I started a baby-fleming with the latest binaries sn_node-0.51.7 and safe-0.39.2 and almost immediately hit another NotEnoughChunks error on a put.


Starting logging to file: "/home/willie/.safe/node/baby-fleming-nodes/sn-node-11"
Node PID: 71322, prefix: Prefix(), name: c66f6f(11000110).., age: 70, connection info:
Creating '/home/willie/.safe/cli/networks' folder for networks connection info cache
Caching current network connection information into '/home/willie/.safe/cli/networks/baby-fleming_node_connection_info.config'
willie@gagarin:~/.safe/node/logs$ cd ..
willie@gagarin:~/.safe/node$ cd ..
willie@gagarin:~/.safe$ cd ..
willie@gagarin:~$ safe files put 
FilesContainer created at: "safe://hyryyryynjowxf7tsec3yiwxrnrhhtjetd3g9n5459fi18f91xgry4pwjzakyeuy?v=hm33qdtb75gb5qia7ofxu8u7f5ezcusdeaoj3iswwfpkwhg6gbwsy"
+  safe://hyfenryybcj4nmrrycotxo9jyjkqb563rorqteq9945iuibj5e9xzbicpe5ky 
willie@gagarin:~$ safe files put 10
100MBtest  10MBtest   
willie@gagarin:~$ safe files put 10MBtest 
FilesContainer created at: "safe://hyryyryynrqyr67czrheaxqs3tc8cp4xg9jio1t1snxjj6pz4qn9qjo7nn1foeuy?v=hgip1akd6y1eg5cnzxjfqayrb7yyyobuttozu3uwcoggpcnoq1aho"
E  10MBtest  <ClientError(NotEnoughChunks(10, 6))>

logs to follow

EDIT: Hold on this for now - might be something I am doing locally -like generating my test files with truncate rather than dd

but when I try a 200MBtest file created with dd I dont get an error. I do get a blast of heat from my CPU though…


There should be anyway more meaningful message.

I just checked the code and it seems to actually be what I was suspecting the other day, since recently we check if the chunks were uploaded by trying to retrieving them, so the error you see is effectively because either the chunks were not stored, or the CLI timeouts before it can retrieve them all to verify. So perhaps it’s worth setting the SN_CLI_QUERY_TIMEOUT env var to a larger value than the default 120 secs. If you still see the same error it’s probably that the chunks are not being stored.

When you hit the error, are you able to then fetch the file after a few secs (with also a larger timeout)?


I didn’t check - I assumed that the entire upload had failed. So thats something to try when I see this again - if I see it again cos I did not have a value set for SN_CLI_QUERY_TIMEOUT.

A ctually right now I am working on env vars for the install script so I will add this and set it to 180 at a first stab.


Whichever CLI version gets sn-api with this PR in, we’ll have a more descriptive report which will allow us to still check if the file was uploaded as I was suggesting earlier, e.g.:

FilesContainer created at: "safe://hyryyryynzxkzkmpixzurnfyqziabtgpqc9bp6zbsdixmrf1h9paiaz9fc9myeuy?v=hgip1akd6y1eg5cnzxjfqayrb7yyyobuttozu3uwcoggpcnoq1aho"
E  <Content may have been correctly stored on the network, but verification failed: safe://hy8oyeyybd55gmbsw43438bu1zmn5xk1yqtiicdj6hce7t5rsu41om5ps6ecy> 

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