NVO Decentralized Exchange - Crowdsale


I am not a designer or even a great one. I just know where and how to find people suitable for the project.


I’m interested to hear more about how you plan to manage customer support, and how does being decentralized affect this plan?

Poor / slow customer support seems to be one of the main issues users are facing with current exchanges. It’s also one of the main issues exchanges are facing, since it’s hard to find people to fill this role.

Bitstamp Please note that current response times are longer than usual.

Poloniex Heightened activity and new users mean more support tickets and man-hours spent resolving them.


There are a lot of ways to provide support, i personally want to use them all, BTCT, SafeForum, Slack, Reddit, Zendesk …


Those are platforms. It’s how you use then that counts.


I understand, a part of the collected fees will go to a “black wallet” which will be used for several purposes, one if them is to refund users who suffered a loss due to NVO.

30% will go to the marketing
30% for the Dev Team
10% Black Wallet
10% will go to the plugin system
20% will be the benefit of NVO

These are approximative numbers, they are used here for information only. Because between a timide developer, an angel CEO, and a bad boy with a very bad english, so Alex (coinpayments) could be a good model for NVO and a great marketing manager, as he managed to get 200k users on his platfor, so i believe he will do a great job in this field, he could also manage the support communications between the users and the Team.


I would like to let you know that Yani and I will realise a video to answer people’s questions. It would be better to aswer your questions rather then our own questions, so, could you please ask us questions ?


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could you please join slack ?


For now we are managing the support there.


I think it would be great to have all conversation and information about NVO in one place, like a blog, a forum and some kind of chat on nvo.io itself. As it is now I’ve been pointed to Slack, Safenetforum, Discord, Medium and Bitcointalk (where I can’t even post without paying a fee). I find this confusing and impractical. If the same information is copied to Facebook or Google+ or wherever, that’s ok too, but there should be one central place for all communication and for answering all questions.


I think @Sascha is right @tonbi & @nemgun, its probably time to have your own forum. No criticism here - it’s more convenient for me not to have yet another forum and just follow this topic - but you have the funds now for Discourse and in the long run it will help for there to be one place with all the Q&A and ideas. I know it takes a bit of time to set up though.


Yeah or at least hidden topic here so it doesn’t always shadow all other topics here maybe

Also wondering if nvo plans to help MaidSafe in any way, seeing as how they rely on it 100% and they’re on track to raise more money than MaidSafe ever has (at $2m USD total estimate)


Impressive $ raise so far and an equally unimpressive display of braggadocio by the NVO team. Lets hope this endorsement pays off for Maidsafe.


@Sascha @happybeing @whiteoutmashups @BIGbtc

Excellent idea, and for sure you are right, the forum idea is great, the original idea was based on a zendesk support with chat in order to provide a knowledge base with a faq and live support to the users.

Yes for sure, NVO’s objective is to work with all the project, in earlier posts, i said that once the validator is done, i will require a permission from maidsafe to participate into the development and help them.

You forgot the plugin system, in the early stages we will have implement ot plugins of the other projects ourselfs.

The crowdsale is a success because a lot of participants know they will have a return from the DEX, and the token’s marketcap could easily make it to 500M-600M in 3 months as it will depend on the volume coming to the platform.

Personally, i would like to release the full platfrom before January 2018.


I hope you know more than us about the chances of a stable SafeNetwork being available in 6 months.
It seems that may be the case.
Problem is delivery dates and expectations thereof have a thorny history here.


I know that MaidSafe is working since three years, but NVO won’t need 3 years to deliver, and have to be ready in 6 months, after the crowdsale we will finish the full specifications of the NVO DEX, and will do all the remeaning research in the same time, which will require 15-20 days, untill there, everyone would have received their tokens, and the team owuld get the first milestone. 50% will go to Ton, and 50% will go to Yani.
Ton will amortise a portion of the marketing, and will setup the administration side, marketing, design, support.
Yani and I will recruit some developers and assign them the different tasks as we would have done the working dashboard, with the research results as a developer have to do a minimum of research before working on a project to get damiliar with the tools he will use, that will save time for the development, for sure we will listen to the developers regarding the possible improvement ideas and issues.

An API documentation needs 1 to 2 months to be redacted, the team will have to follow the timeframe of the documentations, Yani will work on the wallet with the designers and implement the features on the go, he will have to communicate with the API developer(s), I will work on the validator, and another dev who will implement the different coins with their assets.

Meanwhile, Ton will be in charge of the support and will take care of the communication, he will also work with the designers to get a fluid and clear design.

Alex will take care of the NVO promotion as we are at 99% sure that he will be the marketing manager and will work with Ton.

After the 1-2 months of intencive work, i will spend 1 week watching drangon ball, marvels, drinking beer and sleeping, as i will need to recover :slight_smile: (i am sorry for this off week but need to have some rest)

After that, we will proceed to the tests and fine tuning during 21 days, the operation’s duration will be about 4 months. From there i think that our team will be heated enough to support MaidSafe and help them.
The development fees will be taken care of by NVO, not MaidSafe as all the projects supported by NVO. As we don’t know about the financial situation of the different teams.
It is in the interest of NVO to help all the communities as this is what will bring the volume in the future, and MaidSafe could see and evaluate our skills after these 4 months.


Thanks @nemgun I appreciate the answer but to clarify I was not questioning your development schedule or your ability to have a working product in 6 months.

My question is what happens if you complete your project and in 6 months time for whatever reason we experience a gap in alphas or tests or (beta if I’m hopeful) and there is simply no way to run your validator on the SafeNetwork for a period of weeks or more.

Do you simply switch to another platform or do you wait it out?

I would assume the chances of that happening are highly unlikely but life happens and we are in a gap right now… a pretty big one.


The objective is to finish the development in 4 months, and enhance the workflow of the team and its efficiency.
Once it is done, we will offer to help MaidSafe using the team’s capacities. I am pretty sure that we can solve the issues, i have knowledge about rust and know some skilled devs in that field, if we can form a good team i am confident that we will solve the issues in about 2-4 months.

I know that there are always issues, i don’t develop to get stuck, i do it to get to a result, and all my weaknesses helped me to bring results from projects i launched into my carreer.

If MaidSafe refuses our help, we will have to see other projects like radix, and if we still can’t find partners, i will develop our own decentralized storage network and decentralized computing network.

We can’t play with the investor’s money. you know, a lot of ICOs doesn’t use milestones, while NVO does. Money can drive you crazy, and developers can start partying after the crowdsale and become scammers in the end while their intentions was originally honest. NVO will use the funds to create a suitable working environment, and will party only once the last milestone is delivered and meet each other. And this will be done only one month after the delivery of the last milestone in order to check for the sanity of the system.

In order to let you understand the vision of NVO, the team will have to remain firm on the deadlines, and deliver the project in a maximum of 10 months if SafeNet isn’t delivered and will have to find all the sollutions.

In my mind state, i see the thing as a large industrial project, it is like having an avenue with a huge traffic jam issue, and i have to solve it in 10 months, i had the funds and my investors regarding the sollution to the problem, which will let the local projects of the avenue to florish (altcoins integrated to NVO). Even if anything have to be created to make it possible, it will have to be done, i noticed that a lot of people on the forum had issues with a guy who leaved safenet after the crowdsale which causes loyalty issues, i don’t know much about this history. In order to answer this question (either direct or indirect) about the loyalty of NVO, you must know that NVO have to be loyal towards its idea, because without the idea there would be no investor, and NVO must respect the deadlines, then NVO have to respect the investors as they trust NVO and 99% of them wants a rapid return. NVO must be loyal to is positions, which says that we will implement the validator on SafeNet, NVO have to be aware that SafeNet is a wonderfull project, but it is first of all a service as when NVO will host the validator on SafeNet it will have to pay the farmers, so it is a service.

So regarding the loyalty of NVO towards SafeNet, NVO will offer to help MaidSafe as soon as it is possible, without forgeting its other loyalty regarding the investors, if MaidSafe refuse, NVO iwll have to find a different sollution and quickly.
If NVO engages with them, i am sure that we will solve the issues in about 2-4 months, and i am aware of what i am saying.


“Keeping the dialogue going will reveal more than is possible to know about any team…”

Appears that the @maidsafe team will get some unsolicted support


Yes the most brought up question is generally people lack of trust in the Safenetwork and Maidsafe. I assume this is mostly because of their past investments. Saying we are going to use Safenetwork scares people. I hope imed’s answer is sufficient.


Definitely no lack of trust in either with me!

But an understanding that where there is no road sometimes it takes longer.

That said, I’m confident that they will have a network for you and everyone else and that a gap like this is unlikely to happen again.
My hope is that you dont advertise using the SafeNetwork to raise funds and then make a decision to go elsewhere later.
To my knowledge Maidsafe is making no guarantee that there will be a network when you finish your project, that’s the grey area.
(But they may be… is what my original post refered to)
Anyway good luck, I hope it all works out :slight_smile: