NVO Decentralized Exchange - Crowdsale


Yanni last project was http://www.veserus.com/, a licensed centralized exchange still being developed. Thanks to nemgun for allowing us to disclose that information.

I mainly deal with establishing growth in startups. I worked with a bitcoin public company in Vancouver called newnote as well as other startups which I have mentioned few posts up.


Little disappointed to see some underlying hostility towards these folks. I know people felt burned with SafeX but these people deserve the same fresh welcoming attitude and straightforward questioning that any type of project deserves…


Equally or actually more disappointed with the lack of answers to some straightforward polite questioning.

But we have clearly left the door open … maybe you didn’t catch that @Nigel so no need to be disappointed.


Have you looked at bancor.network? It’s basically enabling the exchange of ERC20 tokens without the need of an exchange, it sounds like the future if the future is smartcontracts everything.

You’ll get my financial support for sure, everything that gets built on the SAFE Network is well worth it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Some of your questions were available in provided documentation and previous posts but I wasn’t singling anyone out


As far as I could see, none of my questions were sufficiently answered by the OP. And still aren’t. But you have every right to single me out, or any one else here who challenges a guy pumping an ICO with no substance. But characterizing those asking real questions and expecting real answers as hostile is unwarranted and unfair.
I’m not going to single out those that blindly buy in and turn on the welcome parade music for every new ICO salesman.


I said previous posts not original post, read the whole thread.


Yep read them all NONE have satisfied all my questions. Still don’t and I don’t expect they will. But if you have any answers you can do your best and dig. Start with the glaringly obvious unanswered questions. I appreciate your efforts Nigel . Please post them here.


I said original.poster

Fyi… OP is Original Poster not original post


Feel like this is getting personal? Getting OT.
That’s Off-Topic.


It’s fine we expected hostility. Some people can’t accept an answer in any form hence people still think of Bitcoin as a ponzi and the safenetwork as vaporware. Our best chance is to prove them wrong and use their distrust as motivation to reward people that believe in the team and our project.


You asked us if we are doing something like Shapeshift which I gave you an appropriate answer. I clarified more about team and our background experience and said that more will come if the CEOs of companies we worked for wanted to help let us post about our experience with them or vice versa.

I even offered a skype call to help clarify things better. I understand you don’t like us or our project and told you that you don’t need to participate and disclose that like any crowdsale there are risks involved. We didn’t attempt to pump it by promising anything.

The crowdsale will have escrows from notable members of the crypto community. We even contacted the maidsafe team for escrow, but they were too busy and denied. The point of escrow is to check progress and verify that we are on track and also gradually releasing funds after an expenses report is submitted with accurate details, so we aren’t spending the crowdsale taking a vacation.

We also responded to all the technical questions so far. If we are still “a guy pumping an ICO with no substance” then you have a really high standard and this isn’t meant for you. Challenge us regarding the technical side of the project and we can prove our experience that way as well. If you still have a problem you are entitled to your opinion, but I will stop replying it’s getting out of proportion.


All I’m saying is, this isn’t a “polite question” it’s more like a demand. I get that it’s meant to be challenging but at the same time keep in mind that
politeness is a protocol, implement it.


Awesome to see a new exchange being developed and woot you’re Canadian. “Resetted” is not a word. What you want is something like “Safenetwork testnets are reset frequently.” You might want to get yourself a proof reader for your whitepaper and website.


Thank you. Not sure how that got past my radar . :slight_smile:


That’s why you get a proof reader. :smile:


We are working with a company in Montriel for that, but they are working on another task so the matter of the whitepaper is being delayed.


Very interesting project :slight_smile:


Lol… dont worry its not personal i was just trying to clarify that I was not just referring to the original post, as you implied. I had in fact given consideration to all the original posters responses. Hope that helps.


With multisig you solve the double spending problem and I think it’s a must have for the first release.

Also I miss distinctiveness compared to other exchange projects. Maybe you can start with Litecoin/Ethereum exchange icw Lightning/Raiden network, then you have the fastest Exchange in the Crypto Currency space… :slight_smile: