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Testnets are already launched. To be clear I have no problem with your direction, that is your problem if there is one. Your public question is rather silly as we are iterating towards release and community members know this, it is public knowledge and was well before your ICO. I would not go down that path either chap, there be dragons.

In any case you must do what is right for your supporters, but many of them are on this forum and right now I think you have some bridges to save. I have not made claims like you have and do not need to defend them, I feel you are treading dangerous waters here. This is not about SAFE, SAFE has not altered in the last few months, the path to launch continues. It’s NVO that has altered/will alter and you just need to be clear why.

I would make this much more clear in your marketing etc. if this is indeed the case. This statement is at odds with your pitch though and that can be problematic. The pitch had SAFE up front as a major part of the whole NVO project. I would tred very carefully with all of this really @tonbi . No point lashing out at SAFE, it’s as it has been and is doing very well. This needs to be your decision and clear with your supporters, not any issue with us.


How did you treat that as an attack is beyond me. Re-read my post and calm down to see that I was referring to the better of two options not implying anything else.


Humility is overrated. I wouldn’t trust a developer if he isn’t arrogant

All good developers are arrogant. Some just are very good at hiding it


I never said attack, but you have said your god thought it was bull**it and has spammed a lot of nonsense, I have just tried to help you calm that down. Surely it’s clear that I am trying to help, but if not, no worries, I will not post any more thoughts for you to consider. You just keep on doing your thing chap and we will do likewise, but your teams language is very much an attack and well out of order. That cannot escape you surely.

In any case for the last time, I think you need to take care of your supporters better with more clear information and not found less accusations of non described problems you say exists (you say it as well as nemgun as you fully support him). You’re job it to analyse options and take the appropriate one, I am not standing in your way there, but I am cautioning you to be clear and I hope you have some evidence for your actions.

I wish you well and hope we part on good terms.

I think this thread should be locked actually, there really is no more to be said AFAIK. If you guys have a forum then perhaps people need to go to that and discuss the future of the NVO project and decide on direction. I don’t see any purpose for this project being discussed any more on these forums.


Arrogant is fine… stupid is not. Arrogance that leads to unqualified judgement calls will get you in a whole lot of trouble.

This is all part of growing up though and this is how you’ll learn those lessons, by making mistakes like this and having to live with the consequences. I made plenty of silly mistakes in my 20s, it’s just I didn’t have $7M to magnify the consequences of my nativity etc :wink:


In a year or two we will discuss about how stupid and unnecessary all of this went down after NVO and Safenet are launched. I agree to have this thread closed so we can all get back to work. I hate not being able to work to pursue some drama.


This is an open topic about NVO where a lot of people invested money in. This topic will stay open, although we might move it to #related-projects when there’s no longer a link to SAFE. But everyone is free to talk NVO in this topic. It won’t be removed.


As an investor,
i am very confused and can see my had earned money going down the drain. What you and your other team member lack in intelligence you make up with stupidity, can’t you see the damage that has been done to NVO and it credibility. It will take a great effort NVO to regain trust of those invested in this project.


I very much doubt NVO will launch anything ever. I’d be very surprised if you escrows release any funds to you after they’ve read this thread. You guys are clearly not competent to be in charge of that kind of money. You make unqualified judgement calls on the fly. No one should be hasty to act in your position, you should be very measured and careful. Instead you are cock-sure and quick to make huge decisions with very serious consequences.

I’ve already written to all of your escrows urging them not to release any funds, to review this thread and open a dialogue with investors about refunds. Given the SEC’s recent update I’m guessing they would come down on you guys like a ton of bricks and you will end up being liable for all $7M. I would be very careful about spending any of the money you hold if you do get access to any of it. You have pivoted way too early and contradicted what you said in the crowdsale, that is NOT ok. Your investors have every right to ask for refunds and you should honour the requests when they flood in.


I am not sure you were replying to me there, but I am not an NVO team member. I feel your pain though, it’s not nice as a supporter to have the project alter course like this. There are possibly ways to fix it or maybe get a refund, I am not sure though, but hope you can get resolution.


was not meant for you . I was so upset that i sent to you by accident , for give me.


It took maidsafe 3 years to have testnets up. It will only take 4 months for NVO to be launched. You are being a drama queen and trying to resume the drama again aren’t you.


Nothing to forgive, no worries :+1:


We had testnets is c++ several months after the crowdsale, we had earlier testnets in python. The rust testnets are more recent, but not sure where your 3 years comes from, but it is wrong. You need to stop those false accusations chap, it demeans you and your project.


I made a mistake, guys. I thought I was analytical enough to see through language and cultural barriers. I wasn’t.

Please don’t delete this thread. (On Safenet it would be impossible to delete anyway, wouldn’t it? Isn’t that what we want?) It should stand here as an educational reminder to everybody for the future, including me.


How do i get or funds back as i don’t think i can support this project .


This isn’t a refund offer. I am just doing this personally as a personal purchase. I will sell my maidsafe to buy off your NVST tokens


It’s still a testnet.

you are being awfully defensive. I was replying to Jabba


done, send me the details how this can achieved.


I’d advise contacting the SEC if they refuse your refund. I’m sure they would make an example out of them. It only takes two official complaints to start an investigation and it is inevitable that it happens in crypto with a few of these icos

This is what I mean about naive. Young men tend to think they can act with impunity. This decision carries with it serious consequences. It is a drama of your making, it will get a hell of a lot worse for you before it gets better. Did you really think that would be the end of it and your investors would just sit by and wait to see what happens now?

sorry, not directed at you obvs switch01