Not sure where to go next?

I’ve apparently achieved level 1 as I have downloaded the browser. I’ve been at this since April 22, 2018. It’s been a while since I started, and I’m nearly positive I’ve logged in with the browser and played around, but for the last several months, I’ve been unable to log in. The login screen asks for secret and password. I store everything in lastpass and do have my password. I also have a safenetwork google authenticator code in my Authy app. I enter my password and I enter my 2 factor code in the secret, which doesn’t work. I presume the secret is something else?

If it is a secondary type of password, then I do not have it and I do understand I’m hosed.

  1. Can someone explain to me what the secret is? Is it a 2 factor code or just a secondary password that I have to remember?
  2. IF it’s a 2 factor code, mine is no longer working. What are my next steps?
  3. If it’s a password, I no longer have it. What are my next steps?

I give blockchain technology presentations to a group of developers at work every other Monday and have been desperately wanting to show this off, but without being able to log in for months now, there’s nothing to show. Normally, I’d just create a new account, but given how much effort it is to get a new account activated, I’ve been avoiding that.

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Hi @CSharpner - The secret is just another password. It can be the same as the password if you like (since this is an Alpha so long-term security isn’t an issue).

The network was recently restarted so your old password/secret won’t work. You’ll need to start again by creating a new account. This is still reasonably current I think


Thanks for the response.

Great opportunity for @maidsafe to capitalize on some of the smartest guys in the room.

Not sure if the new website will assist but dig in.

Here’s a link. Recently updated so it should have everything you need.

Im a big fan of blockchain and see any opportunities to bridge the blockchain diehards to Safenet as a bonus for Maidsafe and this community. The Safenet will never displace blockchain but there are definitely synergies that should be explored.

I hope to see some commentary from you about how this is received by your colleagues.


The new website could use a glossary to augment the FAQ.


I believe one is coming. :slight_smile:


Great to see they’re listening. :wink:

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I gave the presentation Monday morning and it was well received. One of the comments was, “Oh! I really need that!” in regards to owning your own data. I showed videos, but didn’t have anything direct to show other than logging in. Next meeting I can show the website publisher example and the email example that I now have working. Well, the email app never authorizes now, so I can’t show that directly.


Good for you and thanks for following up with me on that. Technology has its own unique set of Murphy’s Law. This is no more evident than when doing a live demo. The best tech companies on the planet have suffered most embarassing moments . The only way to insure 100% there will be no embarassing moments is to record video of you doing all those fabulous things Safenet offers. I use Active Presenter so think about this option for preparing a backup to live presentations. Totally impressed by your efforts. Questions : Any discussions about how long this Maidsafe project has been in the works? In that this was a “blockchain group” , any discussion about the fact it’s not blockchain?

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Yes, I’m a firm believer in having a recording ready as a default fallback for a presentation. Unfortunately, the email app just doesn’t work after first use on any of my computers. But, thanks for the Active Presenter link. I’ve been looking for a decent and free video recording app. I have one on my desktop that works with my GTX 1070 GPU, but it won’t work on my laptop. Active Presenter looks like it’ll fill that gap.

Yes, I mentioned that MaidSafe was started about 12 years ago. And yes, I explained to them that MaidSafe no longer relies on a blockchain, except for the SafeCoin cryptocurrency. I’ve informed the team that I want them to focus on the end goals that blockchain technology provides as opposed to just using blockchain for the sake of blockchain. That’s why I’m introducing them to the concept of MaidSafe.

I’m currently working on a “secret” blockchain project, but as I get more into it, I’m finding myself moving away from a blockchain as well even though I’ve already got working code creating the transactions and building the blockchain and even mining. I think I’ll probably still keep the blockchain in my project, but it will no longer be the central focus of the project.

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Small point, it never had anything to do with blockchain, except for the proxy token as you noted.

Great work BTW. :slight_smile:


it uses the bitcoin blockchain for MaidSafeCoin, for SafeCoin does not use any, and thanks to this, transactions are free and almost unlimited in speed :slight_smile:

Blockchain has evolved and will continue to evolve. No one can predict how blockchain will impact the industry, government, etc… Consider the momentum and influence behind blockchain and you will want to stay focused on blockchain. I agree with your “not blockchain, for blockchain sake” but you can expect -sooner rather than later - every industry to include blockchain and every person and company to have some downstream or upstream connection to a blockchain. Now consider that Maidsafe comes along in 2 years and introduces a competing technology to the well entrenched -decade old - proven technology. Is it better to believe that whole industries / organizations that have spent years and mucho dollars integrating blockchain will forklift it and replace it with something that will take years again to fine tune like Safenet? Or is it better to believe that blockchain - having matured for another 2 years from now - will be ripe for a plugin that can offer features that the Safenet provides? My money is on the latter of those 2 scenarios. The Safenet will have its place. IMO it’s important you stay with your blockchain goals and find the application that blends with Safenet.

Exciting times. Keep me posted.

Thanks for the update.

Alright, so not long after this thread, I was able to get back in. Now, weeks later, I cannot. If I claim an invitation, it sends me to the forum where my invitation code is. When I use it and to create an account, it then tells me the invitation has already been claimed, which is true. There appears to be no path forward, not even creating a new account.

@CSharpner You need a new invite which I’ve sent to you now


Not working and the claim UI is confusing. Looks like my invite is no longer visible and it also says it’s been claimed (after trying multiple times to use it). I’ll try back in a couple months to see if it’s improved any. I’m too frustrated to mess with it anymore tonight. Really REALLY want to see this working successfully. Been promoting the crap out of it at work and on social media.