Number of people interested in SafeNetwork


Thank you very much for the link… Even though I did not find any chart, interesting numbers for me are these:
Total users: 4 021
New users last 7 days: 71
New users 21 days before: 185 (ca. 62 p.w.)

  • We can simply calculate that last month (excluding last week), the community has grown by 1,57 % p.w., it means by 124,8 % p.a.
  • Last week the weekly growth went up to 1,76 % p.w., therefore 147,7 % p.a.
  • If we were accelerating in the similar pace, we could easily grow by 2,5 % p.w. in a month, therefore making community gains by more than 260 % p.a. If we can hold this trend, we can be in the boom soon!

Even though it’s still not as quick gain of community base as in the case of other working crypto projects, I feel, we are slowly gaining momentum. What do you think?


It ebbs and flows. We will see something more meaningful when we have something solid to promote, but the big change will be farming real SafeCoin.


As you say happybeing, I also expect the biggest gains at the few weeks after the launch. At the same time, there will be biggest investment risk in that time. My plan is to sell 1/5 of my coin holdings right before the launch.


what risk are u talking about?


never saw this coming. No confidence in David and Dev’s? just asking


I have deep confidence in divine and other devs and therefore I invested a big portion of our family wealth. If the project is successful and the price goes to 2,50 USD before the launch, I have to sell at least something… otherwise I would have almost all my eggs in one basket.

As most people knows, the network will be the most vulnerable right at the beginning and therefore it seems to me logical to sell at least a portion before the launch, or right after…

What is your favorite name for a SafeCoin analogy to BTC’s Satoshi? (reboot) divs = irvines, troons, and ayrs?

I think a lot of current activity is due to lurkers seeking level 2 :grin:


Well… There are 11,424 Maidsafe addresses. That’s a quite a few people. They must have all visited here at least once?


I think, average hodler has more than one Maidsafe address… on the other hands, there are plenty Maid owners, who are rather traders and they hold it on Poloniex or Bittrex. More than one-third of coins are held by exchanges… not good!


i stored my maid in 8 different addresses :roll_eyes: Just in case Safecoin goes $600+ in 3 years time :stuck_out_tongue:


is it 250$ or 2.50 usd. clarification req pls


I do it the same… every next address has the double of balance than the previous address. When there is a conversion to Safecoin, it will be much more convenient to start with addresses with smaller balance.

The price of $2.50 is the first level for me to sell on… even though I also expect rise to more than $50. :slight_smile:


mine is every next address with few lesser then the previous one :smiley:


really guys do u think $100 is achievable in 3 years time? or is it bit tough for safecoin? just a rough guess pls.:wink: :roll_eyes:


Why are you doing like this? Why not holding in same address?


because i hve to use Omni wallet to import. and i dont trust anyone Except Me. Plus i can also make a mistake while transferring the coins to Maidsafe for burning purpose or back to the exchange and also in case if i want to sell it in parts. That way i dont have to import all my coins to Omni or exchange at once.:neutral_face:


Please can we keep price speculation to the one topic for it. The reasons are explained in the opening post for that topic. Please respect the forum guidelines and if you cannot post in that topic then take price talk to Private Messages.

Thankyou (@moderators)


I have the same reason :wink:


just went with the flow…apologies.


I am one of those lurkers, but I still don’t post unnecessarily. Except now… :zipper_mouth_face: