Not really a bug just lack of feature or whatever you call it

Launcher version: [0.3.0]
Demo app version: [0.1.0]
Browser version: Firefox 44.0
Operating System: Windows 10

Describe the bug with as much detail as possible:
When selecting a file to delete in demo app it just deletes it straight away, no message asking ‘are you sure’, no other prompt to make certain you didnt just accidentally click the delete button.

What are the steps to reproduce the bug
As above

Were you able to work around this bug? How?
No. Its an app feature of lack thereof I guess.

Is there anything else that might help us fix this bug?
Please add this feature for you will have idiots like me deleting entire family albums



Same as in the other posts:

I would suggest that this be raised as an enhancement in the github repo’s issues: