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So someone from Maidsafe rather call us scammers before trying to contact us to understand in more details of what we are trying to build. Just woke up Yanni to reply, but he is angry that not only you don’t understand what our project is about, you called us scammers.

Anyway I hope you have everything researched to backup all your statements. It takes a lot to represent a company and call people scammers. We will be replying when Yanni is up. He only slept for 2 hours so far so we can reply to your post.


@Nigel, When our project was posted we sent the whitepaper and a short summary about the project to David Irvine and asked for feedbacks. Although David himself said he hasn’t read it he said “something like this is definitely doable”. It takes a lot for someone representing Maidsafe to call everyone of us scammers and fully intend to make a big scene out of this on Twitter and on the forum.

We will be replying shortly.


I was not mistaken about what I posted.https://maidsafe.readme.io/docs/nfs-get-directory#section-response
If there is a trade, the validator will create his addresses and his private key, he will store it on maidsafe, he will keep the key of decryption temporarily the time that the trade is finished, or canceled or refused. There will be no human entity to access his key, because everything will happen at his level.
To continue with your method of reflection, the validator will be imported on each wallet, this part can not be modified because it is copied like a kind of blockchain, without being a smart contract or a website, it will be Halfway.
The validator will be distributed as a blockchain, these copies could be assimilated to the operation of a smart contract, it will have the operation of a website, because it will be interfaced on the wallets.

We chose to create a project using the Safenetwork as supporters out of respect for the project. You didn’t let us explain before broadcasting on twitter.

I have accepted SafeNet, and I really appreciate your project, but not your way of doing it, because I would simply have compiled the validator with nodejs and I really would not need to start on SafeNet. I ask you to continue the debate with me, at its outcome, I would accept your reflection whether it is negative or positive.
I had the solutions to do it without safenet, but it is the philosophy of NVO that is to use the blockchains, as well as my word has which I want that push me to do it, without forgetting the respect i have towards safenet.


Hey, firstly, I’m not representing MaidSafe, if you read my original forum post you’ll see that I said:

Secondly, by taking it personally when people criticise your project or suspect it of being a scam, you do nothing to convince anyone of the contrary. I’m willing to be convinced by technical details, and I also have an open mind that a decentralised exchange is possible. I just don’t feel that millions of dollars of funding are justified by the level of detail that you have provided so far. If we just assume that all problems are solvable by anyone, then I could start a crowdsale for ExcitingCryptoProjectX tomorrow and raise money on the promise of solving the fundamental problems of building ExcitingCryptoProjectX. However, that would obviously be ridicilous. It’d be better if I made a prototype of ExcitingCryptoProjectX, released it publicly and explained how it worked, and then started fundraising.

Maybe I was wrong to use the word “scam” in my Tweet, you could just be naïve. But the end result is the same – millions of dollars paid for no real substance.

I tweeted that, and posted this morning, because I feel that what you’re doing is at least slightly deceptive.


Ok, let me try to understand this. What type of thing is the validator? Is it a program running locally on the wallet user’s computer? A smart contract? A program running on a server somewhere?

Could you please elaborate on this part? Or just answer the first question, because I suspect by answering my first question this part might become clearer…


After seeing your activities while representing a company, I doubt the existence of a HR in maidsafe. This type of behaviour is not acceptable in any workplace, as businesses may sue for defamation when false statements are made about their businesses or reputations.

Now I doubt you are stupid enough to accuse people of being scammers when you are working for Maidsafe, so I have to think it’s Maidsafe itself that’s calling us scammers.


Again, I’m not representing MaidSafe. I am honestly “stupid enough”. I thought maybe in the wonderful decentralised society that we’re all building you would understand that I’m capable of speaking as an individual. It’s ok for people to disagree, even within the same company, and it’s ok for people to change their minds on things. Criticism and debate can only help to improve the robustness of the technology.

I am happy to engage in a technical conversation.


There’s a difference between criticism and calling people scammers, that is an accusation. Don’t underplay what you did since you are representing a company that built this community and the network we are using for our project so whatever you are saying will represent the company even if you say it doesn’t.

