NVO Decentralized Exchange - Crowdsale


This thread is a good example of why I prefer face-to-face business (though its harder to raise 3m that way!).


guys is https://blockchain.info/ compatible to recieve nvot. my bitcoin address is on https://blockchain.info/ ???


@BIGbtc @whiteoutmashups

You could have said that you wanted to be part of the adventure from the beginning, it was not worth tackling like this, I am very open minded, in addition I always had good relations with the Asian community, even in my country I have associates who come from Chenzen.
Algeria has always worked very well with asia, for proof in not long there will be a project of 4000MW of solar panels in Algeria, it will be realized with my Asian associates.
But there is something you need to understand, I do not want to have developers known just to inspire confidence in the project, if that was the case, we would have recruited from blockstream because the majority of the bitcoin Core developers come from there. Instead, we want to give the chance to developers regardless of their fame, as long as they have talent.
I would also like to specify something, you see NVO as a centralized project, but it is not, it will work in a decentralized way, just like the bitcoin core. The holders will have the ability to vote, to let the community decide.
Look at what is happening with the UASF debate, it is enough that the nodes give their agreements and signal that they support it to adopt the change.
Once everything is in place, and NVO is launched, if the community decides to no longer want me as a developer, I would go, the community has a right to look at everything.
That is why once the project is launched, it will be entirely open source, if someone has solutions to propose better than mine, he will be free to propose them and apply them.
I ask you to see it as the bitcoin, non-governmental, managed by its users.


You can but it is complicated to recover the private key, it would be easier to use https://wallet.counterwallet.io/


About www.veserus.com , i reopened the platform, you can register and login, but be warned not to send funds, the platform is still under development, also, the platform is slow as it is still hosted on servers with low I/O score.


Wow. I was excited to invest in NVO but after seeing the developers’ discussion here and experiencing my own problems with the wallet software (alpha I know), I’m out.

PS: If anyone knows how to recover ethereum from a 12 word seed, PM me :wink:


I assume the approach would have something to do with creating a proxy token to power the DEX.


It’s a demo not an alpha. When the alpha wallet and validator are out I will shoot you a DM.


So I used LTC for the crowdsale…hour ago, many confirmations. My NVO balance for LTC still shows 0. Am I missing something? https://live.blockcypher.com/ltc/address/LbUeEHDeKhATVmbGSBjDDL5wgdeWGJeqPN/


Seems I need to wait a bit longer before concern:


Usually the balances are updated once an hour, can you please join on slack : https://nvoinvite.herokuapp.com/


I wonder if it might be possible in a year or two to create plugin for NVO that could actually do ICO crowd-sales by utilizing an ICO contract (like ethereum does) and then creating and storing blockchain data on SafeNet via datachains. Would perhaps simplify ICO process because the ICO would automatically be on an exchange for trade and company wouldn’t have to worry about getting coin onto an exchange - two birds with one stone.

Actually in thinking about it … instead of a traditional kind of plugin system, maybe just a contract-like system where the contract is stored on SafeNet in an immutable manner that the NVO exchage access and processes.

If NVO app itself is stored on SafeNet in immutable way that would give a lot of security for the system.


i appreciate the idea, thanks a lot. The problem is that it would be an utopia to invest on an ico with anonymous organisers, this is why there is the escrow system, i would be against releasing this on NVO. Most of the coins are already doing it, instead they could make a plugin to bridge their ICO to NVO which may turn to their project plugin.


Yes it’s absolutely doable. Doesn’t need for the exchange/validator to be up to get this started.


Hey @tonbi so tokens will be distributed on counterparty correct? What are the plans for exchanges?


Bittrex is ideal until our exchange rolls out


In registering for this ICO and imputing my public Bitcoin Address key, I see it gave me a bunch of return addresses for various crypto currencies. I did not recall seeing a specific amount and wondered what to do next. I could not find any details to this on the NVO website on some percentage figures relating to returns. I discovered the ‘Slack’ NVO forum dealing with this and discovered that you give money to NVO. What you put in is proportional to what you get back. They said “there is no minimum or maximum I believe” - “I believe”???

