Nude Photos Of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Ariana Grande Leak In Massive Hack


What can I say…
It was such a paradox. This conundrum I think would be still happened even after maidsafe launched.
human is still the human as usual. lol

Nude Photos Of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Ariana Grande Leak In Massive Hack


MaidSafe can’t exactly prevent this but it could make it more difficult.


to some degree, I think make this more easier… anyway, no matter what, it would happen…


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An anonymous hacker reportedly gained access to private photos on the Hunger Games actress’s mobile phone, and those of 100 others, via Apple’s online storage system iCloud.

This would not happen on the SAFE network. Our storage will be secure. What a sleazy thing to do.


But once leak from current Internet, someone put in public source of Maidsafe network, it would be perpetual exists…


When something leaks on the internet is almost impossible to prevent it from spreading. But if this information would have been in maidsafe could have been avoided leaking.


The article stated that there was a massive iCloud hack which allowed hacker to expose photos in people’s iClouds and apparently the celebrity photos were used to gain some payment. So if SAFE Network had been already well adopted; the theft of across the board people’s account theoretically ought not to take place so easily. Sure hacking one or two people at a time will be enough work as it is; but to hack one system and gain all is certainly not helping these situations.


You could tell us where to download the photos!


What? Of course it can? Isn’t the whole purpose of MaidSafe to keep the files in clouds safe?


Just because you think it’s possible in theory it doesn’t mean hackers aren’t smart too.

Celebrities wouldn’t be safe even with MaidSafe because they are targets. Regular people might be safer because they aren’t as big of targets.

But don’t assume any technology is going to make your information absolutely secure. Leaks can still happen.


Yes but maidsafe doesn’t protect from faulty wetware. Look right now if you really wanted to you could manually encrypt your data before you uploaded it. You could develop proper opsec proceedures. But people just do not do that. They want everything quick and easy. Yes maidsafe could protect you however maidsafe won’t protect people against those who are too ignorant to use it correctly. It won’t protect people that spew their private data in public spaces, which they will inevitably do for the sake of convience. Maidsafe won’t protect people against published data that’s sent to other networks. If you save your data on maidsafe it’s safe but if you also publish to facebook or somewhere on the internet outside of maidsafe it’s not. As I said maidsafe doesn’t fix faulty wetware.


If the company like apple using SAFE instead of their own cloud storage. They wont be blamed by public or maybe some sue at least. we can call that give the data’s ownership back to the owner.isnt this an opportunity?


AFAIK (saw the headlines, didn’t bother to read further) Apple said iCloud wasn’t compromised (which would seem that the attacker simply had the passwords). So in that way they can’t be held responsible.
But I don’t know if there’s any online storage company that accepts the responsibility for data loss. It would seem ridiculous from the business perspective because a single breach could destroy the entire company. If they can show they take reasonable measures to protect data, that should be enough to protect them.
Data ownership is different, of course. It doesn’t protect your data. If your MaidSafe password and PIN get stolen, it’s game over just as it would be on iCloud. But - short of 2FA - the approach is better than the commonly deployed username/password combo.

PS: To comment on my earlier comment: the pics are available on P2P file sharing networks. I haven’t had time to evaluate them yet.


By that bitcoin isn’t secure because hackers can doublespend if they get their hashing %, but that doesn’t mean its hackable in the same way, it just has a known theoretically possible attack thats made impossible in practice. Crypto is either secure or useless.

But won’t maidsfae be just that, a quick and easy way to secure things. You know that encrypting files before putting them in cloud takes a long time and when you do it, you can’t really benefit from syncing the files, its just for archiving…


Oh no…I’ve been hacked!


Never underestimate human ineptitude, laziness or unwillingness to learn new things. There are still people working with pen and paper and who can barely write an email. (That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with working with pen and paper but you get my point.)


Thats not the point. You can still drown if you aren’t wearing a floatation device, the question is will you drown even if you wear it. So if they would use maidsafe, that couldn’t happen, as a cloud maidsafe is safe and others aren’t.


MaidSafe offers less protection against this than we thought: Authentication / Malware: Can APPS steal user credentials?