Noooooo! What happened to the emoji's!

The old ones were so well defined and expressive. This cannot be! Nooooooooooooooooooooo! (Castlevania reference. Oh yeah!..) Insert better wink emoji here

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To think that all of my previous emoji brandings have now been reduced to this! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

The madness!!! MADNESS I TELL YOU! :anguished::tired_face::sweat_smile::confused::confounded::laughing::cry::disappointed_relieved::joy::smiling_imp::dizzy_face::grinning::disappointed:… Life no longer has meaning…:sob:


i know how you feel … it’s like your soul is being torn out and forced back in the wrong way round … :sob: :cry: :cold_sweat::scream:

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Where the gun. WHERE’S THE F%^CKING GUUUUUUUUUUUNNN!!! Oh god just end it now…:weary: (click! click!!t no bullets.:rage: Damn, a brotha can neva get a break!:cry:)

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Yo @happybeing, @Melvin, @polpolrene, @neo, @frabrunelle. I’m drowning in tears!!! Help restore my sanity! Please, the chills are just starting. Keep it from getting worse.!.!.. You don’t want to see what comes next. It involves painful visits to the bathroom. :mask: Damn! These were my favorite jeans!! I gotta go…

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iiiii GUESSSS It’S$ an UPDATE!!!*!!!

Hi @Tonda, we are still using the same set of Emoji, the one called Emoji One.

It’s configured as the default for Discourse. I like it a lot because it’s developed in the open: GitHub - joypixels/emojione: [Archived] The world's largest independent emoji font. Maintained at

Having a completely free, frequently updated, and completely open source set of Emoji is a huge win for the community. We love Emoji One and it’s the default emoji set Discourse ships with!

– Jeff Atwood, Co-Founder of

What happened is that Emoji One got updated a few days ago (December 17).

Today open-source emoji makers Emoji One, first launched in September 2014, updated their set of emoji images in a project known as Emoji One: “The 2016 Collection”.

Check out their Emoji Gallery to browse all the 1619 emojis :smiley:

The previous version of Emoji One has been moved to GitHub - joypixels/emojione-legacy: This repo was setup for anyone still needing access to our version 1.0 emoji set.. I really liked the previous version just like you, but I’m sure we’ll get used to the new version within a few weeks :slightly_smiling:

So wait, you have no choice. This is a regressive update. Plus my eyes are having a hard time processing the bright ass yellow. I shouldn’t have to change my monitor settings to comfortably view an emoji. They’re burning my fuggin retina. Don’t cop out. Tell me you have a plan.:sweat: The sweats are returning…:confounded:

At the moment, no. Discourse would need add an option that lets me select “Emoji Legacy”.

My plan is that we try the new version for a few weeks to see if we start appreciating it :slightly_smiling: In a few weeks it will be easier to tell if we like the new version or if it still bothers us.

So around the end of January we could maybe do a poll with the community if there is not a strong consensus on keeping the new version of Emoji One.


So your attempting to slowly condition us. Hmmmmmm…alright done!!! These emoji are so freakin cool! I will use them for all of my internet activities. Yay! The void has been filled!! Thank you Mary mother of god! I knew you would one day hear my prayers and magically alter my free will…No but seriously. They suck. Their mobile counter parts on the other hand look just as crisp and detailed as the previous desktop iteration. Oh well, I know how effective repetitive reinforcement can be. See you on the other side friend.:persevere: <= See it’s happening already.:worried: Dammit! I can’t help myself.:fearful:

This blog post was published by Discourse two days ago: Emoji and Discourse.

Some of you might be interested to read it!

So we now have :slight_smile: instead of ?
@Tonda, remember these

Dude what are you doing to me!!! I don’t have access to those! Is this your way of teasing me!!! I don’t respond well to provocation… My skin turns red and I snap into an uncontrollable rage!!!:hushed::astonished::fearful::grimacing::angry::rage::smiling_imp:!!!

You too can access them.

I download the zip file from github and then unzipped it. Then I just used the file upload in the posting window.

The default size is 64x64 and I changed it to 18x18 in the < img tag when you upload a image.

Too many hoops…

Then right click the images in my post and save them.

Then upload into your posts when needed