NVO: “50% of fees. Proportional in that if 1,000 invested and you have 100 invested, you would get back 10% of the 50% from user fees"
NVO: There is no minimum, and no maximum, however, regarding bitcoin, it is good to send more then 0.005 BTC because of transaction fees” - 0.005BTC = $13.50 USD

Me: Question on the 1000 & 100
NVO: "was just giving an example @pinball from what I understand not citing actual figures"
NVO: The token distribution is, 15M nvo tokens will be proportionally distributed to each crowdsale participant then, NVOS which is a sub token, will be sent proportionally to the amount of NVOT held by each NVO wallet the Amount of NVOS created will be equal to 50% of the fees collected, each NVOS will represent 99cent in Bitcoin you will have the ability to either exchange them for bitcoin, or keep them on a paper wallet for later use.
NVO: "from the fees 50% of 0.2% each way - proportional to your investment"
Me: "So, as with any ICO, we have to trust (with our donations) that you aren’t going to run away with the cash.
NVO: "the difference is that we have escrows who releases the funds in milestones, they won’t release 100% of the funds"
NVO: "the escrows are trusted third parties coming from the bticointalk forum.They are responcible for the funds management as long as we have an escrow agreement with them in our case, we agreed that the escrows will release the funds based on milestone model, not a full release
NVO: "it is a risk. So never invest more than you can afford to lose. Also a positive is that projects that fail, you can usually write off as a loss on your tax bill be cheaper"
NVO: "Yes, it is a protection for the participants"
Me: "Can I get an average on what most people are donating in USD?"
NVO: “you open the escrow address in blockchain.info and make up your own mind about the average”

  • I had a look on blockchain.info and was confused by the recipient info showing an average of around 30,000 to 35,000 BTC ???
    Me: “I don’t get this figure, being a newbie?”
  • No response
    Me: "So, can I then ask how much you guys on average would have donated towards this ICO?“
    NVO” “you guys”? Who"
    Me: " Sitting their typing"
    NVO: "would have donated? or what is the average donation atm?"
    Me: "atm"
    NVO: "4.7 mill raised. how many investors?"
    Me: "Got me?"
    NVO: "WUT - how many investors in total so far?"
    NVO: "Over 6k investors and over 20k registered"
    Me: "No, how much on average do people invest as a donation?"
    NVO: "lets say 6.66k investors"
    NVO: "I have no idea what you’re asking."
    NVO: "Lucky number"
    NVO: "“invest as a donation”?"
    Me: "Send for this ICO"
    NVO: "Either it’s an investment or a donation"
    Me: "Send"
    NVO: "number raised/number of investors"
    NVO: "the average is like $750"
    NVO: "assuming 6.2k investors and 4.7 mill raised"
    Me: "So, can I bounce some things I’ve seen in other wallets i.e. Jaxx and exodus?"
    First up, Jaxx = no pass key and hackable, even when not running, but computer on (apparently). Exodus, passkey, but does not stress that it should be a longer pass key. Jaxx and Exodus = not signable, like electrum. Jaxx and Exodus = complaints about using shapeshift i.e. people say fees are high, but some are willling to pay this for the hassles avoided going through exchanges and being speedy."
    NVO: "Just use Electrum for BTC"
    Me: "Yes, but you guys are going to create your own wallet like jaxx and exodus right? So, I’m just wondering if you have seen this problem and avoid them in your wallet?"
    NVO: "JAXX isn’t more hackable then any other project, you can do the same with exodus (didn’t tried, but it should be) it is just that most of the projects use a built-in database, JAXX use pouchdb (last time i checked) it is not a flaw, because your computer have to be compromised, and you need a specific tool to exploit it properly
    Me: “Okay, just relating to what people say online, which, when I as a user see, think - Avoid and then go to electrum”
  • My question relates to building as superior wallet in sync with its exchange from a money making business perspective.
    NVO: "you haven’t been reading the latest stuff on Jaxx then Unsalted SHA256 Plaintext PIN"
    Me: "So your wallet is going to be super dooper?"
    NVO: "like bradley cooper, as fly as a hooper?"
    Me: "A1 that gets the top rating? And with a team that has the passion I’m seeing out of the people working with PIV crypto. (No answer)
    Me: “I should be videoing this moment. Something to present to a business board meeting.” - No answer
    Me: "Thanks. Goodby."
    Log out
    Found NVO demo wallet and tried it on my mac - Very basic
    Log back in later
    Me: : "Are you guys the people from NVO or are people who work for Slack?"
    NVO: "Nvo lol"
    Me: "Now I’m really worrried."
    NVO: "Y"
    Other forum Member: " so now i’m curious to calculate an approximate ROI"
    NVO: "you wont get any until we see the system working"
    OFM: " i know but as an investor still good to know, there are 15million tokens correct, so 15million divided into 5million"
    NWO: “itll be like 0.01/day per NVOT, if the exchange works well and is competetive" OFM: "yeah so i calculated that the approximate price of an NVOT will be 3usd" NWO: "so you want to speculate?, I mean you could just relax and enjoy passive income" OFM: " no, speculation, just trying to figure out how much money i have to invest for a certain number of nvot, i think 3000usd for 1000nvot, very grossly, so 1000 nvots * 0.01/day, = 10usd/day, in a year that is 3650 usd, in a year i could get back investment + some extra, i'm really excited about NVO, i mean it is the first of its kind, bts is different, waves is different, but one more questiion, nvot holders will get nvos" NWO: " its the way to convert your returns in btc, via , nvos will always be $0.99”

