NVO Decentralized Exchange - Crowdsale


I think tonbi revealed himself with this post.

Why he should hold 90% of his portfolio in Maidsafe when he and his team could deliver a Safenet in 4 months or little bit longer? That makes no sense for me. Because he knows as good as we do if it is like that then Maidsafe would be worth nothing or is it a wrong assumption?


You are not the first to threaten us with the SEC so don’t think you sound smart trying. It has only been 20 days since NVO finished the crowdsale and you already want to attack saying we can’t deliver the project.


It is only 20 days and you have already pivoted away from what you told investors you were doing. There are rules to make sure people are accountable for things like that. It is the SEC’s job to enforce those rules. I don’t think I’m being clever. I didn’t invest and thertefore can’t go to them and am clearly not threatening to. I am advising others to do it if you refuse to refund them. Which is absolutely the right course of action, since you lied to them about what you would do and how you would do it.

You understand?


Okay please sue Maidsafe too for switching over to rust from c++. You know how stupid you sound right.


Lol, that is not the same thing at all and you know it. You touted your project on the foundations of SAFE. It is their security and systems that investors put trust in, not your own SAFEnet version. You really are very naive. The SEC will take one look at your attempt to get around the rules with sub $1 tokens and they will jump on the chance to make an example of you as you token is indeed a security by their recent classifications.

I really don’t think you have any idea how regulation works, no one complained to the SEC when maidsafe switched, regulation comes in response to complaint. I suspect they will get a number of complaints about this and I can see a lot of reasons for them to pursue it.


Safenetwork should put a warning then. if businesses want to leave back to the clearnet we will report you to the SEC for fraud.


Jesus how dumb are you?

SAFE isn’t doing any reporting back… YOUR investors will be because you lied to them and then refused to refund them. This has nothing to do with maidsafe, it is just about YOU. They will report you for deceiving them, or at least, I certainly would if I was one of them.


Said the ***** that just told me we can get sued for trying to use a decentralized network for our DEX.


Sued? Eh, you do understand that this is the SEC, not someone suing you privately with lawyers yeah? I feel like I’m talking to a 12 year old here. Do you have any idea how the real world works? No one is talking about calling a lawyer, no one needs to do that.

This just gets funnier as you reveal more and more about how little you understand.


If a 12 year old told me the SEC can come after us for switching from a decentralized network for our exchange I will laugh. You are full of it.


The SEC will come after you for not registering as a security but offering equity payouts for your investors. They will take one look at your $1 max toekn system and jump all over it because it is very obviously a way to circumvent regulation, which regulators hate.

I worked with regulators for a decade in the gambling industry, you have no idea how it works, you seem to think someone is going to sue you… you are in for a shock if/when people do contact them. Your is exactly the kind of project they would like to make an example of… an unregulated exchange that will pay dividends to investors and is run by a couple of kids with no real experience… lol.


@tonbi Can you confirm you are creating your own network or at least not using SAFE and if so perhaps the @moderators can move this to related projects or similar.


Yes I talked with someone from the SEC few days back it was a very interesting discussion. He wanted to buy an NVO tshirt.


Also offering the option to exchange the NVST tokens directly for maidsafecoin would sit well with people here. That way you could avoid the centralised exchange fees at the same time. Or perhaps this is what you meant when you said, “I will sell my maidsafe”.



This just gets funnier and funnier.


Well done Sir, you do the Community a great favour here. I really hope it has the desired effect and those mis-sold can be refunded. :smile:


So we can do 100k transactions per second and can launch in 4 months, but you are crying about the SEC :slight_smile:


I feel like a bit of a fool for investing, but I’m typing this with a big smile on my face. I guess it was worth it for the entertainment and the lesson learned. :smiley: LOL!, as you young people say.


Hey I am offering personal 1v1 exchange, so you don’t have to feel like a fool anymore :upside_down_face:


The escrows are all a pretty smart bunch. That was part of what gave me confidence in this project in the first place - that and it being built using SAFEnet… I find it hard to imagine that they could read this thread and not side with investors who want refunds.

I feel bad for having been vocal in supporting the project when BIGbtc was pointing out the dangers at the very start (I’m big enough to admit when I was wrong, sorry @BIGbtc).