Nominal freedom will soon be crushed by real freedom

We have rights. They are in the constitution. What are they? Well that is up to the courts and you are as free as the government decides you should be.

A new world is emerging where your rights are based on stark realities, not any regulatory interpretation. You will be free to publish because nobody can stop you. Your message will be free to be heard because nobody can censor your message. If you choose to be anonymous, nobody will be able to figure out who you are If you choose to be public, nobody will be able to impersonate you. You will be free from search because your data will be encrypted beyond decryption. Nobody can hack in and steal your data because your data will be virtually unhackable. Your bank will no longer need to report your ‘suspicious transactions’ to the government because you will no longer need a bank. Nobody will be able to seize your funds because they will be unseizable. Nobody can counterfeit your transactions because they will not be counterfeit-able. Automated contracts will arbitrate and execute automatically. Accounting and facts will be recorded in a way that cannot be doctored or blurred at a later date. Government will be locked into transparency.

This stuff will not be uninvented. It is all here or coming soon. Freedom will mean something different than it means now at that point…


That was excellent, you should publish it…

I am nervous about it becoming much harder to seize assets because of wanting to correct for flawed distribution, but will admit redistribution is highly flawed itself.

There is hope that gain will better track contribution with this new tech and that hopefully leads to a less coercive less violent world.

A big reason to redistribute is due to monopoly and the rent seekers which exploit it. It should be a much smaller concern when there are more genuine free markets, which safe net can help to provide.


Yes more genuine level playing field markets.