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Surpassed SafeX with flying colors. :joy:


You should also check the chat (Riot) if you like that.
A certain ‘amazing’ has just posted something similar.


He must be drinking as he typed. he’s probably 6+ drinks at this point, and trash talking at everybody.

My popcorn just keep multiplying as more he response. Today is a good day.


Hey you’re right. What an ‘amazing’ coincidence.


It’s like the Kardashians, although I have no TV, but I imagine it is :slight_smile: Kinda makes you feel special in a quaint way :wink:


I know what you mean. Your fans seem to be a bit unhinged though, if you don’t mind me saying so


Okay here we go… It has been said many times before. A network like SAFE is unprecedented and therefore difficult to quantify prior to launch. With each development and test cycle, shortcomings and improvements are discovered that either lengthen or shorten an already immeasurable development duration.

As these changes occur the Maidsafe team does their best to document them with their limited manpower. In some cases community members attempt to document progress and provide overviews without official sanctioning from MS iirc.

The podcast you obsessively refer to is one such instance. Community member @fergish NOT @dirvine valiently tackled the high level architecture of SAFE and succeeded in educating the less tech literate among us. Those podcasts are not for advanced engineers.

I find it strange that you chose that route though. Like attempting to watch the movie instead of reading the book. A lazy approach IMO. I digress :flushed:

The digests you kept asking for were here for you all along in the form of eagarly anticipated WEEKLY updates going all the way back to 2014 IIRC. That’s an enourmous commitment the Maidsafe team has made to the community at the cost of a faster launch (debatable as a healthy community helps/speed testing etc).

So there, you have a ton of architectural digests. The wiki while incomplete provides fairly detailed data on the overall network design. The Github repository grants you the code for review. An offline version of the SAFE network is available for you to test functionality. The community stands here at the ready to answer whatever questions we can. The CEO patiently answered all of your questions again at the expense of valuable time. What more do you want? Seriously, can you truly be satisfied or will you constantly maneuver around our answers for some unclear endgame. You’ve gone from making outlandish claims to beligerance quite quickly.

You finally conceded to the necessity of thorough research, tried a shortcut by going to @fergish 's podcasts and ran back here to call us a sect. You called David a smooth talker but I suspect you don’t even know the mans voice. A misunderstanding indeed. No disrespect to david but his voice is far from smooth. I still struggle to understand what he says. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: All of your subsequent posts fuelled by misunderstanding frenzied. Even going as far as to tell david to shove SAFE up his ass (kinda funny I will admit with the poor language articulation :joy: ) . You claim professionalism but display increasing immaturity.

You’re 26 so I understand your need to take what you believe is the faster approach. Listening to podcasts while simultaneously coding something makes sense for someone with such high energy. Unfortunately you have to accept this as one of those times you will have to bury yourself in written material to get a firm grasp of the design. Anything else is careless.

Now if this is some other play you are executing to disrupt the steadiness of progress then you are at the end of the line. IF you were in fact GENUINE about helping then here is my hand. :raised_hand: I will help you through the corridors and lead you to understanding. What is your choice? :innocent: Wait, that sounded like something a sect would say :fearful: Just kidding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Whenever your ready feel free to ask :v:


It’s just projection and covering his ass.


i did a small research about the kardashians, and i think that i found who you are, @dirvine, Caitlyn jenner with your podcasts, she/he makes a lot, little guru.

You are similar to each other, maybe that’s why you talk about him, is it your secret dream ?


I see how you are spending your time. Your investors see how you’re spending your time as well.

You should probably sort your investor list from highest to lowest. If you’re lucky, there aren’t any really large sums there. If there are guys who gave you a lot of money, and see how you’re choosing to spend your time, I wonder what they’ll do?



20 characters of transphobic


@tonbi fire @nemgun save your project. Hire someone qualified, possibly from this community. @nemgun is toxic and a fraud. @tonbi you could possibly save this but you cannot save @nemgun. It’s over for him.


ps who else thinks it’s hilarious that @nemgun seems to think that David made the safe crossroads podcast? Haha. Obviously with 150 hours he’s a quick listener as well. What a joke! @BIGbtc @Savage @whiteoutmashups @michaelsproul your suspicions have been justified!

I truly thought it was just a language barrier but I don’t think google translate is THAT bad. I’m sufficiently embarrassed for awhile. Wishing you the best @tonbi as for you @nemgun I don’t believe you are welcome here any longer.


@nemgun still with this nonsense? :flushed: Come on friend, stop it already… I offered my help and it seems you completely ignored me. Why is that? Let’s move past this and be adults.

How about we start discussing technical matters. Is there anything you want clarification on? Please don’t continue this verbal rampage. You’re better than that I hope. :v::smiley:

Aye, and whats wrong with having boobs you can play with at a whim. Boobs are awesome!!! More please!!! :laughing: Boobs in the mornin, boobs in the evening, boobs at supper time! When you have boobs on a bagel you can have boobs any time!! … Wait what? :confused: Hmm, oh well, all good :smiley: :+1:

(Who got that reference? :wink: Takers?)


Can someone explain how to add a bitcoin address in Counterparty. I think I need to get rid from NVO very quickly before more people have read what is happening here …


Are they tradable anywhere?

I guess you could try advertising them on Bitcoin talk if not & get someone to do escrow?

@tonbi are you still going to rely on @nemgun to work on NVO after his shenanigans on this thread?


Nemgun is not going anywhere. If you want to sell your NVST go ahead. We will be launching in less than 4 months.


@DavidMc0 They are traded in Counterparty DEX…


Yes we all rely on him. in NVO he is a god.


Good luck with that if you’re relying on @nemgun to deliver! He’s demonstrated extreme ignorance on this thread, and the fact you aren’t even trying to distance yourself from that is concerning.