Nu Dot Co pays $135 million dollars for .web topleveldomain

I know I’m stubborn, to keep suggesting to Maidsafe to start a publicID auction. As if this wasn’t a good enough reason/example:

Here goes another example:

Icann is making big bucks with (gTLD)
, but I guess that I’m still the dreamer and don’t know what I’m talking about. Is this rocket science? :stuck_out_tongue:


Not everything is about profit dude.


DNS is one of those things that shouldn’t be profitable.

It’s dumb to rack in millions because of artificial scarcity name.


Have to agree with @19eddyjohn75 someone will exploit it. If there is money to make from it, it should be Maidsafe.


I don’t mean to sound harsh or mean but if you don’t understand why this can’t be done, you don’t understand the principles behind the SAFE Network.

The profit motive can be blinding at times.

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Oh I understand it completely but DNS is ruthless in a sense that it is REALLY hard to change once it catches up to majority. People are lazy, and don’t want to change. We have namecoin, but it isn’t catching up because… people are lazy.

That’s why it is wise to do it right from the start. Pet naming system is the best solution on the table.

Then how does Elon Musk keep Tesla motor & SpaceX running, through charity? ISP’s vs Meshnets? would there be a conversation about net-neutrality if meshnets dominated?

This is not an attack or something, but this sounds more like the idea of a dreamer, because in the real world this is happening:

[quote=“upstate, post:5, topic:10508”]
The profit motive can be blinding at time.
[/quote] This is not about profit, it’s about getting the internet that we all deserve (uncensored), but it takes time with limited resources. We’re now 2 months later

I care more about the grueling hours the Maidsafe devs put into this, luckily the SAFE Network is stable now, they’re doing humanily impossible work. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW this post is not to motivate people to do anything, it’s just to point out the sick comedy.

  • gTLD totally worthless running on the clearnet, gets sold for $135m
  • New internet in hyperdrive is underfunded, but is really valuable to humanity :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Happy testing, that’s what’s really important now

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False. Look at cellphones contact list. That is a micro dns system. Not a dreamer.

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My apologies for assuming the profit motive was behind your idea. The world very much needs the SAFE Network but they can’t shoot themselves in the foot to get there. I had suggested a while back another idea to do something like you suggested but never received any feed back. I’ll explain the again here. When the SAFE Network is ready to go live, the Maidsafe Foundation start it on a limited basis so they could access it to register a ton of names that had been sold in an auction held previously.

Profitable would be that the SAFE Network is up and running, some rest for the Maidsafe devs and that the community is suddenly everybody. :stuck_out_tongue: profit is not the reason to do anything, it always improving lives that matter most. Money is just a bunch of numbers, it’s what you do with those numbers to enrich lives that matters

We’ve had enough set backs, it’s better not to limit anything. It would help if the first years of registering a publicID, you would also have to send 1SAFEcoin (smartcontract) to Maidsafe, so they got some money to do marketing, outreach etc…


MAID safe sells a whole bunch of names.
successful sale of a bunch of premium names worth in excess of $ 400 million dollars.
network successfully launched. Someone (me) quickly logs into the network and steals 1/4 of the premium names.
resulting legal battle from companies that did not receive their names.
foundation files complete bankruptcy.
core team splits for ideological differences on how to keep maintaining the network past alpha.
one of the core teams obtains rights the domain name and forum from ensuring split/legal battle.
whitewashing of forums begins.
group retains control puts out a backed door “new release”.

Am I overthinking this? Perhaps. Per gasp not.

What is really worrying here is if maidsafe goes with .safenet over safe:// then it is only a matter of time before someone purchases the .safenet TLD which will cause huge problems.

A hundred million dollars is pocket change for a huge number of individuals and even larger number of corporations, nonprofits, etc.

This is not correct. Even if .safenet was offered on the clearnet by Icann, this activity is not taking place on the SAFE Network. (Just like Icann could very well start offering .onion names, doesn’t mean that those addresses would be on the Tor Network).
More over it looks like the gTLD’s of SAFE Network can be whatever we want it to be, because it’s just SD.

Address on the SAFE Network would be like:

You don’t see a problem if a link could open both a safenet and clearnet site depending on your config? Onion indeed has the same problem.

But that small delay needed to create the addresses could add enough extra funding to bring on more help to get the SAFE Network completed that much faster. Then you have to weigh the time needed to get the new developer up to speed and it might not even be worth the time and effort, considering how long I’ve read it takes to get someone up to speed with the software itself. So it comes down to a very complicated situation to work through and figure out the right choice to make.

I’m just grateful being able to see how far the project has come in the last two years or so since I began following it. :slight_smile:

Am I missing something here,

MAIDSAFE need money to develop the network.

Big (even moderate) bucks will not come until SAFE is popular.

SAFE can only become popular after it has been developed and most features added.

So how is the big bucks going to flow to MAIDSAFE to develop? Time machine?


And without selling the farm.

Maybe a secret quantum computer? :wink:

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