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Well, most people also invest in the people behind a project, which is I think a very big reason that Maidsafe still has supporters and backers. It’s not the people that ask questions who need to satisfy you, but you need to to satisfy your potential customers/investors.


That’s true the people are the most important in any project. This is why we set up the videos, so everyone can see the people especially the developers behind it. Feel free to ask questions you want us to answer.


I just invested in this project and I saw this message… Now I’m very afraid of this project…


Back to technical discussion:
If the orders can be fulfilled fast, why aren’t you planning to allow APIs for bots?
If you recognize that btc-e and poloniex volumes are from automated trading, isn’t it incongruent to be seeking high volumes by not enabling the very thing that enables volume?


I was remembering the dot.com buble, back in 2000.
People were investing in anything, just in case that company was the next unicorn.
Now I feel the same with altcoins,
After losing bitcoin timing, I have bought a lot of others altcoins.
That’s the reason I’ll allocate some on this project too. Just small money you don’t mind losing it. Just in case…


Yes, automated trading and bots support are on the validator’s development roadmap, the objective is to enable HVT (high velocity Trading), i may have a solution, but it is too early to talk about it, the first step is to implement the validator and to retreive clear informations about its TPS (trade per second) rate. For now, i used a portion of the validator, and i made a test on a VM, in a development environment, it crashed at ~100k TPS, the computer used to run the test have 16 CPUs. The TPS objective is situated around 2M, as some bots can handle 1000 TPM or more (transaction per minute). A higher TPS could bring a new generation of bots with higher speed. When poloniex bots and other exchanges are activated, it becomes practically impossible to trade due to the low level of TPS of the different platforms.

@Lackys I am sorry for not been able to convince you, if you want your investment to be refunded, we talked about that with the escrows, and it won’t be possible untill the end of the crowdsale, in order to do so, you should join us on slack and register a demand there. Sorry for not being able to satisfy you and reassure you.


@tonbi told me in a private message that Automated trading wouldn’t be supported.

Are you guys in the same page?


That’s pretty awesome @nemgun . This shows something. Nice.


Yes for now it won’t be supported, we still can’t give final position regarding this point.
Don’t forget that the plugin system will be adapted to the demand of the users, which means that someone could release a bot to realise such operations, and the validator have to be able to support it. The real inconvenient of the HVT is that it slows the platforms, it all depends on the exchanges ressources and it is still complicated. On NVO it must be fluid, there can not be blocking because everything is independent. At least there won’t be fake volumes on a decentralized exchange, which means no manipulation.


Are you planning to offer binary options in NVO?
What about just plain old options and futures markets?


As a plugin, yes, not directly from NVO. As of now, there are no real Binary Options platform who doesn’t fake the signals, a friend contacted me today and introduced me someone interested into binary options.

Binary options have to be legal, and it can’t really be decentralized, and the plugins can be centralized as it is meant to provide services to the users.


It’s clear from this thread that NVO is obviously actually the NWO. …I’m kidding.

I have a question, that I know the answer to pretty much, but want to confirm. The crowd sale instructions, about using a Bitcoin address you own the private keys to, are very wordy, and what I’m getting from it is that Omniwallet is perfectly sufficient to use for such a Bitcoin address, provided that you do indeed control the private keys for it. (I have further questions regarding Omniwallet’s retrieval of private key information, particularly regarding earlier versions of the site’s bitcoin address generation, but I’ll save that for another thread or ask a friend.) I just don’t see the word Omniwallet used anywhere in the descriptions, and even this entire thread (I think) has not one mention of Omniwallet. Said wordiness makes me feel like the crowd sale page is trying to convey something I don’t already know. Hopefully if someone “answers” this, it also helps other weirdos like me. Thank you!

I haven’t read a couple hundred replies, but I’m not sure what the fuss is about. If it works it works, if it doesn’t it doesn’t. Happy to drop some coins on this.


Im soooo glad i stayed away from this one.
Something just didnt feel right.

To the nvo crew.
Maybe stop slating long term supporters?
Who do you think has been keeping the lights on?
You bring nothing to maidsafe until you have a working product, if you ever do.


Thanks :slight_smile:


[quote=“bones, post:521, topic:13608”]
Im soooo glad i stayed away from this one.
Something just didnt feel right.
[/quote]It won’t be too long to see the results. Something just didn’t feel right is a good enough reason why our project will fail.

What is this supposed to mean? Our DEX will benefit cryptocurrencies community. We have 20,000 users and 6,000 participated in the crowdsale so far. Those users will end up using and testing the wallet which will ultimately translate to exchange users.


@Tonbi - Please stop arguing like a child. You’re a big boy now - a CEO, no less. Your posts are full of wounded pride, hurt feelings and being offended by somebody doubting your project. If you’re not a developer, at least try acting like a responsible face to the outside world. And proof-read your posts. If you’re able to, proof-read the HTML on your website. (The link to Yanni Bragui’s LinkedIn profile is still broken. If there is no profile, remove the link.) You’re not here to defend your honor. Your job is to represent a company and, if possible, organize some aspects of it.

I have invested a little something in NVO because I believe in the project and I don’t want some ill-tempered kid to screw it up. If you don’t like a comment, ignore it. Schoolboy rhetoric like “Please reflect on your attitude if…” and “What is this supposed to mean?” has no place in the business world.

An investor


This is the the type of hostility that is making us rethink our participation on this forum. We are looking for valid questions to answer about this project not personal and childish attacks on us.


No disrespect intended, but you clearly dont grasp the context of what i was trying to communicate.
I am not sure how you intend to answer, not that one was wanted, if you dont understand the statement.

It means exactly what it said.
I could not have been clearer.


I don’t think the forum itself is the issue here. You would most likely get the same responses and questions anywhere else, including personal insults and attacks. But if you feel that leaving this forum will make things better for you or your project then by all means find a new place to discuss NVO and it’s crowdsale.


Yes, this is because any Bitcoin address can be used, and the NVO token will be made on counterparty, not Omniwallet. Regarding the private keys, you can use Omnicored as a normal Bitcoind daemon and dump the private key.

I understand what you say here, and you are right, it is because of the interventions of BIGbtc, withoutmashups and savage that the thread is always on top. The abuse of good things, leads to catastrophe.

I appreciate the questions of piluso as they are about the topic.

Yes, LN closed the account of yani as he gave access to Ton (to fine tune it), once yani connected in Algeria, they sent him an email saying it is a break in their TOS, we are still unsure about what will happen to the account.

On BTCT and HF we haven’t got as much issues, i am a member of the BTCT community, and everything went well, we had some troubles on reddit, but i don’t really use it, and on safeforum, but nothing harmfull, it is normal. SafeForum community have a different vision compared to the other communities, it is like when i first met Ton, we were disputing 3-4 times a day, but now, we form a good team.