NSA's Hacking Group are Themselves Hacked!



Ha! Serves them right


Shouldn’t the title say “NSA hacked, OMG, %$#@*!”? Not NASA.

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Yeah it should say that but i hacked eddyjohn :stuck_out_tongue:


I changed it, didn’t know I was able to do that, hope you don’t mind @19eddyjohn75


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No I don’t mind funny that you can do that or is this a confession that you… :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope they dump some data on the SAFE Network, this would be good promotion


I noticed this the other day but figured it was me…wow, interesting exploit.


Does anyone think it’s a good idea if I ask this hacker/group to hack my SAFE Network site? I mean we hardly get hackers around here to really give an idea if we can’t be hacked. This hacker seem to be the perfect pen tester :stuck_out_tongue:


For all you know these tools are a type of trojan horse.

I’ve been wondering this for a while. I think it is a great idea. If the network does what it is supposed to do, I’m willing to donate some safe coins ($100 worth) to be put into a treasure box bounty on the network somewhere for him to access, lets see how good he is. If we all chip in we could have a couple grand by the end of the month in there for any good hacker.

I wonder if he would agree as a gentleman’s agreement to provide details of how he was able to be successful?

Who else is in this? Lets do this!

I also wonder what would happen if then network was DOS attacked?


This passage from Zero Hedge in particular caught my eye:

“Dmitri Alperovitch, the co-founder of security firm CrowdStrike, theorized that ‘the leakers were probably sitting on this information for years, waiting for the most opportune time to release.’”


Please explain…

Maybe this is related to the last cryptic (literally) message left by Snowden, before disappearing:

BTW these guys should also do an “What is the SAFE Network?” explanation video

To be honest I even had the crazy/funny idea to send the hacker 1 million Maidsafecoin, instead of the 1 million bitcoin the hacker is asking.

Not that I’m suddenly a hacker consultant, but how the current internet just erase stuff on the command of whoever feel they have power is really problematic. Proof and examples the hackers tumbler and github repo:

The price the hacker is asking is realistic, but unrealistic in the sense that the hacker will get that with bitcoins. The hacker could wait till the SAFE Network vaults are out and have fun. :stuck_out_tongue:Information wants to be free and if that data is shared on the SAFE Network, the hackers got the guarantee that it can’t be taken down + it will generarate revenue and might become the first popular SAFE Network data.

Almost everybody is treating this hacker like a virus, but this is the truth in my mind

BTW I don’t have 1 million Maidsafecoin but if there are other people who want to chip in, we could send our first FCUK YOU letter to whoever likes/loves to take information down. More than anything this data just begs to be put on the SAFE Network, that’s just my gut feeling.

Researcher Grabs VPN Password With Tool From NSA Dump | Motherboard

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