NVO Decentralized Exchange - Crowdsale


OK but any plans, thanks


Hello all, im a newb. But I put a bitcoin into NVO. Too many relatively worthless projects out there, hoping this one pans out!


If i use my Omni wallet as the address for the NVO tokens to be sent when the crowd sale finishing .
Will the tokens show up in my balances. Would appreciate some comments here , thanks.


Yes I agree we haven’t been very professional to the community, and I apologize for my behaviour. Regarding Yanni and Imed, it’s just partly miscommunication.


Any BTC address will work as long as you have the private keys.


$2 million dollars and nobody knows how this app can be safely built… I hope our community is going to be okay after this… Please be careful everyone…


Thanks you for replying my question , but will the NVO tokens show in the Omni Wallet balances as the other
coins i have do. Thanks again.


Iirc it’s going to be a Counterparty token, so it won’t show up on the Omni protocol. You’d be better off using a (the?) Counterparty wallet if you want the tokens to be visible in your wallet.


Are these tokens on poloniex?


Thanks for you answer. I did down load the counter party wallet and set it up, The only problem i have is when i enter the public address into the personal bitcoin address section on the NVO crowd sale site .The public address to send the Bitcoin to dose not appear, not sure what i have done wrong. would appreciate your help.


Can you please join our slack channel ? we manage the support from there. Thank you.

@Runswick There are other counterparty wallets, but the original one is usually the most advised.

@Sonder What do you mean ?


While I appreciate your points and your motives, I think Maidsafe have to be resigned to the fact that anyone can work on their protocol and anyone can build Apps. They want developers doing that as soon as possible. They can’t possibly be doing their own DD on all those projects as they start to emerge.

From their pov they have made it pretty clear that they don’t know these guys and can’t vouch for the fact that they can pull off what they’re promising, they don’t have time to research it all. But they also know of them through people they trust, so they are working under the assumption that they believe they can do it and they likely have good intentions.

Anyway, it’s all moot now isn’t it? They’ve raised A LOT of money. The train has left the station and Maidsafe did not choose to endorse - why would they really, there would be no win in it for them, only risk. SAFE is too important for them to take any unnecessary risks. One member of staff was good enough to probe a little in his spare time, it threw up concerns and was reassuringly critical and sceptical (inspires more confidence than circle-jerking imo). Investors need to make sure they’re happy with their choices and do their own DD.

I haven’t invested because I was leaving it until the last minute. I support the NVO team and what they’re trying to build (with my fingers crossed that it’s not misplaced), but they don’t need any of my bitcoins to get it built now, so I don’t see any need for me to buy in. Any funds I add now will only go on lambos or marketing and I’m not fan of either. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Whatever happens here, I don’t think it will reflect poorly on Maidsafe, they have not endorsed NVO and they are way too busy to be looking into other projects atm, nor do they want to turn off new developers or tarnish their new relationship with the Maidsafe Asia guys, who they do trust, and who in turn trust the NVO team. Their only play was to do exactly what they did imo.

It is what it is. Money has been raised and the ship sailed. As with all these projects some will make it and some won’t, there’s no way to know which yet and no one can shift responsibility onto innocent bystanders by vague association. Plenty of Ethereum based projects will fail, perhaps all of them, it hasn’t stopped a lot of people throwing their money at them.

I really hope the NVO team succeed… and I think they might.

Topic for off-topic discussions of SAFE and its worth/success from the NVO topic

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Topic for off-topic discussions of SAFE and its worth/success from the NVO topic

Good point Will. I think this will be closely watched by many. Hopefully in the future we can see some good come from this experience. Stay vigilant.

Topic for off-topic discussions of SAFE and its worth/success from the NVO topic

Thank you for your support, it’s really nice to read you, about the NVO project it is not the crowdsale that interests me, but find a place to put innovation, the crowdsale will propel the project.

My personal excitement is to do what everyone thinks is unfeasible, this is where I hope to succeed in innovating, will be a great personal satisfaction when I have finished. I’m an entrepreneur, but I still can be a geek. Who has not dreamed of inventing something, or of innovating something, is almost an awakening that is realized.

When it’s set up, I think I’ll finally be able to shed a tear of pride. The CTO takes care of slack, to make videos, he has a better English than me, and we work together on developement at the moment, we try to advance, and has already started looking for developers who will help us in the project.

Ton takes care of the project, he took charge of communication and marketing, he is truly at the top, I see his experience growing day by day, and I must admit that he is at the top, he is 22 And I think that many should envy him, he could do great things in the future, i am happy he is a friend and partner, and i know that he will be the best to highlight the project.

Alex, I learned to know him recently, and I can tell you that marketing side he is at the top level, that’s why today he is part of the team, he very humble and sympathetic, it is great to have his positive atmosphere.

@BIGbtc @withoutmashups
It’s not 2M, but 3M, rage it’s gonna really do me good to see you like that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow. Like I said before. Impressive raise. You are certainly trying to make those of us that don’t believe in you look foolish. But the first chapter is not yet complete. Let see how the rest of the story goes, then you can gloat.

  1. Line up your list of developers/jobs and post it here.
  2. Let see github get populated with real stuff.

Im on a short leash here but we will be watching closely.

Cant wait.


In fact, if I could be so bold, you could maybe start the hiring process by looking at some very talented and dedicated individuals here in the forum. I would encourage you to reach out to Will aka @whiteoutmashups (if he is at all interested) because he is well entrenched with Maid with Teams in Asia and Troon Scotland. This would bring some instant credibility to your fledgling org.

Just a thought and not even sure if Will would entertain that. @frabrunelle knows him well so @tonbi could get a referral as Tonbi lives in Montreal.

Think about it.

(full disclosure. Will did not put me up to this)


Sorry thanks for thinking of me but I definitely have my concerns.

Again, there’s many many teams (especially in Asia) looking at solutions for decentralized exchagnes on the SAFE Network and some whose approaches I really prefer. Won’t name them until they decide to be more public. I help where I can but in terms of my time, my 2 apps come first :slight_smile:


What you see is pure enthusiasm from an innovator to develop once crowdsale is over.


Sorry, it’s really hard to decrypt your English.