So, tiresome to go through all of this. Why wasn’t there clear instructions as to deposit of money. why the caginess? Why the brush off in way of my questions towards the NVO wallet and no answer in the end?

Can anyone make better sense of all of this? Is this legit or a scam? $750 on average investment to receive yearly residual income? $3650 USD going to take a year to see money back and thereafter sweet money ongoing?


Here is the guide. You should decide whether this is a a scam or not before you participate.


Hi, I had to take Yani because we had to talk about recruitment for developers.

There was, but the problem is that in general, nobody reads the FAQ, if someone missed a question, you can always ask it in private, because sometimes we can not stay too long before the PC. And sometimes, there is too much activity in the general channel.


The crowdsale is nearing its end, 3days left, I would like to start the phase No2, we are looking for consulting developers to check the development specifications.

A knowledge of the solutions proposed by blockstream is greatly desired. We avoided using Ethereum for security reasons, because in case of a flaw, it would be possible to extract the funds from the wallets, which would lead to a scenario like the DAO. Waves has not yet implemented such functions.

The validator will be a wrapper around the technologies offered by blockstream, in case the technology changes, or is not sufficiently adapted, so that the validator won’t be affected and will save its versatility.

We did not want to consult directly with companies, we wanted to talk to the community first and see what they think about it, because it’s a decentralized project. I invite you to send me your resume in private message, I would contact you thereafter.

As regards to the profile :

  • Experience desired in the technologies offered by blockstream.

  • Experience in blockchain architecture.

  • Experience in software engeneering.

  • Experience in decentralized projects.

  • Open minded.

  • Supports remote work.

  • Dynamic and innovative.

The aim of this recruitment is to set up a team composed of IT devs and consultants in blockchain technologies, in order to prepare the project’s requirements, check the specifications and set up a viable roadmap in relation to development based on the objectives of the project.

Thank you for your participation.


NVO project has a lot potential and I think lots people like the idea NVO proposed and support it. NVO has my support and investment as well. It seems NVO has enough funding and can have a better way to recruit the best talented developers instead of asking for resume on this forum which the candidate’s credentials is unknown. IMO, this seems not a right way to recruit a talented people.

I have 15+ years software + hardware design experience in the high-tech industry. We ask for the resumes by asking experience designers to refer their friends with bonus if the recruitment is secured by the referral. Use the funding to hire headhunter or ask the experienced developers/friends in this field to get a referral first and filter/screen from there.