Non Tech guy, what happens now?

So its 1993 or 1994 ( its a wee bit hazey) I find myself in a high school computing class among a sea of macs. However this one machine was connected to this new thing called the internet. Each pupil was allocated a six minute time slot with said special machine. I can recall my name been called and I bound up to it full of intrigue. So I pulled my chair up to the mystical device and I found I really did not understand what I was looking at. There had been no boom by then, no websites I knew of, and no search engines. I did not require my full six minutes. I sat there asked myself what happens now and promptly moved on.

Today I followed a very helpful video posted by @MrTurvey thanks for that. I downloaded the necessary stuff. Set up my account then opened the demo app. I now find myself having similar feelings as I did back in school that day. What happens now? How do I view any of the website’s already uploaded to the network? Can you play about with apps? Apologies if these are stupid questions, I am out of my depth here.

Many Thanks in advance


well your were correct about the asshole part



Use your browser (follow the directions on telling the browser about the proxy server.)

Then click on any of the links posted in the new topic listing them

Yes, it is a bit like the internet back in the olden days, but after all this is just a pre-alpha testing system.

Once the network has grown then there will be the search engines, dynamic web pages etc.

Links 2nd Iteration SAFE Network - Place your .safenet links here!

Directions Dev Update & 2nd Test Network Release 8th March 2016


I have read the weekly updates, I have tried the links people have posted unfortunately nothing seems to be working for me. Thanks again for the warming and welcoming response.

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thanks most appreciated

Did you enter the proxy settings?


@2scoops There is no such thing as a stupid question. Okay so you feel out of your depth. Well unfortunately there aren’t any search engines yet on new testnet or safenet yet either. However people have been sharing their created websites pretty liberally on the forums. You might think to take a look at the safenet web ring that’s being developed.

Also if you don’t know how to code a website yourself perhaps now is the time to learn. There are plenty of sites that teach that kind of thing. Personally my go to site is So after you learn how to code some html and perhaps other web languages you can then make your own website, upload it and share it.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask away.


This is a test phase so I understand that it may seem empty to you. Currently people run it to test the speed and their website. Safenet is a fabulous new internet . Everything will recreate it with new borders. I think at first this will be as the Internet starts and the we will be able will follow from some portals. Anyway even in the internet if you do not know what to look … SafeNet will have its youtube, google her and backend applications. I already imagine an OS …

That is awesome I’ll check all this out. Thanks for pointing me the right direction


Hey I’m glad you found it useful. Sorry that the forum wasn’t welcoming to you from the start. If you have any questions, let me know.


Most of us are here to help. We’re all working on our manners to some extent. I assure you that this community is very happy to have you here. It’s our diversity and willingness to help each other that has made this forum like a second virtual home for many of us. Don’t let a little rudeness deter you from seeking out information. If you have genuine interest, I will always try to help if I can. Welcome to the community. :slight_smile: :punch:


thanks a lot guys, your help is most appreciated. One bad apple won’t deter me from asking further questions. Thanks for patience:smiley:

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Excellent guys @Tonda @Blindsite2k @epic @MrTurvey @neo @19eddyjohn75 @cl0ck3d got it working! Happy days! I have a better understanding now. Thanks for your time and patience


Hi all, I’m new. I think Safe is going to be a real headache to governments and laws etc… I also think it’s going to grow way beyond any of us can imagine. Some interesting times ahead !


With stories like that and protagonists we can all connect to you should be one of our first SAFE authors, that’s what’s up now!?

As others have said obviously; this is a test phase, just browse the links for now, there are plenty!

I am a self confessed non-techie too and it’s funny because my families was one of the first to own a computer and then own one with the Internet back in like 95. I remember the same feeling man. Sitting there super excited, knowing this was the coolest thing around but having no idea what to do or search for.

I suppose a lot of it depends on what you are interested in and your skills.

The network will require; core developers, app developers, farmers, content, marketing and a whole bunch of other stuff. Whatever is possible on todays clearnet or WWW will be possible on the SAFE net.

The difference is, instead of you being a child in school your now (assuming) a grown adult and the cool things about adults is we are pretty powerful and intelligent creatures :slight_smile:


Yes indeedy. Science is going to benefit immensely. Law enforcement should redirect tax dollars to education instead of trying to police the world. Terrorism is troubling, but invasion of privacy further fuels that kind of behavior. New strategies need to be developed to minimize the occurrence of the big “T” without first eating away our mind space. The internet is akin and likely the precursor to a telepathic collective similar to the fractal that is the neural network in our brains. Attempting to stop it is a great waste of precious resources that could be used to repair the current broken system and feed the hungry. It pisses me off to think that they put control over starving lives under the guise of safety. Strait nonsense if you ask me. Here comes SAFE to challenge the world. Whether we’re ready or not. Feel me? :sunglasses:

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I hear you. Unfortunately, is it too late? Has ‘1984’ already begun? You only have to walk down the street and see cameras everywhere, big corporations ‘selling’ our data. And don’t get me started on the next Rothschild Zuckerberg and his Facebook minions. I expect it will receive a lot of bad press from our near state-run media with the usual smear and scaremongering. I’m looking forward to the SAFE alternative future.


I feel you.

And I hear you.

It feels a little like a battle of good vs. bad where bad has managed to gain control of good without good realising it. SAFE will enable good to break free of bad’s control and to spread good all around the world! (#oversimplify)