Now Hosting: Safe Chats

I was gonna crack one open last time, but didn’t know if that would have seemed unprofessional. Although I feel I have the community blessing now!


For more than 1 I believe :smiley:


just software, if you have a camera and mic then cool. You need at least a mic.

1 Like I’ve been using this for distance music classes and it has been only excellent so far. Foss, no sign up required. Works like zoom, you share a link and off you go from the browser in the desktop. Haven’t done more than one on one myself but I have heard of it being used for group stuff too, could be worth trying.

Also not my kind of thing but I think it’s a fab idea, look forward to checking out the chats!


Jitsi is the best option… although I haven’t used it for groups yet either.

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Today’s Safe Chat will be postponed till next week while we sort out tech issues and to give people more time to sign up to join. When we align on the new time, we’ll let everyone know!


Jitsi is a great option @jlpell and @JayBird - I’ve used it for one-on-ones and group sessions. Although I’ve found the quality is sometimes poor for group call recordings. This might be a combination of the servers being overloaded and variable bandwidth that people have with their internet connections. There are a few host options for this as well, is one of them that I’ve had more stability with.


A technology test of jitsi meet is online now. Not sure how long it will last if no one shows. Will try keep it open until 13:30 UTC (02/20/21).

Here is the meeting link:

Very informal, just a test of the platform to see ease of use / quality. If not acceptable for the current Safe Chat plan, then it may prove useful for other needs.

Update: No one else visited. Leaving the room open for a few more hours.

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Bumping this thread. The jitsi meeting link above still works so I encourage those interested to give it a try.

So what do we think for Friday folks? Jitsi? I’m gonna put a reminder in the Dev update tomorrow, but I’ll start a new thread for it, so we can put the final link in the top post.

From what I can see, Jitsi seems to functionally max out at about 35 participants, but I think that should be fine. We also have the option to livestream it too, so folk can follow along if we are hitting problems.

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If you go with jitsi, the security options to password protect the meeting and create a “lounge” to screen joiners are found by clicking on the “shield” icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

Jitsi also has a livestream option, but I wasn’t able to test it since I don’t have a youtube account.

jitsi is cool. I use an online UUID generator to create a unique room name before sharing.

If you choose a simple room name, you will likley have an accidental merge with another meeting, thats the only problem i’ve had with jitsi.

Thanks for the heads-up!

Thread for the upcoming Safe chat can be found here: Safe Chat — Friday 26th February, 9PM GMT

Will keep you all up to date when we have a link.

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Yesterday’s chat:

Thanks to everyone!


That was, again, very very good and insightful. I don’t participate as it’s just more powerful without me IMO. Here’s my take on a couple of questions

  1. Why does the project exist?

To free the worlds people an allow them all to combine all of their thoughts ideas and innovation to evolve humanity. this means we must give access to everyone all of the time and never lose access to data.
(access == access to data and significantly access to money (earning) and a truly level (and free) playing field for delivering digital products to the planet).

  1. What defines success?

Everyone on the planet knows about Safe and can access Safe.

  1. How to measure short term successes?

I don’t know about the marketing targets, but technically:

For me, a working truly stable network that consists of the simplest possible code that meets the goals of the network fundamentals. This foundation then should never require governance and this is absolute goal in my mind. It can grow, but the base system should meet all of the fundamentals and always do that. (Governance would kill this IMO, I know crypto projects love “solving governance”, but I think it’s solved by not requiring it).

I am keen as mustard to hear the outputs from this team effort though, it’s cool to see folk taking ownership of some areas here and throwing ideas in, giving time and sharing expertise. Big :+1: folks.


Wow, thank you all for this. @Sotros25 you’re a great host and thank you for all the time you’ve put in, the value of which I think we’re only just beginning to see. Both the marketing itself, and creating something that is bringing people together and generating a sense of agency in the community at a crucial time.

Thank you everyone for going “on the record” and turning up “in person” and apparently being such awesome, informed, insightful motivated people. I can say that about everyone because Willie was apparently censored by some helpful malware :joy: and lucky for you I’m not a fan of revealing my :cat: online [“I’m not a cat”]

I also learned, I think, that’s while I don’t know what STEM means, I’m guessing that I do “have a STEM background” which seems to have gone from cool to, not cool very quickly! :grimacing: (I watched Upgrade last night, so this was a bit creepy to hear “STEM” mentioned so much).

Kidding aside, I’m so pleased to see yet again what a fantastic community we have. As was noted this is very important, and we shouldn’t either underestimate it or fail to make best use of this, and indeed we should be willing to capitalise on it by growing further based on what we each know worked to get us hooked.

I’m disappointed by the research showing that everyday folks aren’t swayed by privacy, but we did know this (didn’t we?), and I’m not convinced it is our job (or feasible for anyone) to educate this group about that. It’s different for big corporations, they don’t get out of bed for a few thousand or tens of thousands of the public, so it’s good to see them hitting a bit of a brick wall in our space. I think the public will be brought into this somehow, but we don’t need anywhere near as many of them as a mega corp.

So I don’t think they need to be our target at this stage. We need users, but not just general public, and the things we’re doing to make things accessible to the public make it accessible to everyone else. So I think Jim’s focus on that is still important. I agree they will come aboard once there are bright shiny things which they recognise as valuable. We can thrive and grow from a much smaller base from all the low hanging fruit we can find: every farmer is likely a user, everyone here will be, and from there we grow. I think this is best use of what we have. We don’t have (or IMO need) a big budget campaign aimed at hooking ordinary folk.

We need to be ready for those everyday folk that find us, and ultimately we fail if not many come aboard eventually but I think that’s a little down the road.

I’m not sure yet what I think is best, there was so much useful discussion and ideas and I’m probably not best placed to say this or that. I liked a lot of what was said and encourage everyone to share, coordinate and follow your own ideas within the overall framework that is being developed here.

Great to hear (and see) @fergish plotting again. Better get on though, looks like time may be running out for you :older_man: (and me) but good to see younger folks will be there to make this happen. Yes, to us older people, you do all look young :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@m3data great to see and hear you and all that you’ve been doing. @JimCollinson I thought you promised to prove you can actually play one of those guitars :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: @david-beinn you have several more keyboards than one person can possibly have a use for, and that’s just the ones in shot. Might explain why you are so keen on search? D-Lux I see you have an excess of mirrors so maybe you and DB can work out a trade [sorry not that funny I know]. ‘M’ think you have some practical ideas there. I’m generally not into marketing stuff but I’ll be tuning in for more because it is important and I think we have something good going here. Both in terms of marketing and community building. Great to see.

And thanks for all your time and ideas. It’s really coming together.


That was very good. Thank you @Sotros25 for all your work and for putting all this together. We really need a framework and it makes targeting marketing easier. Your findings in your research correspond with my experience when I talk with people about Safe Network. The majority don’t care about privacy and freedom in this context. If I break it down, sorry to say but it’s almost all about the opportunity to make money, as an investor (token), Business opportunity - what I can build on it and make money. Is it profitable to farm? Marketing to these people is about greed and fear of missing out. There is another big one and it is politics, a will to change the world. Safe Network a revolution that empower people. I think this line of the message will hit the target better than Privacy and freedom. Secure access for everyone.

A tip is for sale!


Audio files for those of you who want to listen while driving / walking:



If you’d like to join a 90-min Safe Chat to explore and discuss the survey results as well as the (likely released) testnet, please vote on this poll: Quantitative Research on Target Groups - #26 by Sotros25