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Please, delete this thread


Whatever you say will be used against you.

I do not want my name to be associated with this project.

Oh didn’t you said you claim to be a dev for this project…


Go away troll.


Do you realize what you say dirvine, your development project is on podcast, are you serious? Hours and hours of listening to understand what you want to do? Why haven’t you asked for an audit of the project with consultants ? We have audios of you instead.

Why have you done 150 hours of podcast instead of a single unified document that gathers all the information with references to the documents that have been used.


Lol he wants a unified document.


There are plenty of documents, wiki, and github source code.

you said you’re not impressed… Then now stating this is a radio podcast?

You are a TROLL.


I know that you may be a small sheep, a good developer charges around 40$/hour, in order to understand the architecture of maidsafe, he would have to listen to 150 hours of podcasts which is around 6k$, without counting the required time for the researches which can multiply it by 3 just to start working, it is a net loss, if you have 5-10 developers it is around 180k$ a month, it is enormous. Multiply it by 12 months, and you will understand what i mean.

EDIT : i gave 5-10 developers because it is a new internet, other projects would require 2-3 developers depending on their capacities.


We have peer reviewed papers and patents, do you? If you want the big picture start in the code documentation and linked documents there. Then you can read the papers, understand the code and run tests, unit, user, integration tests and then run your network. If you had read much you will see we travelled round many universities and companies presenting the network for review. I hear this a lot from people, but if you dig a little you will see what you as asking is there. It’s a moving target to launch, hence RFC’s etc. as well as weekly updates for implementation design etc.

So there are also podcasts (150 hours though, I am not sure where you got that or had time to listen to it) and videos, but where on earth did you hear that is all we have? I think you are trying hard to not back up your original statements and that’s fine, but alarming. When you have public tested and documented code we should speak again, until then you should be working on that really.

Anyway, I believe you are off now so good luck with whatever you move on to, I hope you have learned something here.


Unbelievable… Please just stop digging, @nemgun.


This is very welcome news. I think this community has had enough of being taken for these various rides on this forum. Could I also suggest that any project pitching for money should damn well expect to be interrogated on all aspects of their project and that they should expect to run the community gauntlet.
With this in mind could mods please also join in this chorus,to help protect the community rather than by various actions stifle those that attempt to do so.
There’s too much premature cheerleading, congratulating and promoting various ICOs and shutting down of critical voices…(I was banned during the Decorum crowdsale for example after arguing with the official promoter who was also a mod.)
“Let’s get back to the tech details” interjects the mod…etc. Well no actually, we are on topic, discussing the crowdsale and all that entails - including the fact that people got taken for a ride again on this forum - not just what you want to constrain the discussion to… (Why is this thread still even in apps btw?)
This kind of thing does not help the larger community in any way and taints the project in my view.


Yeah, that’s a bit what’s in there (should be public within days) but if we are to strict we close off people with ideas. People in this community are smart enough and should make their own choices what to support and what not.

Hey come one, dive a bit will you? Here’s an 9 year old video explaining the concept of SAFE. Not that hard to understand as a dev. Self_encryption has over 600 commits. Just read them and you should be able to follow.

looks like quite a design to me. And this is just 1 part i found in 1 minute. There’s more on Safecoin, DNS, Vaults. All well worked out.

Here’s bootstrapping:

Flowcharts included.


It’s great to have patents, you can file for many things, even for plugs there are patents.
I do not even want to answer you anymore, delete this thread.
As for my promises, I would hold them, I have no worries for that, I just have to setup the solution for a decentralized internet and goodbye.
I vote for the removal of the thread, I do not want to be associated with a guru and his sheeps, I’m not supposed to be asked to dig, I can do it by myself. I asked, and you tell me to dig, who do you think you are? “Help us”, “Dig you will find”, giving podcasts, i do not understand your plan, it is ridiculous. You accept the help of NVO and after you ask them to dig, are you serious in asking this?
Please dirvine, let’s stop replying. Please guys, delet this thread.
It’s madness what you tell, 10 years later, no architecture, just podcasts, it’s just done a crowdsale to tell whatever.
Please guys, delet this thread.


We don’t just delete threads here (it’s a @tonbi thread btw ). But if NVO moves away from SAFE we’ll put it in the #related-projects category (not showing up on the frontpage).


I know that you try to do things in the right way, i m talking about a global plan not shards of plan. I appreciate your effort.

The thing is that i am not following a radio, i would like to have a global plan describing the whole project not elements, or shards.

