NRS - Please ELIF me

Getting stuck with NRS so decideed to ask for help

I want to establish a topname safe://comnet-ttesting and subname safe:://available-downloads.comnet-testing.
Then I want anyone to be able tp read and append to a document in that subdir.

How should I go about this?

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If you can’t do it with the CLI (haven’t looked) you’ll need to write code (in Rust for now), so start by looking at the tests for this in the Safe API crate. But check the CLI first as I thought that was pretty complete.


It is pretty complete, its just Im making a complete arse of it,


You can use this command:

safe nrs add --register-top-name --link \ 
"safe://hyryyryynhfyeb4fobwqsc6tf3uge6f5tceozbxs9zappahudtsrcmdmrxt4oeuy?v=hf1h8ynydajao4zm33kugxymk9ed4giqfpfwynwztk3optgwrjdsy" \

Where you would obviously replace the safe URL here with the URL of your own files container.

Note: the version of the container must be supplied in the URL because a container is versioned content. If you linked directly to a file, which is immutable content, the version wouldn’t be needed.

Note 2: the command will appear to be hanging, but it’s just taking a long time to complete. If you run with debugging output you’ll see it retrying. To reduce the time it takes, you need to set SN_QUERY_TIMEOUT to a small value, like say 5. There should be no performance issue when resolving the NRS URL; this only applies as it’s created.


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