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@tonbi I agree that if your team wants to be seen as professional you all need to take the high road and not argue with non factual trolls questions from actual hostile comments but also not feel like you’re on the defensive and argue every little comment from long standing and respectable community members. I was defending you at first because there was some initial unfair badgering but the way your team has dealt with that and conducted itself is very disappointing to say the least. There is always time to correct it though! Just all take deep breaths, start being more kind, concise, and respectful in your replies on this forum and you will see more support. Then prove you guys have the goods to bring this project home :slight_smile:


@tonbi told me in a private message that Automated trading wouldn’t be supported.

4) Would it allow automatic/bot trading/HFT?
4- No it won’t, the trades can only be done by humans. Offline trading will be supported.
Are you guys in the same page?


Ok, then how you will make exchange volume without automated market makers?
People will not have liquid book to execute orders against it and it will never take off as spreads will be HUGE and customers will can execute only micro orders without slippage on price…

I read somewhere here that portion of volume (probably 10%) will be allocated to market making activities which is done via execution of automated trading models. So how people will able to make your markets then, and how this 10% will be distributed?

Question is very important to me, because I intended to run my market making strategies.

For market making activities it’s very important to have good API and control orders resting in various limit books as fast as possible to minimize adverse selection inflow, otherwise costs of making markets will be much higher and whole 10% will be spend much less effectively, it’s not possible to make it by human…


Thank you for your reply. Be that as it may, you still have a broken link on your page, which looks sloppy. The sensible thing to do would be to remove the broken link now and put it back when the issue with LinkedIn is sorted.


Fwiw experience has taught me that valuable development doesn’t really require diplomacy.

I remember last year arguing with David Sonstebo in the BCT IOTA thread. He was going mental and calling all of his investors retards. He was making jokes about how low everyone’s iq was next to his on a daily basis, swearing and telling people to ‘fek off’ constantly, threatening users with refunds if they didn’t apologise for questioning him etc. His sidekick come-from-beyond was only a little better, and they were both capable of a lack of professionalism that would shock anyone from the business world (that thread was like a school boy playground for the best part of a year). This thread is nowhere near the same level of childishness. I agree project teams are better off staying dispassionate in the face of criticism, it is preferable, but apparently it isn’t actually necessary.

Now David and cfb have produced something useful that actually works really well, and they have successfully established some very serious business connections. I remember saying much the same as above about the project being doomed because the management was so unprofessional, I was dead wrong, this isn’t like business in the real world, it’s about writing code and making things that people value (and hyping them and connecting them to the mainstream). All I’ve seen here is evidence of passion, defensiveness and irritability, all very human characteristics and none of them really that bad in the context of writing code and making the first really user friendly DEX.

Personally I’m not actually that put off. I like that these guys have a bit of fire in them and have shown evidence of being as passionate about what SAFE offers as most of us are.

I think we got off to a bad start because things spiral when we get defensive and feel attacked. Better just to draw a line under it imo and carry on discussions about more important things than people’s current emotional state of mind.


I agree with @Jabba , and was going to say something very similar. I won’t bother now!

One question about the project. I think it will be very useful, and the fees seem reasonable. BUT do you think someone might build something with the same functions and lower (or no) fees? Maybe not soon but in the long term?


Yes fees don’t make sense to me on SAFE exchanges, especially since the best / most widely used types will be completely decentralised trading protocols that enable truly p2p transactions


Wish you’d all stop bickering and just get on with it


Great post. I agree with you 100% and have similar experiences with neophytes​. IMO this is a very different case. The issues​ here include behavior that could be written off to inexperience and age but the other issues of integrity and deception remain. Even some early ardent supporters are now questioning their early support.

The claims that because they have money now everything will be fine are indicative of desperate and inexperienced minds.

I respect your opinion but completely disagree with the parallels made.


I quoted my answer to that question for reference.

Are you talking about this :

@Sascha We removed the link.

Yes it is possible that someone build a DEX with low fees, but i don’t think that we will see 0 fees DEXs, at least not for now as it still requires a lot of expances as it depends on the DEX’s running model, is it a blockchain or not, what type of blockchain it is or on which blockchain it relies.
Need less to talk about the other expences like marketing, management, support …

It will entirely depend on the DEXs model.


Thanks for your reply regarding fees. Are the fees going to be used for some sort of market maker to raise liquidity?

It seems your fees will be competitive for now. If in the future DEXs were tending towards zero fees, yours could become noncompetitive. Do you think you would be able to raise revenue by another means. Perhaps by offering additional services of some sort from within the wallet? (I guess you wouldn’t consider putting advertisements in the wallet?)


@nemgun @tonbi
My concern is that you guys are constantly mentioning about volumes and yet I am not hearing the right answers.

You guys keep answering with metrics that are peripheral to the core needs for traders and assumptions that are you seem to believe to be “obvious” without concrete validation of such assumptions.

My feeling right now is that eventually you guys might stumble upon the successful formula, but by accident.

Let me rephrase my previous questions in a more concrete manner: do you guys know what a SWOT analysis is?
If you did it one, can you share your SWOT analysis?


At the moment I am seeing NVO not so much as a platform for ‘day trading’, but as a very good option for ‘Over The Counter’ buying and selling. Is this a fair perspective?
By the sounds of it it may transition towards a day trading platform if everything falls into place in the future?


I think that is what it is, practically.


And that is exactly why I invested.

I’m sorry for being rude. I just really wanted to get back on topic.


It wasn’t our intention to turn it in to a fight or show any disrespect to the community. Opinions expressed were just that and do not reflect on the development of the project. I apologize if we offended our supporters. I am glad our team has some ego to defend our project, but you will not see any more of that as NVO is no longer just our project and will represent our supporters and users as well.

Nonetheless, I am glad the only problems we are having with the project is an immature fight.


It’s possible we can do high speed trading, but it’s not easy and we can’t say yes right now. We haven’t ended all the tests and just have 100k tps per second and have to find another strategy. If we want to activate high velocity trading we need to secure 0 conf and its not easy nor does it exist. Imed can try creating a solution but have to run more tests.

Imed does have an idea though and it’s really interesting. Basically the idea will cater only to the people that really need high speed trades and won’t be used by everyone. We have to test it first.

Ultimately, i think we can get really flexible. There’s always a method it’s just the matter of security. Thanks to our plugins system we can separate different people needs. So a normal trader might not need these features but someone like you may and they can simply install the plugin. Will have to see, but it’s definitely in our to do list. We will be updating this answer fairly soon so if you wait few more days we may have a solid answer.


How much raised so far, guys?


Its across the top of their website: https://nvo.io/


I participated in the crowdsale with Dash sending them from Jaxx but I’d like to receive the tokens in MyEthereumWallet.com. I’ve written support with no answer. Who can I ask? Thank you


NVO tokens will be issued as CounterParty tokens, not Ethereum tokens. You can’t receive them to an Ethereum address. Your tokens will be sent to the Bitcoin address you submited.
Please join us on slack for more support : https://nvoinvite.herokuapp.com/