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I don’t think I would want my cell phone transmitting from my pocket. I wonder what it does to battery life? I get about a day and a half out of my phone. I bet their app would cut it way down.

I agree. Also hows it going to work when there are no blue tooth enabled devices near by? I work for a company that makes a smart outdoor appliance of sorts, if its in fault the city council and we need to know ASAP, we can’t wait for a connected mobile to randomly approach. This is silly.

The initial impression that I get is that it is like a mesh network with the benefit of earning the tokens. Last time I read up on the mesh networks it can take quite a long while for a message to travel a distance. But adding the cell network changes things. The packet can travel through the cell network - sort of like an old modem I guess. I did not get into the whitepaper.

So we have worked a lot on minimizing impact on battery and make the app battery friendly. There is an ECO mode and an EXPERT mode on the app that let you choose how you want to participate.

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You would be surprised by the market in IOT for delay tolerant connectivity. Some devices require always on connectivity, it is not the case for most of the IoT applications. In addition with density the network can start to compete with always on connectivity solutions.

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I would love to get your feedback once you have read the white paper. We spent a lot of time on this.

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Sure but you still need to transmit the data at some point. From a commercial perspective have you considered the effect?

Our focus for now in on use cases that support delay tolerant connectivity.