NoBackend Example: Invoice Editor on SAFE

As part of the Decentralised Apps Hackathon and Unconference, I ported the noBackend Invoice-App example to SAFE today and published on the Alpha-11-Network:

Open it here

Source Code on Github and Source Documentation right next to the App

Small Recap

NoBackend outlined a DreamCode-API for Javascript Web-Apps that would replace the entire Server-Backend-Coding you’d have to do for most popular app - more than three years ago. Nowadays this is often found under the term “serverless” (though it still has a server actually).

In order to showcase the usage of it, they’ve implemented some examples - among them the invoice app, which uses a simplified interface that the specific “not-backend” then needs to implement for the App to work. Those actions are solely based on storing and retrieving content for a specific User. Clearly a prime use-case to do this with SAFE!!!

So I decided to port their example to showcase how you could easily manage a json-store-like interface through using Auth and NFS of the SAFEbrowser. The final store-connection therefore also is less than 100lines of (old school) Javascript \o/ .

I am not sure if the Invoice App itself is really acceptable solution for people to use, but I inline-documented the code of the Storage-Engine to make it really clear and easy to follow how you could go about it.

I will also talk about this example at the upcoming Front-End Amsterdams Meetup.


An unconference noBackend not-backend serverless that still has a server actually. Hey rap videos, you have new competition.