Non constructive forms of Capitalism are Neither Inevitable nor Tollerable

We are familiar with the ordinary form where a firm hikes the price and drops the quality and performance of a product doing a little austerity dance on the heads of customers and probably doing the same to employees with financial crook cheerleaders egging on. We’ve be conditioned to think that competition will come along and correct this with constryctive competition. It doesn’t always happen and allowing this type of gouging can create a situation where it never does. Often times there will be a Romney style crook behind the action that just wants to profit from running the firm into the ground. Its actually worse than just burning the physical firm to the ground because it rewards and encourages criminality. Someone who makes money by directly and intentionally damaging the market with no intent to save or care for the piece of public infrastructure that the formerly constuctive firm was is a crimnal even if that language isn’t currently fully coded into most legal systems. Such language was removed by the same types crooks in the capture and corruption of legal systems in the name of free market religionism.

It could be a wealthy thief trying to buy paid for public infrastructure like a highway and convert it into a toll road and then charge rent usually excessive. Its every form of rent seeking behavior where no service or degraded for-profit service is provided. Its really organized crime and it means cummulative damage to society that will eventually cross a threshold and destroy the society. Think of preditory lending and also of the elimination of usuary caps on credit cards. These eventually burn a society down. The absence of strong highly visible feedback means they become pervasive and total. They also end up redefining what business means. Eventually, if you dont get something for nothing criminal style returns you’re singled out for being weak. Always as this sort of behavior increases programs like welfare where the fruits of society are actually distributed will be chatacterized as theft in an increasingly puppetized media to hide the theft and non contribution of wealthy thieves. Its not us stealing from you, its your poor neighbors. This is divide-and-conquer distraction from the theft and power grab. Notice for instance when the puppet media shows Ethan Couch they never show him in all his White glory, no, its always looking like what current puppet media would term “ethnic” almost as if he were a native of Mexico. And notice he has to be “extradited” from Mexico even though he is a US citizen who fled to Mexico.