Non registered lurkers and readers of the forum... why haven't you registered and commented yet?


Was just wondering how many more new people are out there reading the forum without registering.

Go on… sign up.




It might also help if you ask it here?



Because they don’t feel safe. :scream::alien: :scream_cat::robot::see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil::cowboy_hat_face: :wink:


I still do not understand this well enough


Well I waited for a couple of years until I joined. I just didn’t think I have anything to say, anything to ask etc.

Then one day I wanted to say something and registered.

One vector was the desire to be part of this very friendly and honest forum.


because i can read and understand english very well, but i would consider my writing skills to be more as bad.
i read on the forum since maybe a year, but today i have registered to get more involved, so hi there :wave:


Do you understand it better now?. I have been around for close to 2 years and understand very little but that doesn’t stop me from asking questions and commenting


Yeah from the people I talk to I think intimidation has a lot to do with it. It’s basically a tech literacy problem and like regular literacy a lot of people are afraid to speak up because they are either totally lost or don’t feel like they know enough to jump in. Essentially they’re afraid, embarrassed, confused and intimidated. Like I keep saying we need more education and more emphasis on social integration for all the people that are tech illiterate but interested in the project or the values thereof.