NVO Decentralized Exchange - Crowdsale


If the guy had any integrity at all he should refund all unhappy investors who thought they were buying into a decentralised exchange being built on Safe. This would help…or he could just dump all the Maids to hurt the project. What’s it to be do you think?


But who is rolling in that money now, is it Alex AAA?

Or just Tonbi and Nemgun guys? It is a very small team,

where did it all go? Only to Alex? He said he will start a new SAFE Network crowdsale ICO every month remember. Will they all go like this?

That would be so crazily detrimental to all of us here in this community, Alex’s crowdsales, if they’re anything like this one was? Very confused what this means for us, need answers


Really? I’m not sure Alex is to blame for this mess. Give kids a million dollars it’s bound to go to…
Give them 7 and they think they can take over the world.

@nemgun this thread will not get deleted, in fact I hope all who gets burnt by this mess ensure that it will follow you wherever you go.


Let’s not be too quick to tar others with the same brush.

Alex should be judged on his own actions. He has endorsed a project that clearly should not have been endorsed, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t legit and just made a mistake - happens to the best of us :wink: We would probably be best reserving judgement until we see direct evidence to the contrary; guilt by association is a dangerous way to pass judgement.


I do agree with the point in your first post though Will, it would be nice is the Maidsafe Asia guys could give us more of an idea of what to expect from their crowdsales so we can be more discerning about which ones to invest in. We do need an exchange so I hope they are still working on other options there too.


yes I know he is a good guy but he definitely was the largest part of this, and with his plans to push out another one every month I think we need a clear answer as to exactly what’s going on with his first one: NVO, first, right? Does nobody else feel that way.


I would not write NVO off just yet though, perhaps they need some guidance and if the ego allows then this community can help for sure. Reality has to kick in though and focus on building the exchange. This story happens too much, “oh look I am a genius I have invented X” it’s terrifying when the dev goes off on a tangent to build something completely different. This may be salvageable but I am not sure of how it was supposed to be accomplished, others may. I hope it’s much more than one guy.


If he was planning to hold many then he might have had a slightly less discerning attitude to the ones he put forward. I’m sure he believes they all have value and a shot, but his main concern might have just been volume, if you throw enough mud at the wall some of it sticks. VCs do the same thing by just investing in everything and hoping one or two pay big. It would have been nice if he’d opened with a corker, as David says though, perhaps we are judging too quickly and there is value within the NVO team, it could just a little episode from a 26 year old on the end of a two week coke binge or something? :wink: Heck I can still just about remember being 26 and I did and said a lot of things I’d consider daft and embarrassing now.

Anyway, life happens, dramas occur. I’m very curious to see what other crowdsales are coming up because if they are coming in a constant flow I have to believe there could be some gems in there. And there’s an appetite to invest in crypto ICOs still (amazingly) so it’s a good chance to get more resources flowing into App development.


The red flags were all over this project from day one. Its no surprise we are here. The only thing that can be done now is force Alex’s hand to admit he allowed this to progress without any due diligence. He has some say in fund distribution and if what Nemgum says is true, Alex is also on the NVT payroll, which is a huge conflict and a complete insult to David Irvine et al.
I suggested this was Nemgum lookong for an out, but smart people can dilute his efforts if they want.
Anybody thinking they can start rationalizing that these guys have the capacity to deliver anything but a good website and sales pitch is delusional.

Say goodbye to your investment if Alex and Nemgum dont work with MaidSafe.

Edit: what’s the Montreal link to Tonbi? Did he use any resources at the Montreal Bitcoin embassy?


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For NVO there are two directions. We either release the NVO exchange production ready in 3-4 months on Nemgun’s network or we do it in 6+ months when safenet is production ready.

I never wanted all of this to be public as it becomes attack between NVO and Maidsafe hence I requested for a Skype call which turned out to be a miscommunication for someone called viv?

However, I do vote for the sake of Alex, NVO and the Maidsafe team this thread is deleted because it’s personal attack between nvo and maidsafe team. Code is law, so we will see results in few months from NVO team on github.


Well, well. Didn’t it just become a much bigger scam than I first suggested it was? It was just awful that these guys were challenged at the start, eh? Too rude eh?

Un fuking believable. $7 million.


You do realise that anyone can click the top right button and see you’re edits :wink: (check)


So you’re not Alex.

I and others assumed tonbi = alex?


Great to hear, I think @nemgun was suggesting he wrote a safe network all by himself, now that would be great, but if there are other options then that’s brilliant. It’s not a fight in any way, if you have options, take them, you have to. The community would appreciate that.


Guys, be careful about next actions. This thread may become evidence and I suspect deleting it would not go down well. I would advise key parties to think before they type too.

(I am not a lawyer, but it is obvious this is getting serious will millions at stake)


In before lawsuit…


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