions in the blink of an eye. He will just strike again if not taught a lesson. If you notice Irvine and everyone is still here for years rather than a month or so.


Just to add, that there are very clear references to the intention of building on SafeNet and explanations of the benefits as to why in the whitepaper - for anybody still in any doubt.
The whitepaper also clearly states:

“The development of the Safenetwork has been carefully reviewed. Documentations and demonstrations have been provided showing that the project does work backed by an active development team. Although the Safenetwork biggest hurdles right now won’t be a technological one but a marketing one.”

Now compare this to the actual evidence contained within this thread that the lead dev/God hasn’t carefully reviewed anything himself whatsoever yet also now claims the “biggest hurdle” is indeed a technical one.
Clearly either the whitepaper is lying to investors or they did carefully review things and arrive at the conclusion that SafeNet would be the best technological solution – so which is it?
My guess is the 2nd option and if this is the case, then the question becomes “Why attack SafeNet on technological feasibility grounds, when you know the project just passed your own careful scrutiny?”
My conclusion is that plans changed either pre or during ICO, that it was decided to take a different path. Investors have definitely been misled and lied to here one way or another, so whether legal consequences or not (I hope so), the reputation of these people must be in tatters, their deception and lack of integrity are on show for all to see now.
Now we at least all know what a dishonest project that lacks integrity and professionalism looks like, we should count our blessings. We can at least take comfort that we are supporters of a project that in the course of numerous years has demonstrated the exact opposite…these NVO guys couldn’t even maintain a show of integrity, honesty or professionalism for the duration of this thread…
Whoever wrote the whitepaper had a pretty clear understanding of the SafeNet to me - so that should tell you something. :smile:


I think it is as simple as “the god” aka Nemgun can’t make heads nor tails of the Safenetwork despite selling his extraordinary skills to Ton and the supposed CTO. So he is stuck with admitting his incompetence or convincing his CEO that it’s not his inadequacy but that of the Safenetwork.
Cause a big stink, claim to build a version 10.0 of something that he has no comprehension and milk that 7 million for all he can.
That’s my guesswork.


Imagine something even more absurd topping this. Probably not going to happen since the real top is coming soon ™, I.e. data chains etc. Mr. Irvine in interviews would just get more and more hysterical in laughter etc. reflecting on more and more absurdities if ever the topics were brought up.


Just as an aside, I’ve just got 1 niggling thought that keeps entering my head, well a technical question really. I keep thinking back to something Daniel Larimer said. Basically, it was that the idea of coming to consensus about “states” of nodes was inefficient and it would be better to use “messages”. What I took from that is that “routing” should maybe go via smart contracts rather than trying to ascertain “states”.
So, as a non-technical person is it feasible to replace the routing/ data-chains etc aspect with a sort of pruned (maybe still data-chain) say graphene Blockchain running smart contracts?
I’m way out of my depth here, but just thought I’d ask. :


@dirvine, I too am part of your cult following and we love you man! Please keep up the great work and try not to be distracted by this thread. At this point, I assume you are only following this for its entertainment value like the rest of us, although I am sorry for those that were scammed.