Noob questions - How does profitability of farming relate to bandwith?

Hi guys,

where is the best place to learn about farming?
How does profitability of farming relate to bandwith? And GB of storage?
When will it be possible in practice ? (ETA or milestones)

How can one profit from farming ? I want to start sooner than later to get ready


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You can learn about farming over here:


We don’t know for sure yet, we just have our own personal estimates. I personally believe bandwidth will be the bottleneck for most farmers, specifically upload bandwidth.


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Since your a dev you can also make SAFEcoin with your apps or developing apps for others who pay you in SAFEcoins


thanks for the replies.

So according to those estimations (numbers apart), the upload bandwidth is what will matter the most on profitability, right? More than storage space?

anyway, let me readup hehe

EDIT: this guy says however than a “large” farmer won’t be financially endorsed :

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Wooooaaaah man that’s a can of worms there.

There’s a difference between “one farmer” and “one vault”

IMO if one farmer has 15 smaller vaults in order to maximize his profit, that’s just good vault administration. Running one petabyte vault would be stupid and not return much profit.

I’m getting a VPS for personal reasons with Gbit ethernet and will be running a vault (or vaults) in the free space once the community has access to the Network to run vaults.

As for what “will matter most”…well let’s do ourselves a favor and list what certainly won’t matter most:

  • Processor speed

RAM, HDD space/retrieval speed, and bandwidth speed/cap all factor into the equation quite heavily.

If you look at what I just said from a certain point of view, you’ll see that industry growth in size and speed are all in the areas that I said matter, while processor speed growth seems to have stagnated. This is good as the network will continue to be accessible to many - unlike bitcoin mining.

Welcome! Enjoy the ride. If you thought bitcoin was a roller coaster…