Now this is just silly


@Secretariat415 – These are great! I wonder if you could get the colors more similar to Maidsafe’s colors - maybe check with the marketing team and get some specs - exact color match’s. I also wonder if the marketing team would be interested in using some of these as part of intro’s or outro’s of their videos? Seems like you’re a super resource for being able to do this. @dugcampbell – what do you think?

Thanks for your efforts!


Thanks yeah these colors are easy to change. I will follow any instructions the marketing team tells me.


I couldn’t replicate those videos as I’m not a 3d designer/animator, but they extremely look like some very beginner stuff done after watching few tutorials on youtube.

I hate to be this person, but someone has to say it.

The stories they tell are maybe fun, but totally unclear without the caption.
The ligtning is strange and unpleasant.
There is a thing called 12 basic principles of animation, those videos use none of them.
The simplicity of the enviromnent looks more like lack of resources than clean minimalism.

Don’t get me wrong, you’ve done more than 99% of people wanting to get into 3d animation and you can/should be proud of it.

But look at Maidsafe, they working on their product for years and are still not ready. Good things need time, failure, and starting over and over.

If I can give you some advices there they are: educate yourself, get feedback (maybe on some 3d design / animation / story telling forums), work with smaller companies/individuals who indeed would need your help, get connected to people doing similar things, talk to them, grab a beer or something with them. Allow yourself to fail, get some short and longdistance goals and change them if needed.


Hey @Secretariat415, first off, great to see the enthusiasm! :smile: It’s all about what each of us does to move things forwards bit by bit, obv none of us has the definitive answer about what’s guaranteed to work and I’m personally up for supporting anyone who gets sh&t done - so well done!

If you’re looking for brand colours etc for any work in the future, current details are as follows:-

Black: #333333
White: #FFFFFF
Light Grey: #F5F4F2


Spark Red: #F0572A
Chennai Orange: #FFB017
Limoncello: #F2E14C
Zingy Sky: #EAFFFD
Unit Green: #496C7D
Dawn Pink: #FFEEEE
Deep Blue: #1F3A80
Pinky Grey: #DDD6D6


You are completely right! Thanks so much for your very tactfully delivered insights.


Even if you give me these colors, the lighting interacts with everything and it can look very different depending on which lamp buttons I happen to click. Nevertheless, I appreciate this input.

Is “Deep Blue” the Maidsafe Logo official color? It will be interesting to see what I actually have.

Edit: I was using 0D1172 which is a lot more purple. I put in your “Deep Blue” color and it already looks a lot better.


My next video “The Maidsafe Logo escapes from a jail cell” is coming out on Tuesday, and I think it is really funny, but the lighting will not be very good. The jail cell bars look like flourescent light bulbs. You will see what I mean on Tuesday.


Googles’ sketchup app is easy to get into if you watch 1 or 2 tutorial vids. Import them into Blender for animation and your good to go. Thats the easiest route I can think of atm. Good luck and keep going!