Now this is just silly


I made a 5 second animation with the safe network logo running around and knocking down blocks. “Maidsafe is knocking down walls!” is written in the background. I can’t upload it for you to watch because it is a .avi file and the system won’t let me upload it. Maybe one of you knows a way I can upload it. Then you all can actually watch it.

Maybe a promo animation for SAFE network would be a great idea. It could be about a minute long, and the maidsafe logo would run some kind of obstacle course with walls to knock over, ditches to jump, monsters, whatever. Text describing various milestones could be placed around the course, like “Alpha 1”, “Alpha 2” whatever. I would be willing to do it but I would want some input on the marketing focus. It could be called “Maidsafe’s Journey.”

Is this a good idea? It would be some work. I wish I could upload the video so you guys could actually see it.


Can you upload it to youtube or similar then provide the link. Thats how most do it on this forum.


Thanks so much, Neo! I don’t have a youtube account yet. I’m just starting with video. I will figure something out. Anybody can PM me an email address and I could send it to them. Then they could put it up. I hope the video is charming enough to warrant all of this trouble. I think it is completely ridiculous that I can’t just upload a video directly.


Well thats because it would require a lot more server resources, not many forums allow you to do that, I can’t think of any.
Simple work around would be to upload it as a gif. Or choose one of the many free video upload services out there.


Hey you can message it to me, I’ll PM you and get it on YouTube for you.

Great work :+1:


Thanks so much for your help, @whiteoutmashups! I sent you an email with the video.


Great work @Secretariat415 !!


Thanks, I couldn’t have done it without you!

I do want to work on a longer video, but I would need some marketing points and maybe a basic script. Does anyone have any ideas on what they would like to see?


Community Marketing Video #2

Great job again, @Secretariat415 and let me know if I can be of any more help


Maybe add a banana peel that is dodged :slight_smile:


Thanks so much! For my next animation, I have a few ideas:

  1. The MaidSafe Logo escapes from a jail cell.
  2. The Maidsafe Logo goes through a maze.
  3. The Maidsafe Logo gets chased by a monster.

Any other ideas? Suggestions?

@draw that is a great idea about the banana peel! Also, he could actually slip on the banana peel and just rotate to another position. I thought about the Maidsafe Logo dodging a hail of bullets. Too violent? Everything must always be in excellent taste.

And as always, thanks to @whiteoutmashups for posting the video.


I have another idea. Have a row of giant dominoes all in a long row, each with a marketing milestone engraved on it. Then the maidsafe logo would push them all over. That would be easy to do, and also marketing focused.


I would be nice if it comes together like in this video clip.


Slow motion matrix style dodging of hater quotes.
Rope swing over a pit of sh*tcoin vipers.
Duck n’ roll through spinning blades of Silicon Valley incumbents.


Can anyone make these into gifs so they can be efficiently posted on reddit where they have a chance of going viral?


That doesn’t seem to be too difficult: duckduckgo ‘gif maker’ -->
Following the instructions on that site, add image in this post with the resulting gif url.

Edit: I see that with this site you can only make gifs of maximum 15 seconds (without logging in at least).
Maybe better directly from mp4 to gif on, for example Ubuntu.


OK this is my new .gif file. I hope you all like it. Enjoy!

Up next. The Maidsafe Logo escapes from a jail cell.


Good to put it on Reddit like that ^ so it has a chance of going viral :slight_smile:


Thanks so much! As long as you guys like it, that’s all the approval I need. But putting it on reddit is a fantastic idea.


OK here is the next .gif file. It is the last part of the “long animation” video above.

Enjoy! Next: The Maidsafe Logo breaks out of a jail cell.