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Continuing the discussion from Suspended members list:

This is hypocrisy to include a list of suspended people; not fair to mark someone’s name publicly, this list is embarrassing :; and IMO not for those listed but the fact we have one at all

Not in defense of cursing but idk doesn’t look/feel good either

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Continuing the discussion from Suspended members list:

Some people - myself included - can get pretty wound up for a variety of reasons. Some people deserve to have their privileges revoked. Not sure if the public posting is helpful or a deterrent. IMO its not cool. The mods should shut out whomever they feel has made the place smell bad. Thats all that is necessary. Cool off period for the abusers. They know who they are and why they have no access and when the communty doesnt hear frlom them for a while, 1+1=2

Like when was young I use to tell my old girlfriends I didnt want to see anymore… “If the phone doesn’t ring, you know it was me.”

I for one Think it’s a good thing to know who is being silenced.

The only other way to know this is by looking up EVERY SINGLE PERSON’S ACCOUNT every day (hour, min) lol

So I think it’s very good for transparency, and if someone–god forbid–was banned unfairly, it makes it easier for people to know and possibly refute / give due process etc.

IDK. When it comes down to it, it is just a forum I guess lol :stuck_out_tongue: just hard when you care so much and visit so often. Then you start wanting checks & balances / democracy

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Funny enough, all of these community members at one time or another complained about topics in #meta not being “public”. They should have no problems with this list being in such a reclusive category.

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We’ve received requests for more transparancy on the people who were suspended. I also have these same concerns as you do and am glad that also a non-mod has got these issues with this list.

The only solution this actually provides is that it is easier to see who got suspended and for how long, it doesn’t show if they ‘were treated fairly’.

I personally still feel that is not someone else’s business that anyone got suspended, but saying that wasn’t received well in another topic here.

Instead of providing more transparancy it feels more like a shaming wall to me to be honest.


@dallyshalla We’ve seen a number of times that users were replying and/or asking publicly where a member was. Most people don’t check a profile page to see if someone is suspended or not. Most people don’t even know that a suspension is visible on someone’s profile and I understand that. We’ve also seen replies here in meta pop up asking why someone was suspended as well. We got several requests for a list like this. Some asked to show the name, others wanted details as well. We had a discussion about it and came up with this solution. I do understand we don’t please everyone here on the forum with a list like this. On the other hand, we didn’t please another group when we weren’t posting a link like this. We thought this was the best we could do serving both sides. We now have a list but without the details as of why. And we no longer discuss personal suspensions here in meta like we did before. And as far as I know, it always showed up in topics that someone was suspended, being public anyway.


Well I think those members now, are very exciting people and appreciate their contributions and enjoy their presence. If they just agree not to curse all over the posts, it’d help us achieve the goals of have family friendly place in any case where that minors etc come to learn and read.

So, no worries on my end. Hopefully this list doesn’t have any population in the future.


You’ve mentioned cursing in both your posts but people don’t get suspended for cursing once or twice only :slight_smile: I don’t want to go into the reasons as explained in the post about the suspension list but you need to really make an effort to get suspended here :blush:

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I am with you there and understand perfectly
and apparently other things; so no worries no woes here

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