Number of people using alpha2

I didn’t come across any post with stats like the number of registered IP or users using alpha2. Is there any stats like this out there that someone can point me to?

I am just curious to know how many people were excited enough about alpha2 and cared to install and use the browser.


I don’t know either was keen to find out the same thing!

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I know there was a live network status page which showed live nodes a while back. Not sure what happened to it though.

I downloaded the browser but am not smart enough to use it. If there is an easy to read tutorial I would be keen to give it a go. If not I’ll leave it to the technically inclined

1.-Download and install software browser.
2.-Run the browser
3.-Press create account
4.-Press continue
6.-A new Tab must open in your standard Browser. Press logo
7.-In Choose Testnet press Alpha-2
8.-In ALPHA2 press UPDATE IP
9.-Copy your Invite Token
10.- Go to SAFE Browser
11.-Paste your Invitation Token and press continue
12.-Create your Account Secret (both times) and press continue
13.-Create your Account Password (both times) and finish.

Test some Safe page:

Done. Its hard to explain that do it.


Short and to the point video.


Thanks to you and digipil. I will have a go in the morning. Fingers crossed

Yes, I published such a safe site in past test networks, until testnet 16. To do that, I needed 3 things that are not available anymore in alpha 2:

  • running my own node

  • a message to get list of node ids (MessageContent::RoutingTableReques for reference)

  • free posts offered by Structure Data

I will see what I can do when users will be allowed to run their own vaults again. Second point could be worked around by launching a set of nodes covering all the sections. For a network with a few hundred nodes, I have calculated that 4 or 5 nodes should be enough (but forced relocations due to node ageing will be a problem). Third point could be bypassed with a web site on clear net.

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I know over 325 people have “Set the IP” in the process to use the Alpha 2 Network. That doesn’t mean 325 people are actively using it but that many accessed it at some point or at least that’s what I’m guessing.

Who’d go through the whole process of claiming an invite and then setting your IP not to at least try it once?


Hi there,

i’ve tried setting up by taking these steps but after a while that the program tries to register me on the SAFE network it comes up with a red:
Core error: Unexpected: Could not connect to the SAFE Network

… already made a couple of attempts with the same results.

Would be great if someoene could help by pointing out a way to get through it since I’m quite curious to see how the browser works!

Check than your IP is updated.
If yes, and still fail, check your firewall.

thank you for the reply!
ok, i’ve made sure that the ip’s match, downloaded again the latest version opened the firewall to the safe-browser and allowed incoming connections but the problem persists.
I’m working on a mac so have the browser for OS …

any ideas how to better analyse or proceed?

What are the errors you are getting? In SAFE Browser go to File | Show SAFE logs | Authenticator log and copy and paste the resuts here.

Can we please get the live network status page up again? Would be great as a visual tool. @maidsafe

It was not a tool of Maidsafe, but of a member on this forum

And I think its Good that status pages that map the network cannot be made, because if it could then the network is not truly anonymous and has failed as such.

I too would love to see some sort of status page, but as the network grows the only status that will be possible will be that of your local section/group since the node can see that, but again that will be limited and has to be seen as an indication of the network as a whole.

Wouldn’t alpha 3 which doesn’t have vaults, but only routing nodes be enough?


ok, tried again - to get the log - but with a new and updated IP it worked!
now able to use the browser, thank you!