Not a mention of maidsafe

Time to flood the comments?

I know it’s the daily outrage but they do have a lot of readers.


There is a comment there now if people want to upvote it.


I just searched through all the comments and found only one with anything referencing Maidsafe. Is that your comment?

Reason I ask is it had double the down votes as up. People need to go an vote this up before it gets buried.


No… I didn’t comment. Just hoped someone else would.
That’s the comment I did see though.

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People should upvote that one comment then. You don’t have to sign up for the site to upvote either or someone should post another comment that’s more informative then put the link here.

If it means anything, I heard about Maidsafe through Packet Publishing’s “Mastering Blockchain.”


This thing?

Edit: It is there! There is a section on it. COol.

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