NVO Decentralized Exchange - Crowdsale


Thats rhetorical? I can only hope.


Yes Savage, it is just to explain.


I understand, my suggestion is bare in mind that not everyone who reads these threads have in depth knowledge of the projects development and may take such examples as fact :wink:


Wowzer. I’ve just seen how much you’ve raised so far! Bloomin’ heck! Congratulations. It looks like you’re going to be pretty well funded.



I’m an investor in MaidSafe. Is become apparent that some in the community, including @nicklambert and @dirvine and others have faith in you and your team. How this can be shocks me and should anyone following this thread. You have made a mockery of MaidSafe and the hard work of many involved. I see a display of complete and utter nonsense by you and your associates. Maybe this was your plan nemgum… and ton and the other guy was your pawn. This is bs and will not serve to advance MaidSafe.

Keep posting dude.


I do offer to introduce ICO feature to withdraw funds from ICO ;-). for the people who might wrongly made decision to invest :wink: in you guys. If your investors are 100 % with you guys after recent posts there is nothing to be scared of ;-).


To be fair Darius investors should do adequate homework before parting with their money.
The problem with ico’s is greed and it makes people blind.


Ah look, there are some prior projects from this dreamteam:



Nice catch @poltergeist Evidence numgun was involved in setting up NVO but used ton and other guy to get passed scrutiny. Sad when you got to rely on bitcointalk heros to do DD.

My fav from Polo to nemgum: “We have no affiliation with this coin at this time. Your use of our logo in your Pre-ANN implies otherwise. Please remove our logo from this ANN and from any other promotional materials immediately.” Must have been another “confusion” .


So far they have raised enough to succeed I think. So regardless of whether things go well from this point on, I think it’s fair for us to all expect results in due time. I don’t think scrutiny is at all unfair but I myself am picky of how it’s done. @poltergeist laid out sources and that I truly appreciate and @Savage is absolutely correct that homework or due diligence is essential. I did put in a small amount that I was comfortable losing with doing a small amount of poking around.

All that said, I hope the NVO team and its third party escrows, and coin payments endorsement, will be enough to bring this all to fruition while respecting this community/investors.


Yani asks you to see the video on suicidecoin.cf, really funny.

The BlumedToken was important to me, and i removed it 3-4 days after announcing it.

I wanted to provide a decentralized Binary options platform, this is why i said that a i have a part of the validator as i never stoped working on this project, i wanted to draw inspiration from IQoptions (forbiden in USA).

Suicidecoin was a creation of Yani, he had a child, he was looking for funds, he asked me for a market in Algeria and i told him there isn’t, i introduced him to bitcointalk, and i told him that he can work on wallets compiling while he was looking for a job, and i think that his situation isn’t funny for anyone.

To get more customes, he released a project in 24H to show his capacities, a funy project. Even the premine haven’t been dumped, it wasn’t the objective (<1%). The idea was good, but he had customers after that, and had been forced to stop the development of suicidecoin, i also brough him to Veserus.

The coin is still listed and he will still work on it on his free time.

I warned you to stay polite, and ask questions about development, and not behave like a pretentious troll while you do not know anything.
It is the last time that I answer you whatever the nature of your questions, because you are very bad and desertable, and you play the evil one trying to understand human relations, between me my CEO and Yani, and I have already said that I do not work with this team to make money, my real interest in this system is the plugin system because eventually I could build countless projects around NVO.
No you do not support MaidSafe at all, at least NVO has had the ability to rebroadcast SafeNet around the world of cryptocoin, while you do play the housekeeper who speaks too much, all the questions that we are asked are about the existence of SafeNetwork, everyone tells us that they have been working for years and nothing yet, they say they have done a crowdsale and always Nothing, a lot of people said, how you can build something, on a network that does not exist, and that will not exist apparently.
There is a lot of feedback like that, on private message, on skype, on conferences, on forums, by email and even slack.
Now a question, what are you used to in the world of MaidSafe? You just invested a little money and you wait until the SafeNet is launched so that the coin is pumped and you dump it afterwards? Or would you just like to be the pseudo SafeNetwork guard dog ? So if tomorrow someone wants to start a project on SafeNet you’re going to forbid it to do so is it ?
You do not realize how you react, and what the negative posture you bring to this forum, I think you really should go to study and learn a minimum of knowing how to live, and to learn How to deal with people.

I wonder if Dirvin is going to post a message, I would much appreciate your reaction and your change of discourse: "Sir Sir, I only asked questions, I thought you would like it, I really believe in their project, And I even posted a nice thing look! "

I respect your opinion and appreciate your honesty, and I appreciate your support. Sorry if our answers were not suitable for you, but this insulting is not obvious. But I have always responded to developmental problems which is the only time I feel in my element.

I thank you for your support, do not make yourself for your investment, even if for you it has no great significance, but for us it is the duty to preserve our commitments.


Unhappy :frowning:

This distasteful thread taking over our forums… For a whole month… :stuck_out_tongue:


I also don’t care for this eye for an eye business :persevere: feeling like this is a back and fourth smear campaign.


Nothing impolite here. Flag my posts if you feel Im rude. These are all fact. My opinion of your project should not matter to you. What should matter to you is the opinion of your investors and fans here. Dont waste time on me.


Yeah, but IMO this is the crap everyones gotta go through to learn. Lots of very valuable information being shared here. Not previously available to noob investors, or anyone really. Maybe the next team that comes here pumping an idea and looking for money may get a different reception if they cannot demonstrate competency or show respect for the community.


We are called mystics
Malice is our enemy
We bear no grudges towards anyone
The whole world is one to us

We take our leave of this world
Peace to those who stay
Those who don’t know us won’t know us
Peace to those who do


Originally, we did offer that option however, our escrows didn’t want to do it.


So far I don’t see any valid concern regarding the technical execution of the project just attacks on imed’s communication skills. Yanni is french and Imed is from Algera. They speak many languages and Imed speaks 3. He tries to post here to communicate with everyone about this project.

If you are going to attack the project at least make some valid techical concerns, so we can reply and answer them. We are actually looking forward to answer any technical question for our videos…

As a team we have to trust each other in delivering on each person side of the project. Yanni and Imed will be development. I will be handling general execution of the project. I am a big supporter of Maidsafe, but that is not my role to say what Imed and Yanni should do to fulfill their responsibilities. Although I do push they use the Safenetwork, but as they said if it takes too long it will be a problem, and they will have to be flexible about it because afterall it’s still their responsibilities. Anything other than the safenetwork will be used as a backup plan.

Feel free to post questions now so we can do the videos answering them. I encourage you guys post questions that reflect on the technical side of the project because those are the best questions, but we will answer any.


I see lots of valid concerns with the technical execution but every valid question is answerred with more jibberish and incomprehensable combination of words. After that, if someone is not satisfied with the answer, the tone changes and suddenly everything is an attack, threat, insult, provocation etc.


You are imposing your opinions on the team. Those aren’t questions about our project. Please ask valid ones so we can have them as reference for all supporters on our Youtube channel. People don’t care about why you think we are incompetent because your opinions are not valid in a place dictated by facts. They care about what makes the platform secure and things like that which is much more important in the crypto world as they can be verifiable.