If you wanted to engage in a technical discussion you could have asked us properly instead of making that tweet accusing us of being scammers before we even have a chance to reply anything.


Who made these rules guys? :slight_smile: You ? :slight_smile: Some international trading law authorities? :slight_smile: Or is this some kind of cyber-samurai “fair money” play codex? :slight_smile: Are you going to sue all the world because the world does not follow some interplanetary laws established by misterious interplanetary commission? :smiley: Do you even understand what social shift is making Maidsafe? It’s pity that you have no grasp about Maidsafe culture and have started ICO on Maidsafe supporters shoulders. I guess you guys are hunting new beast called uniHorn :wink: instead of unicorn :slight_smile: .

Hope you soon leave and never come back to raise any money here.




Here are the first 10 Q&As. If you have any more question let us know so we can answer them.


I went from willing to invest 100 BTC, to 50 BTC, to 10 BTC, and now I don’t think it is even worth investing 1 BTC.
This project has red flags all over.

Good luck, I am not gonna waste more energy doing due diligence.

If I were an equity investor I would set the following condition for my investment: ditch tonbi and find a new cofounder.

No offense, but tonbi is not the right choice to lead this project.



@tonbi can you answer this question instead of trying to avoid it and ramble about the rest of the post?

Or actually also an answer to the second question in this post: NVO Decentralized Exchange - Crowdsale


Imed/Nemgun will create the validator so he will be answering all questions regarding the validator to avoid any miscommunication.


@nemgun can you answer the questions? Don’t know who Imed is, can you tag him?


It must first understand that the validator, is a sort of trinity, later the code will be open source time to get on the market, if the Christian religion has worked until now, it is thanks to its forks.

I said it’s like a blockchain, without being one of them because the blockchains offer too much information, this blockchain will have to record the encrypted data, synchronizing the wallets, and placing the orders.

Now, the second part.

It is like a small smart contract, which will send the privkey to safenet, and store the decryption key into the blockchain, let’s say that it is a smart contract that does a 2-of-2 multisig.
Like christians and the holy spirit, you feel it is present, there is a connection between you two, but you can not touch it because it is god-controlled, here it is the blockchain.

Now there is the safenet where we will store the information of jesu, the private keys, like the book of jesu, its change all the time, to add more love, to change parabola …

Whenever there is a trade, the wallet will use a part of the safebrowser to create the private keys and send them to the safenet, retrieve the decription key and save it in the blockchain.

So, now the gas can be barred, and whatever someone wants to trade with it, whether it is or not, the blockchain knows which key it is, it will all sympathy create a small smart contract that will go Recover the key and exchange.

As a result, safenet will operate as a stokage website.

I have 4 months to find a name, at the moment it’s “chrispilism”, I know it’s rotten, I’ll find something else.

It remains only the 0 conf to elaborate, and I am in the process of reflecting, I would give the raiponse soon.

I forgot a small detail, at the end of each trade, another mimi smart contract will delete the private key and decryption key, that’s where I explore the conf.


Darius, i start to get used to you, i would need sometimes to decompress and have long conversations with @BIGbtc, @Savage, @whiteoutmashups

You have a great username, it is like Darius from the underworld moovie :slightly_smiling_face:

@goindeep Let me some popcorn, i should ask Roboteddy from reddit, he would make a great movie.

@piluso You know, it is all the team who will manage the project, after all our discussions i though you will invest 10k BTC :wink: after answering so much questions you leave me behinde :cry: i will forgive if you invest 20k BTC i promise you will have a good ROI :wink: don’t forget to invite me for a :beers:

I have beard and I am Arab and brown, look at the photo, imagine oussama benladen and you will know who I am.
But you are right, we should add a picture on the website, just the time to go for a hair cut. :grin:


I must say I am with you on the investment side, always wondered how it would be possible to start an exchange on a network the in fact doesn’t exist for the public yet.


tag means putting a @ in front of his name to notify, not sure why you just explained how you looked and made some strange comparison…


What on earth…