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Is that in Los Lagos, Chile?
interesting , especially the conclusion about due diligence on development team.


You can add one more coin?


No, sorry, I’m not really sure you have taken everthing in ontext or understand it. The OP has not been treated unfairly or disrespected and his request for feedback warrants tough questions.

But agreed. Let’s not let this go OT. And as I initially posted , in a very positive and supportive way, let’s await the complete story from the OP. And as I previously posted, we keep the door open. Hope that helps.


That, or it was a typo and he meant Montreal, Canada :slight_smile:


Sure, I’d just expect a Canadian can spell Montreal, i and a are opposite sides of the keyboard. :wink:


If he’s working with a team in Montreal, i suspect he’s a lot closer to maidsafe than he’s letting on. I could be wrong.
Edit: I’m referring to bitcoin embassy in Montreal. Which, as I understand, is where maidsafe holds court.


I doubt that very much :grin: but I’m out of here. I won’t derail for others.

Good luck NVO or is it NVC


I’m working with a team in Glasgow 35 mins up the road from Troon. Does that make me “closer to maidsafe than he’s letting on”.
Never been to Montreal but I hear its a very big (and beautiful) city.


My ability to be Canadian does not prevent me from making spelling or grammar mistakes when I type fast. I also have a US citizenship and I can’t name all 50 states or even close to 10.


Yep beautiful city, I use to live there. Visit often. Still have family there. Great people. My comment was referencing full disclosure. Qualified with I could be wrong. Its not a stretch, the OP is well connected in the bitcoin community in Canada evidenced by the Vancouver connections so let’s see. Absolutely nothing wrong with association with Montreal but if there is a relationship it would be germane to this pitch.


Quite the contrary, I am not connected to the Bitcoin community in Canada. Due to my living location trying to be close to my girlfriend, I’m away from places like Vancouver and Toronto where a lot of startups are happening including blockchain technologies. I also have nothing to do with the maidsafe team.


It’s NVO. The logo problem has been resolved.


Newnote: Delisted - bankrupt

Newnote Financial Corp. is pioneering innovative crypto-currency and Bitcoin related software products and services geared at the growing business segment of this bourgeoning market. Newnote has positioned itself to be a leading contender in delivering opportunities to startup businesses world-wide and continues to create new opportunities for our clients and our shareholders. Newnote has a clear vision on the direction in which this new and unique business is headed and is continually adjusting and adopting new business practices in both technology and the policies & procedures required by Banks and Securities regulators.

Subsidiaries: PayIvy, Newnote Networks Inc., SOCOMO Technologies Pvt Ltd, Cointrader Exchange Inc., BitVisits.com

Canadian bitcoin exchange CoinTrader has shut down its operations. By the look of things, there is no indication that the exchange will resurface at a later time, either.

Newnote Financial Corp. Acquires Equity in Major Crypto-Currency Payment Processor Coinpayments Inc.
October 27, 2014 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time
VANCOUVER, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Newnote Financial Corp. (the “Company”), (CSE: NEU; OTCQB: NWWTF; FSE: 1W4) is pleased to announce it has purchased an equity position in the crypto-currency payment processor Coinpayments Inc. (“Coinpayments”)

Coinpayments Inc. is a privately held payment processor operating the Coinpayments website, a service similar to Coinbase and Bitpay.


Newnote Financial Offers Bitcoin-to-Fiat Conversion to Coinpayments.net Customers


Besides Cointrader.net, Newnote also owns and operates the CoinExchange Android app, Coinpayments.net, and the BitVisits.com paid-to-surf advertising platform, in addition to several other cryptocurrency-related assets.



We try to not disclose any affiliation unless the CEOs agree to our requests for disclosure, but the information you submitted is correct.


I am sorry, but I know that some may be disappointed or annoyed regarding my background, but I won’t betray who I worked with just to sustain the curiosity of people.
Nemgun by the way, you can integrate a bitcoin node in safe network right now, using nodes, it may require some changes to implement the API of safe, but it is definitely feasible.


This is all public information. VERY PUBLIC and available to anyone, anytime. Nothing here covered in NDA’s and other information you are not sharing is also not covered under NDA.

But I dont share this info because I want to slam you or your project or aspirations. I’m put in a position to defend my position by you and others. I initially welcomed you and still support the need for a project that you propose.

And again, I wish you luck.


How can I contact you personally?


Regarding newnote it’s a public company and I disclosed that, but for the rest are not public companies they are closer to startups. It’s also super rude to affiliate with them to our project without their approval as we are not partners. I am just repeating myself right now. I don’t think you get what we are trying to say?


Betray or disclose? …


Hi through slack or here is fine.