An anrchitecture is comparable to the blackbox of airplanes, it is a digest, something who says, here i where we started, and here is where we are, here is what have been changed and whyn, here is what have been added and why, here is what have been deleted and why. That’s what i mean by architecture, or maybe audit of the project. Maybe it haven’t been done, it would be alarming, however it can be corrected, but please don’t manage it like a sect.


It has been done several times and you have been supplied the links to docs that explain it. even a video from years ago. There are peer reviewed papers in several organisations including IEEE, if you are a member look them up You have shown you do not wish to understand and that is fine, however your constant misquoting or taking things out of context shows a deeper issue. Take a break and try and relax, you have to look after yourself. Just think about what you are asking, do that for your version of safenet and you will feel better.

It’s obvious you need a break though and for your own sake do step back. Life is too short to be so agitated.


I’d say if we are strict we can separate good from bad ideas and close off the bad. I see no downside to being thorough.

People are people and I don’t think one can take for granted that every user on here is “smart enough” to make sound investment decisions. Those that aren’t often have little to go on if not tech minded. The thing is that just by being presented on this forum and by seemingly being approved/congratulated/promoted by various prominent forum staff can in itself be seen as an endorsement and a reason to invest.
In my view there should be prominent buyer beware signs and frequent reminders that no projects are endorsed - unless specifically stated. Wasn’t this project another “gamechanger” quote or am I mistaken?
People can make their own choices of course, however in order to make a good informed choice, one needs to be informed - this may entail getting strict… :smile:


I am enough relaxed, i just don’t want my name to associated to this project, i would like this thread to be deleted.
I am not supposed to investigate you to get responses, now please delet this thread, that’s all what i am asking, i don’t want my name to be associated to this project.

When you have several reviews from different organisations, you want to provide a digest, because when someone looks for different reviews it is to provide in the end a single review with all the pros and cons from the different reviews, a single document with all the informations, like a global conclusion, a final plan, this is what i try to find.

When you recruit someone you ask him to listen to all the podcasts ? doing so means that you should retire, and just leave, because even McDonald’s understood that it requires structured documentations in order to provide a structured information and training for the employees.

Also please stop the podcasts, it is like survivors of the 70ths.



See how he is doing, making you waste time from doing what you need to do.



Hi @nemgun please do not quit yet. Please do not give up maidsafe yet. I am looking forward to seeing what you got to be destructive while improving the SAFENET.
Hi @dirvine. Would you please give @nemgun a few weeks or a month to proof himself with a solid codes/demo.

Many years ago, I used to develop a flow (I was the original only designer and coding from scratch) which uses scripts to proactively guide the hardware design.
This flow reduces the design cycle from 2+ weeks to 2+ hours and reduce the headcount of 4+ full-time to 1 part-time designer. We need at least 20 ~ 30 iterations to be in the production state. So it helps the team a lot.
But I requested to internally transfer to a different team (but still remain at the same company) because I did not like the managers of that team.
One year or so later, most of the managers in my previous team were forced to leave the company. My work and codings was transferred to other team and was published to a paper which was selected the best paper of the year.
But my name is not there because I left the team with an ungrateful attitude. I did not associate with them any longer. It was a lose-lose scenario.
The lesson I learn: do not quit so fast even you think the whole environment was against you. Keep a good faith you think it is right and strive to the end.

Again, @nemgun, if you do have a good findings for whatever you claim it will be. Please show it asap when you are ready and proof to those who wrong you.


DAMN. wow

None of this surprises me in the least bit. I warned you all about the NVO guys from the very beginning… Look at my first posts on this thread. And the 0-conf bs ones… :stuck_out_tongue:

Every part of this thread and how they’re richer than all of MaidSafe many times over sickens me to my core.

jesus christ. Sometimes we just get screwed…


Man chill and stop digging, the thread won’t delete, what you have said is public for all time. Your own videos are to, just learn from it. I am not sure how many projects you have managed or companies you have run, but seriously we don’t need your helpful advice there either.

Now you are being very silly.

Absolutely I cannot remove anyone or throw anyone out, it’s all him, he decides to stay/go etc. I have zero control over anyone here and that is how it should be. I will though always seek truth where I can and I do try and protect the project and community. I feel we all do here mostly. Life’s to short to waste time and getting to the truth fast is good.

Lets see some code then @nemgun in 6 weeks if you can and good luck, I seriously mean that. I am not sure what it will be as you don’t know the architecture, but please knock yerself out :wink:


@nemgun I take it back, I hope you have bad luck in your fake stuff. You are the worst person I have probably ever seen in my life, in terms of scams. In fact, where can I send my NVST or whatever they’re called? You can have them. Everyone else send them back, too. There will be no worth.